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Dancing In My Heart

Chapter 7: Married a Human

Rows of sentinels stood upright and rigid, guarding the floating palace, with their spears in hand. Sesshomaru gave them no notice as he walked past them, ascending the stairs. He stopped and looked over his shoulder at Rin and Jaken, who were standing huddled together at the base of the stairs.

Calmly, Sesshomaru said, "Do not be afraid, Rin. Come." He turned and continued up the sparkling, pearl steps.

Rin nodded and started forward. Jaken remained where he was. "Jaken! Come on!" Rin called.

Jaken fidgeted with his fingers while he shuffled after Rin. "Why do I have to go?"

Before he entered the throne room of his mother's palace, Sesshomaru quietly contemplated whether it was a good idea to bring Rin here. Rin had nearly died after the Hellhound, that his mother unleashed, swallowed Rin and brought her to the Underworld. Lord Sesshomaru had never felt such fear as when Rin's life was in danger. Now that Rin was his new wife, Sesshomaru wanted to protect her more than ever. However, he understood that it was important to Rin that she visit her new mother-in-law. He had to present Rin to his mother, regardless of the judgmental reproach he might receive for his choice of bride.

Rin and Jaken followed closely behind Lord Sesshomaru. Two guards opened the large, gleaming doors that led to the throne room. The little group stepped inside and proceeded to approach Sesshomaru's mother.

The great female dog demon was lazily lounging in her chair, surrounded by puffy pillows. "Sesshomaru? Come to visit your dear mother, have you?" Her voice was deceptively soft and sweet.

Rin craned her neck to peak around Sesshomaru. She was in awe as she took in the beauty of the female demon before her. Inukimi was flawless, despite her advanced age. Her long, sleek, white hair flowed down her back and over her shoulders. Underneath the white fur that was draped across her chest was a glamorous kimono. A bored expression graced her features, and her cheek rested in her palm.

Inukimi flicked her golden eyes from Sesshomaru's face to Rin's. Immediately, Rin straightened and tried to stand like a proper lady. "Is that the same girl you brought here years ago?"

In his booming voice, Sesshomaru replied, "You have met this girl once before. Now I will introduce you to her again. This is Rin, my wife."

Having heard this news, Sesshomaru's mother no longer had a look of boredom. She sat up and fixed her son with a stony stare. Her body grew rigid, and she slowly rose from her chair. Silently, Inukimi stepped toward Sesshomaru. As she approached, Sesshomaru felt himself tensing. He could think of only two things: protect Rin at all costs and defend his decision.

When her face was very close to his, she asked in a low and agitated voice, "You married a human?" Her lips barely moved, and her fangs flashed as she spoke. Then, her eyes widened slightly, and in a louder voice, she repeated, "You got married?" Abruptly, her demeanor transformed from one bordering on the edges of rage to one of dramatic melancholy. Pressing a hand to her forehead, she retreated to her throne. She then exclaimed, "And you didn't even invite your own mother!" as she collapsed into her chair.

Continuing to lament, Inukimi wailed, "My only son did not invite me to his wedding!" She caught sight of Jaken, who was trying to hide in a corner, and said, "Little youkai!"

Shakily, he replied, "It's Jaken, my Lady."

"Why didn't you come here and tell me my son was getting married?"

Defiantly, Jaken screeched, "That's not my responsibility! I'm not a messenger!"

"What else could you possibly be useful for?"

Aghast, Jaken yelled, "I do many things for Lord Sesshomaru!" He then attempted to name everything he could think of that he had ever done for his master.

However, Inukimi was not listening. Her golden eyes slid over to Rin, who was standing very quietly beside Sesshomaru. Wringing her hands and staring at Sesshomaru's mother with tearful eyes, apprehension and confusion were evident in Rin's features. Inukimi held up her hand, palm facing Jaken, and said, "Enough, little youkai."

"…M-my name is Jaken…"

Sesshomaru's mother stood up again, her eyes locked on Rin. She walked over to the girl, and Rin seemed to shrink away in fear.

Inukimi circled Rin, looking at her from all aspects. She picked up a lock of Rin's hair, inspected it briefly, and then let it drop. "She is quite pretty…for a human," Inukimi admitted.

Rin was perceptibly relieved. Inukimi glanced at her son. "Sesshomaru, you do take after your father in the strangest ways." She turned her nose up and looked down at Rin from the corner of her eye. "But look at you," she said haughtily, "practically trembling in fear. You will need to be much braver if you are going to be a mate of my son's."

Sesshomaru interjected with, "Rin is very brave." He looked at Rin with a warm expression of pride and love in his eyes. Rin gave him her beautiful, sweet smile.

"You mean you aren't angry that Lord Sesshomaru married a human?" Jaken blurted in shock.

"Hush, little youkai," Inukimi hissed. "No one addressed you." Nevertheless, she answered Jaken's question. "I saw the devotion my son and this girl had for one another when I first saw them together. Whether any of you choose to believe so or not, I do care about my son's happiness. Marrying a human is his choice. I would never concede to marriage with a human, but I cannot expect my son ever to rise to my perfection."

A guttural growl emerged from Sesshomaru. Quickly, Rin rested her hand on Sesshomaru's arm and said, "Don't overact, darling, you know how she is." Sesshomaru's growling cut off, and his head snapped down to glare at his wife with a fierce gleam in his eyes.

The room was then filled with Inukimi's whimsical and maniacal laughter. "Oh, look, I'm already causing marital problems. That's what you get for not inviting me to your wedding."

Rin looked at her husband with pleading eyes. "Please just focus on the nice things she said instead of the insults."

As he looked into Rin's eyes, the anger seeped away from Sesshomaru. Unlike any other, Rin had the power to tame and calm Lord Sesshomaru's demonic nature. To his mother, he curtly said, "We have done what we came here to do. Now we shall leave." He turned on his heel and exited the palace without waiting for his two companions. Jaken rushed after him.

As Rin was leaving the throne room, Inukimi suddenly grabbed her wrist. Rin gasped in surprise and instantly became frightened. She turned to look questioningly at Sesshomaru's mother as the demon pulled her close.

Inukimi bent at the waist so that she was at eye level with Rin. "Now, you listen to me," she said in a serious tone. Rin braced herself, but the insults and the threats that she expected did not come. Inukimi sternly pointed a sharp-nailed finger at Rin, inches away from the girl's face, and said, "You keep that control over him. Don't let him push you around. And, if he does mistreat you, you can always come running to me, and I will teach my son a lesson."

Once again, relief washed over Rin. She embraced her mother-in-law, even though Inukimi remained still and did not return the hug. "Thank you," Rin said, "I really do appreciate your advice, but Lord Sesshomaru is nicer to me than anyone else. He loves me very much, and he would never hurt me intentionally."

"Be sure it stays that way."

"I will!" Rin smiled, waved goodbye, and ran outside to rejoin Sesshomaru and Jaken, who were mounted on a hovering AhUn.

Rin was ready to go to Lord Sesshomaru's palace now. She was ready to go to her new home.


For three months, Rin and Sesshomaru had been blissfully living in Sesshomaru's castle. They were enjoying married life, and they loved each other deeply. Sesshomaru's servants treated Rin like a queen, as was his wish. Sesshomaru had many lovely palaces, and they had spent time at each one.

One thing still weighed heavily on Rin's heart. She had been so worried that she would have a baby with Sesshomaru, and he would hate his hanyou babies. She had cried on her wedding night as she expressed this concern to Kagome. Rin did not yet know how Lord Sesshomaru would feel about fathering her half human babies, but she needed to find out soon.

Sesshomaru had never told Rin that he overheard her talking to Kagome that night. Yet, the issue had been foremost in his thoughts. He knew he would have hanyou infants with his human wife. Sesshomaru had despised his brother for so long just because Inuyasha was not fully a demon. Now he was on the verge of creating a very similar creature.

Until they visited his mother, Sesshomaru had been uncertain how he would feel. She insulted him, and he left rapidly. But she had still given him something to ponder. Though he concealed it, he had been quite surprised that his mother had not flown into a fury. He had fully expected her to shun him for marrying a human. Instead she had given some praise to his new wife and did not make an effort to object to their marriage. Inukimi was content to see her son happy.

These actions of his mother prompted Sesshomaru to come to a realization. He had accepted the fact that Rin was human, fallen in love with her, and married her. His mother had accepted that her son married a human. If he could love and marry a human, and his mother could acknowledge the marriage without much disdain and no wrath, could he not also love the half human children of the human woman whom he married?

So, Lord Sesshomaru was prepared when Rin timidly approached him. "Sesshomaru-sama, can I talk to you about something?"

"What is it, Rin?"

She nervously said, "Well, I've been thinking…you know, if we were to have babies, they would be hanyou…"

"I am aware of that, Rin. You are a human; I am a demon. Typically this combination produces half demon, half human youth."

"But you hate hanyous." It was painful for her to ask, "Are you going to hate our children?"

"I do not like hanyous because they are weak and insufficient. They never reach their full potential. Do you think my offspring will be weak and insufficient, Rin?"

"No!" Rin was quick to deny any possibility that her Lord Sesshomaru would have such children. "Not if they were not also my children." Rin was getting discouraged and rather sad.

"Don't be silly, Rin. You are my wife. My children will be your children."

This statement made Rin feel a little better. "Do you think you could love them?"

Sesshomaru took Rin's hand in his, kissed it, and said, "Yes, Rin, I can."

Tears of joy sparkled in Rin's eyes as she said, "Good, because I-I'm…"

Sesshomaru placed his finger over her lips to gently quiet her. "I know. I can smell it. I knew before you did."


Rin covered her mouth with her hand and giggled. Three little hanyou boys were piled on top of Jaken. One was nibbling on Jaken's foot, one was dragging Jaken across the floor, and one had wrestled Jaken's Staff of Heads from him and was whacking him on the head with it.

"Lady Rin!" Jaken managed to call out. "This is not funny! Please make them stop!"

"They're just playing, Jaken," Rin laughed.

"I do not enjoy their idea of playing! Please, I beg you, stop this madness!"

"Alright, alright," Rin was still chuckling as she picked up the littlest boy. "Katsuro, if you're hungry, you can't eat Jaken. Hiroto, Jaken's arms are going to fall off if you keep pulling them like that. And, Isamu, please give Jaken his staff."

"Yes, Mother," Isamu said and smacked Jaken one more time before he released the Staff of Heads.

Jaken lay twitching on the floor. "Oh, the agony. Why must they be so violent?"

"They get it from their father," Rin said with a sly grin. "Speaking of whom…"

Lord Sesshomaru slid open the door and entered the room. He looked at his beautiful wife, and his three healthy sons. He stood proud and tall as he watched his family play, and a smile graced his lips. Joy and love danced in his heart.

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