Parables of the Bible: The Serpent

By: Wilona Riva

Disclaimer: I think we all know who owns the Bible.

Author's Note: This is the second in the series. I should have the rest transferred from my old account soon.


Black and gold slitted eyes watched in confusion as three men labored nearby planting a tree. The serpent was confused . Why was Almighty God planting a tree in the garden when He had already spoken everything into existence?

One of the men briefly looked his way. "It's a test for the man," the Great Uncle said.

The serpent was miffed. First, I lose my home and am now relegated to a stinking muddy backwater planet inhabited by bipedal mud-apes. What is He up to?

The serpent didn't have long to wait. Soon the three men returned with another sapling, which grew very rapidly once transferred.

Now the serpent began to squirm. An unknown tree and the Tree of Life on earth? What the heck?

"Satan, haven't you caused enough trouble for one day?" the Son said, looking up through the tree branches at the serpent.

The serpent hissed at Him. "I've just begun to fight!" he exclaimed indignantly.

The Great King leaned on His shovel and glared at the serpent. "Leave!" He thundered.

The serpent ran for his life. Three shakes of a cat's whiskers, he shifted back to angelic mode. "Thana, Belial, Joel!" he roared.

"Don't shout so loud, Boss-man!" a demon with scarred red skin and weeping wounds roared back.

"Joel, shush it!" Thana hissed. "Do you want what he did to Islek to be done to you?"

Before Joel could even respond, Belial pointed at the horizon. "Never mind! Run for it; here comes that mudthingummy."

Satan's inner demonic horde made themselves scarce.

Here comes Adam. "Test time!" sang out the Son.

The Great Uncle groaned. "I know I should have stopped at the elephants."