Once again this takes place between chapters one and two of Dark Angel.


Lord Vader held his daughter close. He had just finished feeding her and was getting ready to put her to bed. She whimpered as he gently set her in her 'crib' and secured the netting over the top. He wasn't expecting turbulence but he wouldn't take any chances with the safety of his angel.

Soon though she was fast asleep, her stomach full of warm milk. Vader longed to join her in sleep on his own bed but he hadn't had a night shift in several days so it was probably time to crack the proverbial whip.

Turning to the nanny droid that he had gotten shortly before he left on his first space mission as Darth Vader, he told her. "Keep an eye on her until I return."

"Yes Master," she replied simply.

"Comm me if she needs to be fed," he added worriedly. He had reprogrammed the nanny when he got her, but he still worried that it would try to be too helpful. His Angel would only take food from him.

"Yes, Master." She responded patiently

"She will be here when you return; if she is not then I will be a pile of scraps," she informed him placidly.

"You're a good nanny," he told her. With that he left his quarters and headed to the Bridge. It wasn't until he arrived that he realized that he was completely sore from the day's work. Ignoring his discomfort, he took his place at the ship's forward viewports and stared out into space.


Krys Nyce and his companions carefully made their way to Lord Vader's quarters, which some lowly lieutenant gave them directions to. Krys loved lieutenants: snap orders at them and they would assume that you had authority to do so. They pressed the chime and waited. The door was opened by a nanny droid, which Nica slapped with a electric disruptor. The nanny droid sparked and fell over and Cin quickly dismantled it so that it couldn't bother them during this operation.

Once the droid was out of commission they made their way into the sleeping area of the quarters. There in a special niche in the wall, baby Vader slept.

Krys made a gesture and Tayla hurried over and undid the netting and pulled the sleeping baby out of her 'crib'.

No sooner did she pick the baby up then the child started to wail.


He was barely resisting the urge to nod off. He had slept on his feet before when he felt his daughter's distress through the Force. He retrieved his commlink and punched in the code for the nanny droid.

There was no answer.

Vader frowned. The nanny droid never let the commlink just beep. Feeling his little angel's distress climb, he turned from the viewport and hurried for his quarters. Once he was inside he froze for a second at the sight of the nanny droid on the deck, dismantled.

He raced into the sleeping chamber. His eyes darted to the niche where his baby should be sleeping only to find the netting he had secured only an hour earlier was loose, his angel gone.

Rage boiled up inside of him. How dare they take his daughter!

"Lock the ship down!" He barked into his commlink. "Nothing leaves this ship until I say so! Tractor any ships that have left back into the hangar!"

"Yes sir!" The officer replied.

Reaching into the Force he pinpointed a cluster of presences that seemed more tense then normal and headed for them.


She was confused and frightened. Whoever was holding her wasn't daddy. None of them felt like daddy or daddy's friends.

She wailed again as loud as she could in an effort to bring her daddy to her side.


Rex raced through the ship with a squad of troopers. Somewhere was the daughter of his general in the hands of dangerous Rebels. He prayed that she would be rescued unharmed.

Finally he and his men closed in on the last known location of another group of troopers. The smell of burned plastisteel was all the confirmation he needed to know that the group had been attacked and most likely all of them were dead.

A turn later revealed the scene; dead squad, dead intruder. No sign of Lady Vader. Rex quickly gestured to Nix to check on their fellow troopers and make sure that they were truly gone.

Nix squatted pulled off the helmets of the troopers revealing that a few of them were still alive. "They have her!" One of them whispered. Rex nodded to show that he understood and called for a medical team to the site.

After they acknowledged Rex and his squad moved on, praying that they would find the kidnappers before they escaped.


Krys knew that he and his little band was not going to get off the ship alive; unless they surrendered themselves and even then they might still be killed.

The sound of armored bodies coming closer to them filled their ears over the wails of their prize.

The turned down a corridor and nearly ran into a maintenance worker. The maintenance worker turned from the panel he was working on and stared at them.

He would have been rather handsome, if not for the burns scarring his face. Krys wondered why the worker never got the scars repaired; with bacta technology so advanced it would be as if the scars never existed.

The sound of the storm troopers grew louder.

"Don't move!" A storm trooper yelled at them.

"Give us the baby and no one else has to get hurt," another one said gently.

Krys smiled, here he could cause some panic, he turned to the maintenance worker, pointed his blaster at him and fired.

The maintenance worker just raised his right hand and blocked the bolt with it. Krys frowned in irritation and continued to fire at the man in hopes that it was a fluke and that a bolt would hit it's mark.

The man continued to block the bolts before switching to his left hand and making a gesture with his right. Krys's blaster was yanked out of his hand by an invisible force and into the hand of the worker who crushed the blaster with his gloved fist.

It then occurred to Krys that this maintenance worker might not be a maintenance worker. In fact the odds were that he was either a Jedi, which didn't make sense, or Lord Vader, which made more sense but not a lot more.

Krys was torn. Last group of storm troopers they had run into they had simply used the baby as a shield. But with storm troopers behind them and possibly Lord Vader in front he didn't know where to put her.

Finally he yanked Tayla in front of him; hoping that Lord Vader, if that's who the worker was, wouldn't do anything.

"Poppers!" The worker yelled and suddenly Tayla wasn't holding the baby anymore.

That was the last thing that Krys heard before nothingness claimed him.


Lord Vader held his little angel close to him as her abductors were stunned. He felt very pleased with how the events had turned out although he was furious that they had gone after his little angel.

Once he had gotten some decent sleep he would question them and find out how they got aboard and if they were working alone. He wouldn't risk her safely on the chance that they were indeed working alone.

Maybe it was time to take the Noghri up on their offer to protect his daughter; at least until she could defend herself from harm.


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