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Between Heaven and Hell

Chapter One

Dean sighed for what felt like the millionth time as he scrubbed a free hand over his face. If they managed to survive this night he was going to kill his brother.
How the hell did they manage to get into this situation in the first place, oh yeah, Sam made sad puppy dog eyes at him and the next moment Dean found himself saying yes to his brother's crazy idea. Whoever said that Dean was the impulsive and stubborn one of the brothers has clearly never met Sammy when he made up his mind if he wanted something.
Dean was pretty sure that it should be illegal for a little brother to have their older siblings wrapped around their pinkies so securely as Sam had him but who was he kidding, Dean loved the kid to death and would probably do just about anything for Sam including getting themselves stuck on Earth with a bunch of Angels on their asses hell bent on either killing them or taking them back to Heaven.
Dean sighed again thinking that sometimes being the son of Lucifer completely and utterly sucked ass as he refocusing on the problem at hand and plunged his sword into the chest of the Angel he was fighting and watched as it died in a blinding white light, leaving only a body framed with scorched wings behind on the ground.


Sam was pretty sure, well 99.9% sure that if the Angels didn't kill them and their Dad didn't by some miracle strangle them for what they pulled, Dean was gonna rip him a new one for getting them into this.
How sneaking out of Hell for a few days just to see Earth for a bit and maybe get some down time turned into them running for their half demonic, half angelic lives from a bunch of arrogant, self-righteous Angels, Sam would never figure out but to say that they were screwed would have been an understatement the seize of the Grand Canyon.

Sam turned around hearing a triumphant yell from his brother and he caught sight of him killing another Angel. Looking up at Sam, Dean gave a blinding grin of joy and Sam could only shake his head in amusement, retuning the smile fondly as he tackled another Angel wondering vaguely if the feathery idiots wouldn't just get the fact that they were in way over their angelic heads because it was seriously getting annoying to have been defending themselves for the past two hours just because of the Angels misplaced stupidity in thinking that they could take on both Princes of Hell and actually stand a freakin' chance of winning.

One thing could be said about his older brother, Dean absolutely loved fighting so it was no wonder he was one of Hell's most feared and respected warriors, even more so then their Dad Dean was the only one Lucifer trusted to be competent enough to lead his army, not that he didn't trust Sam but Lucifer was just a bit reluctant to send his youngest out in battle.
Sure Sam was equally as skilled and powerful with his own reputation as a warrior as Dean but Sam was Lucifer's baby and he liked to keep him where he could watch him make sure Sam was save.
The freakin' problem was that where Lucifer was just an over protective father, Dean was a hundred times worse as he took it upon himself to protect Sam with his life after Heaven killed their mother and nearly succeeded in killing Sam when he was only six months old. Nobody dared questioned Dean when it came to Sam or anything concerning him as Dean practically raised Sam even though their Dad was right there with them. Nobody outside of Hell would have ever guessed that Satan himself was actually a loving, caring father that would die for his sons if it meant protecting them.
It drove Sam nuts as well as made him love Dean even more because of it. Sure they both had their Dad that Sam loved with all his heart but Dean was Sam's entire world and if anything ever happened to his brother it would destroy Sam.

Speaking of said older brother, Sam turned back to look at Dean after disposing of his opponent, his eyes widening in shock, feeling like his world came to a stop when he saw Dean. His brother was so caught up in the fight that he never saw the attacker coming from behind him.

"Dean!" Sam yelled out terrified, trying to warn his brother but he was too late and then Sam was moving as Dean started to fall to the ground.


"Dean!" He heard his name being screamed and just as he looked up to see what had his brother terrified several things happened at once.
Dean felt the presence coming up behind him, spinning around just as a sharp, mind numbing pain exploded in his right side as he was stabbed. At the same time he could feel Sam moving and the one that struck him was flung away from him making Dean scream as the blade was forcefully ripped out of him.
The last thoughts that crossed Dean's mind as darkness over took him was that he hoped Sam would be okay and wondering how in the hell a demon got his filthy hands on an Angel's blade…

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