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Twilight Town Clock Tower; 6:15 PM

He kneels besides the twin corpses, taking care not to contaminate the scene. Snapping on a pair of fresh latex gloves, Riku Takamura carefully inspects the uncovered corpse of the pair. "Female. Looks like she's in her early teens." He says softly to the police officer attending to the scene. Despite his tender age –Riku was only about seventeen himself –he knew what he was doing. He carefully inspects the girl's charred skin, his blue-green eyes narrowing in mild sorrow. He never did like these kinds of cases. This kid was barely a teenager; she should have been out having fun, not end up dying. She was so young, an innocent. And Miss Jane Doe here was killed anyway.

His eyes flicker back to the large sheet of glass in the window: the murder weapon, according to the officer. Only a few hours ago, or so he claimed, it had been used as a gigantic magnifying glass, literally roasting Miss Jane and her friend alive, like a sick little kid burning ants on a hot summer day. Only these two weren't ants. He could only hope that they had been unconscious when it happened; there was no doubt in his mind that this hadn't been a tragic accident. The duct-taped legs and arms had testified to that.

He turns to the other body, uncovering it carefully from under its tarp. It had been found that way, though the girl hadn't been covered up. She had been out in plain view, or so said the janitor who had spotted the strange mirror and then the corpses. He had been absolutely terrified, but he had made the right choice in contacting the police. That's where he came in, the island's youngest (and brightest) forensic scientist. Silently, he notes the kid's small size – from the size, that's all the victim could have been; that or a midget- and the small size of its pelvis. It could only mean that this one was a guy.

"Male, mid-teens. I'd guess older than the girl." Riku calls out again, prompting the officer standing at the door to scribble down the information in a notebook. After doing so, the officer flashes him a thumbs up and a proud grin; Riku scowls. This was the problem with working for and under his older brother, Dante. Riku shakes his head and starts rummaging through the vic's clothing. He had already taken numerous photographs when he had arrived at the scene and now his assistant (his younger brother Haru, who wanted in on the family business and on a bigger allowance) took over, snapping picture after picture with the slim digital camera that the Takamuras used for business. Riku carefully extracts a few possessions from "Jane's" charred clothing. From how badly they were burned and how quickly they deteriorated as he worked, she had been in them when she caught ablaze. He carefully notes the girl's possessions as Dante writes them down in his notebook: "A wallet, cheap leather but no idea, Shadow coin purse with twenty-five munny in it, a mirror, shattered from the heat, a blue hairbrush, slightly melted and… oh shit."

At uncovering the last item, Riku's blood turned cold. He recognized it easily but his brain refused to believe what his eyes were seeing. It was an ID card from his school. Not only that, it was a membership ID to one of the most exclusive of his school's clubs. His gloved finger brushes against the glossy group of letter labeling the club: XIII, referring to the group Organization XIII. It was a small group, only having a dozen or so members. This meant that these two vics were two of them.

"Oh shit is right, dude." Dante murmurs in shock, staring at the slightly melted ID in his brother's hand. He may have been older but he knew what the card meant. It meant that someone had killed two of the members of the most notorious gang in the entire city, maybe even the entire island. Haru, who had been standing by and snapping pictures, suddenly dropped his camera and retched, running to the window and throwing it open; he barely managed to make it there before he lost his lunch, spewing it out of the tower window. Riku's hand trembled as he flips the card over and reads the female's name out loud: "Xion Mizuki Arugami-Minami. Age fifteen, in her sophomore year at Twilight High."

That was all he was able to say before he fell silent and began to tremble even harder. Hot tears began to leak out of his eyes as he stared at the last mortal remains of Xion Arugami. He knew this girl. He was barely able to contain himself as he choked back sobs. Xion is… was his friend. At one time, she had been his girlfriend, though the relationship hadn't lasted long with her jealous older brothers snooping around. She was one of his closest friends, along with being his best friend's younger sister. They had grown up together, loved each other, fought each other and shared so many memories together. And now she was gone.

Dante places his hand on Riku's shoulder, gently squeezing it reassuringly, for once playing the older brother to the little brother who needed him. Riku continues to sob even as Dante pulls him into his arms, gently holding him for a moment while Riku regained his composure. Dante then places a small box, an evidence box, into Riku's hands before he began to very carefully labels, dates and bags each of Xion's possessions as Riku shakily puts them into the box. It was standard routine on the island, and something they had done hundreds of times before. They had just never done it for someone they knew. Dante's eyes flicker over to the second vic and he murmurs: "You know what it means that Miss Jane over there is Xion, Riku."

For a moment, Riku had no idea what he was talking about. Then it hits it him like a punch to the gut and he flinches, staring at "John Doe" in horror. Xion was a careful girl, knew not to talk to strangers and always had someone with her, whether it be one of her two brothers, Riku himself or their friend Axel Blaze. Which meant that Mister John Doe over there had a high chance of being Axel or one of the Minami twins. He immediately gets up, kicking the tarp away from the body and began quickly searching through the body's ashy pockets. He was looking for anything, just anything, that would prove that he was wrong and that this wasn't his friends' crime scene, that they were dead. With trembling hands, he removes a leather wallet from the kid's back pocket. He opens it up and finds an ID, reading the kid's name out loud: "Roxas Jesse Arugami-Minami. … Age sixteen, in his junior year at Twilight High. The victims are related."

Dante nods, scribbling down the information in his notebook.

Riku stares at the remains of his two friends, feeling conflicting emotions wash over him. A strange sense of relief that it had been Roxas instead of his friend Sora, heartache that Xion had died as well, numbness at having been called in to find his friends' bodies, anger at their wasteful deaths and miserable, painful sorrow. They hadn't deserved this. They never had.

Riku sits down besides the two corpses, his mind taking rapid mental snapshots of the scene: the way that the siblings' hands were intertwined - a detail he hadn't noticed before -, how dark their once pale skin had become, the foul stench of smoke and of charring flesh that still radiated through the room, becoming stronger despite how the fire had been put out several hours before, and how tightly their limbs had been duct-taped to each other, Roxas's right wrist to Xion's left which only gave them the barest amount of room to move their hands. They had most likely held the other's hand as their last act in their lives. There was almost no doubt about it. They had suffered, hadn't they? Riku could read it in what little flesh remained on their skulls, as most of it had seared off in the intense heat of the magnifying glass. He no longer had the hope that they had been unconscious; he was sure that they had felt every single last agonizing moment until their hearts had stopped beating from the shock.

Speaking to Dante to make sure that their teeth were examined and matched to their dental records, Riku didn't feel his cell phone vibrating in his pocket at first.

"Riku, I can handle it from here. Go ahead and answer that." Dante says, nodding towards Riku's jeans. Riku nods numbly, only now noticing the vibration. He had been concentrating too hard. He removes his black cell phone from its holster in its pocket, absentmindedly rubbing the Defender's shield as he always did when he used his phone. He checks the caller ID and, without realizing it, he smiles. His heart felt a million times lighter but also a thousand times heavier. It was the moment of truth, he supposed. He holds the phone to his ear and presses the talk button.

"Hey, Sora."

For a moment, the voice on the other end was silent except for some labored breathing. Sora Minami wheezes weakly for a moment before whimpering softly. "Riku?" He asks in a hoarse whisper before coughing violently, bursting into silent sobs that made the older boy flinch.

"Sora? Hey, what's wrong?" Riku asks, though mentally he was kicking himself. Whatever the problem was, he was about to make it a hundred times worse with his news about his latest "clients" as Sora called them. That's why he was so surprised when he heard Sora say:

"Riku, Roxas and Xion are dead."

"What? Sora, how the hell do you know that they're dead?" Riku demands quietly, trying to keep his older brother from hearing. Nevertheless, Dante immediately looked up, frowning. He stands up and snatches the phone, putting it on speaker.

"Sora, this is Dante. How the hell did you know that?" He demands softly, his blue-green eyes narrowing suspiciously. They had only been called an hour or two ago; there was no way in hell that Sora would have known until the identity of the bodies had been confirmed, which would have taken an hour or more to check the dental records.

Sora's voice cracks as he whispers softly: "They are dead, aren't they. That's why you guys are there in the Clock Tower." Dante and Riku exchange dumbfounded glances: how did Sora know where they were? In fact, how did he know about the bodies? Dante's brow furrows, making Riku shiver. He knew his brother's reasoning. The only person besides them that would know about the bodies would be the person who killed them.

Sora had just become suspect number one.

"Sora, tell me right now. How. The. Hell. Do you know about the bodies?" Dante snarls, putting emphasis on the first part of his sentence viciously. His hand was trembling as he clenched it over the phone, coming very close to shattering it.

Sora makes a choking noise for a moment before he clears his throat and whispers: "I saw it. I saw them being burned alive."

Dante flinches as if the phone had physically burned him and he glances at Riku in shock. Riku shakes his head, knowing for a fact that Sora hadn't done it. In fact, Sora would be the one most heartbroken by his siblings' death. He had no motive for it. Either way, Riku had faith in his friend; he hadn't done it.

"Sora, you tell me everything you know. How exactly do you know this?" Dante continues in an oddly calm voice, sounding much colder and calculating, as if waiting for Sora to slip up. His cop voice. Riku could almost see the gears turning in his brother's head and he knew him too well not to know what he was up to. Sora was being interrogated.

Sora coughs again and asks softly: "Can I come over to your house, Riku? I don't want to be alone…" He starts crying, hysterical sobs that made Riku want to abandon the crime scene and go comfort his friend. Sora and his siblings had been very close, despite their connections to the Organization, and he loved them with every fiber of his being. He had just lost his best friends and not only that, the other halves of his heart, his companions and his partners. He was all alone now.

"Answer the motherfuckin question, Minami!" Dante snaps, making Sora hiccup in shock.

t takes him a few moments but Sora says dully, as if he had run out of tears to cry: "It's all over D-TV. There's a new section on the website, Riku, called the "Black Box XIII." Axel showed me the video."

Dante looked confused so he asks: "What the hell is D-TV?" in a puzzled voice, glancing at Riku. He looks surprised as Riku begins to tremble, shock appearing in his eyes. Riku knew exactly what Sora was talking about; it was one of the most popular websites on the web, though not exactly one for adults. Many of the students at their school and around the entire island watched the shows on the site diligently, almost religiously in some cases. It had started off as a blog for the owner of the site, someone named *HiddenOblivion15*, but had quickly spiraled into a huge network of kids posting and sharing videos, artwork and stories. The most popular sections were the ones belonging to *Hidden himself, though no one knew who he was. In fact, there was a daily contest to see if someone could figure out *Hidden's identity and where he lived in the island. So far, even after three years, no one had found him.

"Sora, what did you see, man?" Riku asks softly, contorting his face into a disgusted expression. He didn't like the sound of this. What the hell was going on?

Sora whimpers softly, beginning to cry again. It was several moments before he could speak clearly enough for the brothers to understand: "I saw my brother and sister being roasted alive."

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