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A Nightmare
Loosely based on episode 214 or… okay, I forgot the chapter, and as I said, haven't been up-to-date

She thought she could do it, thought she could end his pain and suffering by taking away his life while he was not looking – but she couldn't…

He sensed her, and for a split second, he had looked alarmed at her presence and actions, and soon his eyes changed from black to red, until they narrowed down to slits.

The way he looked at her could have been a frightful scene, because she has never recalled his eyes looking so horrifying than they were right now.

To think that she actually loved his eyes the most about him…


His words were barely audible as his fingers enclosed on her neck, his intentions clear.

She choked out his name when she felt her body slam against the rough texture of a wall, and how his grip around her neck had tightened. He was glaring down at her, blood-soaked and red-eyes spinning dangerously.


"Not you…" he was shaking as he let out the words in a hoarse voice, and if blood hadn't been trailing down from his eyes, she would have probably seen tears instead. "…Not you too…"

She couldn't speak – couldn't find the words to say to him, couldn't find the strength to tear her shocked gaze away from his glaring eyes.

Sasuke was angry, yes, she knew that – but what she saw was different.

"Not you too Sakura…"

There was pain evident in his gaze – a look that she knew too well.


It was weird how he was doing all the talking and she was being silent, but how can she speak or react when he was close to breaking down?

"I thought you…"

She could barely hear his words when the chidori came to life in his other hand.

"…love me?"

In his eyes, it was as if she betrayed him.

"Why are you trying to kill me?"

She just closed her eyes and let her own tears fall.

"Don't you…" his words died down as his chidori weakened, and then grew strong again – the jutsu flickering…

"I still love you, Sasuke…kun."

A/N: I actually did read this in the manga, probably the last chapter I read too, and have had this idea running in my head for a long while. I somehow can't help but want a scene there. I get how Sasuke betrayed everyone, but he was betrayed at a young age by his brother, and then ultimately finds out in one go that his brother was really the good guy. Mind fuck much? So… yeah, I want some irony here. XD