Changing the World isn't Easy Chapter One-

This fanfiction is a Flynn Centric fiction and follows the dream of Flynn which is to change the system, but he has realised even with his considerable influence, nothing has changed. When people start to disappear from the Lower Quarter, Flynn gets thrusted into a situation which leaves him facing those who are blocking the way of change. Post-Game

Prologue: To Change the World

The leader of the Imperial Knights sat impatiently in his office, within officer HQ in the capital of the world, Zaphias. The young man, only 24 years of age was the youngest Commandant in the history of the Zaphian Empire. He had stopped the ultimate weapon Heracles, wrestled back control of Zaphias from Alexei and then commandeered the fight against the traitorous former Commandant.

At least this is what the world thought. In truth, most of these achievements were achieved by the man's best friend, Yuri Lowell. Despite this Flynn still held the credentials to be named the Commandant, as he was the shining beacon of light that represented true chivalry, dedication and honour, of which the Imperial Knights were meant to stand for.

His impatience was down to multiple factors. Number one he was starving and felt like his stomach was going to start eating itself if it lasted any longer, the second, more importantly was down to the current council meeting, where his recommendations were going to be discussed.

Hopefully if everything went well, the system would become fairer for the poor, and at the same time increase living standards all over Zaphias. Flynn was no politician, but he knew what he was talking about, and he hoped that the council members would notice this too.

However he knew he couldn't become too optimistic, he knew how hard changing things could be, and so he was left with only one option and that was waiting.

As the time ticked by slowly, Flynn felt his stomach growling even louder, but he ignored it, he told himself he'd eat once he heard the news. It wasn't long after that he heard a knock at the door.

"Finally" the young man muttered, as he straightened himself. "Come in" he ordered and in response, a lone female that he knew very well entered the room.

"Sir, I have a letter from his Highness Ioder" the woman addressed in a strong tone making Flynn smile slightly.

"Why so serious, Sodia?" Flynn joked, despite this he was far from calm and desperately wanted to read the letter.

In response to this the woman jumped a little, surprised by Flynn's attitude. In most cases they addressed each other in the way of a superior and a subordinate, so it came as a shock the young woman to hear him speak that way.

"He must be nervous about the contents" she deduced calmly as she regained composure and walked over to her boss, "Here you go sir" she said as she handed him the letter, gaining a small smile from the man.

"Thank you Sodia, take a seat if you wish" Flynn offered as he opened up a drawer, pulling out a letter opener. Sodia, taking him up on his request sat down in the seat, situated in front of his desk, and watched her boss as he read the letter.

As he read the contents carefully, Sodia noticed how the man's face changed from relaxed to aggravated, it started at the eyes, which sharpened all of a sudden, after that she noticed Flynn bite his lower lip angrily, it was clear to her what he had read, especially when the man screwed up the letter and slammed it on his desk uncharacteristically.

Despite this Sodia kept calm, she would always accept everything about her leader, even when he wasn't acting the way she admired. Silence and tension filled the room for a minute until Flynn decided to speak.

"They rejected everything" he said in a downtrodden tone, which masked the true anger that he felt.

"I could tell" Sodia said in a calm tone, Flynn turned to her quickly and she felt obligated to say "sir" to show her respect, this small act made Flynn's demeanour change from angry to frustrated, it wasn't much but at least he didn't feel like hitting anyone anymore.

"If you don't mind, could you tell me the reasons?" Sodia asked, making Flynn sigh.

"According to his Highness Ioder, the Grand-Duke, leader of the council referred to it as child-like idealism" Flynn said as his teeth began to grind slightly. "Which is strange, because according to the figures, the returns from the schemes would increase government funds whilst being fairer for all" Flynn said slowly, as he ran a hand through his blonde hair.

Sodia could tell that Flynn was seriously annoyed, and was only keeping his calm because she was there. She knew how long Flynn had spent on the Lower Quarter Renovation Plan and the Renewed Taxes plan, so she understood his frustration and in turn felt some herself.

"That council has no idea what they are talking about, if only his Highness had more power over decisions" Flynn said in a strained voice.

"Sir, as much as I agree with you, we should always be careful of what we say, who knows who's listening" Sodia warned her superior, who laughed slightly at her suggestion.

"You're right Sodia, you're right" Flynn repeated, as he forced himself to become calm. "Now isn't the time to get angry, we should focus on changing the system without those men turning us down" Flynn said in a renewed calm. "Thank you Sodia... for your concern" Flynn said with a smile, making the woman nod her head.

"Any time sir" Sodia replied, making Flynn laugh, this shocked the young woman slightly. "Is.. there a problem sir?" she asked curiously, feeling slightly embarrassed to be honest.

"Oh, no it's nothing, it's just I realised our roles had reversed for a moment, you were the calm one and I was the hot-headed one, I found it amusing" Flynn said with a genuine smile, which in turn made Sodia give a rare smile.

"Is that so..." Sodia said quietly, she wasn't embarrassed, in fact she understood some of the humour behind it.

"Yeah, it is, so I'll take up my former role and brief you on what's to be done next" Flynn said, completely dropping the previous subject for the time being.

As Sodia sat still, Flynn opened up a drawer and pulled out a few reports. "We've been receiving reports from Capua Nor that people are being attacked at night, would you send word to Captain Michael to deal with the problem as soon as possible?" Flynn asked the woman.

"I assume you are talking about Michael Lexar, son of the Grand-Duke in the council... is this some kind of punishment, assigning him such a small job because of what his father did?" Sodia asked in a calm voice.

"It's purely coincidental I promise, I just believe Captain Michael can deal with the threat as quickly as possible, unlike his father, the Captain is quite the reliable man" Flynn said, voicing his full confidence in the man, Sodia seemed to accept this response.

"Anything else sir?" Sodia asked her superior who shaked his head. In response Sodia got to her feet, and walked towards the door.

"Well there is one more thing" Flynn said slightly absentmindedly, causing Sodia to turn around. "Care to join me for dinner, I'm starving" Flynn said in a joking tone, making Sodia freeze on the spot.

"... I'd like to but I'm afraid I'll have to decline" Sodia said quickly before exiting the room, once outside she put a hand to her face, feeling intense heat. It was right then that she heard a small chuckle coming from her left, it was from a no-name knight. Sodia just turned and glared at the man before walking off down the hall.

Back inside the room, Flynn began to laugh, he found it surprising how someone as aggressive as Sodia had a calming factor on him. That laugh however soon turned to frustration again, he felt as if all his hard work was for nothing, yet he'd never give up.

Not until he'd changed the world.

(End of Chapter)

It was a small chapter but it was only to be used as a prologue, I'm guessing you already know the main pairing, but unlike most fictions, romance is going to take a backseat, in favour of the plot. Yuri and the gang appear later on, and Yuri plays a secondary protagonist role.

Hope you enjoyed, chapter two will be very soon.