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Between Heaven and Hell

Chapter Two

The Demon landed with a sickening crack against the opposite wall as Sam mentally ripped him away from Dean, another slight mental push and the demon inside the human it was possessing started to writhe and scream in pain as electrical sparks started to dance along it's skin and then suddenly it stopped moving as Sam destroyed it.

Sam landed hard on his knees next to his brother's to quite form, blood already pooling at Dean's right side where he got stabbed, seeping into Sam's jeans as he kneeled on the hard concrete floor.

"Fuck! Please be okay, in Hell's name please be alive!" Sam pleaded as he reached for Dean's neck with trembling fingers to check for a pulse. A few seconds later Sam sighed in relief as he found it, it was faint and struggling but it was there which meant Dean was still alive.
Sam was never in his entire life so happy about the fact that their hybrid status made them immune to just about any kind of angelic weaponry otherwise Dean would have been killed instantly. The fact that the Demon, and Sam knew it was a Demon because he could sense it and he knew Dean did to before he went down, attacked with an angel's sword meant that whoever's orders it was following didn't know that they were immune to it, not that it shed any more light on why Angels and Demons were working together which in itself was extremely troubling and a whole other batch of problems besides the fact that Demons of all things were trying to kill them

Sam pushed that train of thought away for later examination as he shrugged out of his black leather jacket and over shirt. He pressed the shirt against Dean's side to try and slow down the blood flow from the wound. The wound in itself looked like any normal stab wound Sam noticed as he pulled up Dean's shirt except that the flesh at the edges of the gaping hole was slightly burned black, probably caused by the power that the sword emanated from its angelic core.

"Fuck!' Sam swore again as he pressed the shirt back against the wound when he sensed more Angels coming to back up those that the brothers have already killed.
He had to get them somewhere safe, a place where Dean could heal properly and they could both regain their strength but the question was where.
After going through countless places in his head, Sam felt like kicking himself when he suddenly figured out where to go.

Two massive black and silver wings unfurled from behind Sam as he pulled Dean's unconscious and bloody body close to his chest and the next moment both of them disappeared with only the sound of rustling wings echoing in the now empty warehouse just as the Angels stormed in ready to help their brothers in arms only to find them slaughtered and the Sons of Lucifer gone…

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