Hello again, everyone! I'm happy you decided to read the sequel. I know it's specified in the description, but to those of you who have not previously read An Exquisite Pain, please do so. You might get a tad confused if you read this first.

I promised I would have Dancing With Time up by this week, so here it is! The prologue is short and sweet, but as you know from the previous story, it takes place at a crucial point in the fic.

And one last thing: This story will transpire over TWO school years, not just one. So the ending will take place in 1945. There will, however, be two parts to the fic. But more on that laterI always seem to have author's notes that are longer than the actual chapter.

She was dying.

She couldn't save him. It was all her fault. If she hadn't been so stubborn, so arrogant, then he would be safe and she wouldn't be desperately clinging on to every ounce of life she had.

"Clara, open your eyes!" he told her, a hint of panic to his voice. That was odd. He was never worried…

"I can't," she whispered. Something was paralyzing her. She couldn't move an inch.

"Yes, you can," he insisted. She felt his hands brush her face, pulling her hair away from her eyes. "Damn it, Clara, you are not—"

"I'm sorry," she murmured. She ached to open her eyes, even if it was just so she could see his face one last time. "I love you."

He was shaking her, trying to get her to move. "It's no use, Tom. He poisoned me." She felt tears seeping out from behind her closed eyelids.

"I will kill him," he said, hatred evident in his tone.

"You can't…stay with me instead. Please."

There was a short pause, and she felt herself being lifted up. "Tom, don't," she protested weakly.

"I am not going to let you die, Clara," he said savagely.

"You have to. He wants you to come after him." Danielle heard his rapid breathing against her chest, and yearned to touch him.

A dizziness was beginning to start in her head. She felt herself go limp. At least her death would be quick.

Vaguely, she heard laughing in the distance. A loud bang sounded next to her ear and Tom let go of her. She fell to the ground, her head hitting the stone floor with a sickening crack.

And then all was darkness.