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Summary: Kagome had been trying extremely hard to get back through the well and go visit her friends in the Feudal Era. She had tried everything that she could find, all the scrolls and sutras that her grandfather had were all useless…except one.


"Damn it, damn it, damn it!"

Kagome slammed her fist into the splintered side of the well that once took her back in time. She had bloodied her knuckles more time than she liked to remember, punching the well each and every time she couldn't get the magic to activate.

It had been almost two years since she returned from the past to announce that she was going to stay in the Feudal Era with InuYasha. He needed her. Kagome still loved him, though he had chosen Kikyo to be with for the rest of his life, and wanted to honor her promise to stay by his side forever. He had been so happy about her decision that he swept her into his arms and swung her around, a display of affection that was very rare indeed. And when she had not returned and he couldn't get through the well, he was bound to be heart-broken.

So for two years, Kagome had tried every trick she could manage to reactivate the well. She had gotten so desperate that, just six months ago, she attempted to claw the Shikon out of her body. Kagome had torn up her side where the Shikon had once resided, and knew that it had been truly futile and stupid of her to attempt something like that because the Shikon had merged with her body after its completion. But she hadn't been thinking rationally during that time, which led to quite a number of stitches in her side.

"You know, if Grandpa catches you cursing on shrine grounds he's gonna explode, right?" Souta said with sympathy and pity creeping into his voice, trying to crack a joke.

Kagome didn't want pity, was disgusted that such a feeling existed, but knew that Souta couldn't help it. After all, she had to look quite pitiful, kneeled beside the stupid well with a bloody hand and tears in her eyes. Every day she went through the same thing, each time trying something new to get through. You could say that it had become her hobby. She went to the library each and every morning to browse through the books they had on magics and myths, performing every single portal spell she could find.

With the power of the Shikon no Tama now pumping in her body, Kagome found that she could do just about any type of magic she wished. It seemed that the Shikon was a immense energy that could be molded into any kind of power, which Kagome learned over the months of bending it to her will. And yet, it felt useless to her. With little effort, Kagome willed her hand to heal. She had learned that little trick a month after having her stitches removed.

"I just don't get it Souta, why?" Her voice was tired and heavy; she hardly seemed the nineteen-year-old that she was.

"I don't know Sis. But…it's been two years…can't you accept that you're stuck with your family?"

Kagome knew that she was hurting her family by trying so hard to get away from them, but they just didn't understand. Her family didn't need her here and, had she accepted, she would have been married to Hojo and out of the house just last year. What would have been the difference, really? She was needed in the past to help defend the village against demons and to protect Shippo from InuYasha and to keep InuYasha happy. Despite the fact that she was so determined to get back, the well had been stubborn and Kagome knew that everyone on the other side had probably moved on by now and she was only hurting herself and her family by continuing with her unhealthy obsession.

"I'm sorry," Kagome said with her head bowed, "I know that I've been ignoring you guys. I'll try and back off of the well thing, though I'll always be ready to go back. I won't spend every day trying to make this stupid thing work, but if I find a spell or scroll or something that I think will work, I'm going to try it out. So, if I disappear one day, you'll know where I am. But, for now, let's go see what Mama's made for lunch, huh?"

Souta flashed Kagome one of his happiest smiles and grabbed her hand, pulling her to her feet and toward the house. As Souta cheerily set the table Kagome realized that she might not have really noticed just how much of an affect she had on everyone. She would try harder, for them, to be a better person. But that didn't mean that she didn't want to go back to the world she loved so much.


Now it had officially been two years and six months since she had been trapped in her own time. In the past half a year or so Kagome had only attempted to return to her friends in the Feudal Era three times. Her family seemed to lighten up at that fact, proud to see their little Kagome finally accepting her mundane life for what it was always meant to be. She had a job at a local bank as a teller and was tentatively dating Hojo once again. It had hurt her heart when he had asked her out and she realized just how much he cared for her, so she couldn't turn him down.

She had another date with him this evening, he seemed like such a sweet guy and he would take good care of her in life, he was a doctor now, and Kagome was considering marrying him. Never, after first falling through the well, had Kagome thought that this was how her life would end up. But, slowly, she was accepting it, though there was always a pain in her heart as she thought of her adventures being long gone. Kagome had always been a girl of exploration and adventure, and settling down to make a family seemed just so…not her.

At the moment, Kagome was standing in the shrine's storeroom, thinking on just what her life was to be, leaning on a broom. It hurt so much to believe that this was it, that there was no more for her than a life as a doctor's wife. If he proposed again, that is. Plopping down on her butt with a deep sigh, Kagome began to sort through the scrolls that her grandfather had left lying around so carelessly, trying to organize the mess he had made.

Myths in one pile, demon stories in another, historical scrolls in a third pile and spells/magic in a final forth pile. It was taking her hours to sort and put away the blasted scrolls, Kagome was certain that she was going to go insane! Throwing her hands into the air, exasperated, Kagome climbed to her feet and stormed out of the storeroom. She could always finish cleaning it out tomorrow; after all, she had to get ready for her date.

Kagome ran into the house and up the stairs before she started tearing her closet to pieces looking for the perfect dress. Hojo was taking her out to a rather ritzy restaurant tonight and she had to look perfect. It had been far too long since she had gone out to such a place and Kagome wasn't even certain she had anything to wear. Lucky for her, however, there was a stunning black dress hidden in the back. She snatched it up greedily and fished out her hose and matching black heels and then dashed into the bathroom to wash up.

Nearly two hours later, Kagome stepped out of the bathroom looking absolutely dazzling. She descended the stairs, her heels in her hand, to be greeted by Hojo and her family sitting in the dining room. Her family got along well with Hojo, not that anyone couldn't get along with Hojo. He was just so polite and sweet, so considerate…why the Hell didn't she love him? Because she didn't go for that type of guy…damn.

"Ah, Kagome!" Her grandfather exclaimed whilst looking her over approvingly.

"Why, Kagome, you are absolutely stunning this evening." Hojo said as she moved to escort her from the staircase, kissing her on the back of her hand.

Kagome blushed very slightly and allowed Hojo to enjoy himself by playing boyfriend. She was going to try extra hard to fall for Hojo, he was, after all, perfect.

"I do believe that we should leave if we are to make it to the restaurant on time. It was wonderful to see you all again." Hojo announced, bowing to her family before leading her out the door.

She waved at her family before hopping along, putting her shoes on her feet one at a time. It wasn't long before they were at, by far, the fanciest restaurant Kagome had ever seen and not long after that Hojo had popped the question.

The sudden and almost desperate way he proposed made Kagome feel completely dreadful that she had turned him down before; he had to have been completely crushed. But now…now it was different. She smiled and accepted his ring and they finished their dinner together in a companionable silence.

She and Hojo both told his family the news on the way to Kagome's house where they then told the Higurashi household. Everyone was excited and plans were already flying about for an engagement party and the wedding that was to come. How odd, Kagome mused, that while so many people were so very happy, she was sad.

Kagome had excused herself from the happy group downstairs and changed into a baggy pair of pajama pants and a large T-shirt. She had brushed her teeth and climbed into bed, snuggling against her pillow in a futile attempt to sleep. It was quiet and peaceful, the soft whistle of the wind humming a tune for Kagome to sleep to, and she had almost fallen asleep when something happened. Nothing changed, no one screamed and there were no demons…but Kagome felt a tug deep within her, telling her to go to the storeroom of the shrine.

She tried to deny the urge, rolling over to face her wall, but it was to no avail. Growling Kagome threw off her blanket and slid on a nearby pair of sneakers before slipping out her window and down the God Tree. After glancing around to make sure that no one had seen her escape, Kagome took off at a dead run to the storeroom, a pressure building within her chest with each step she took. Flinging the door open, Kagome found the strangest thing. A pile of unsorted scrolls was glowing a bright red. The red seemed dulled, which led Kagome to believe that perhaps only one scroll was glowing and that it was buried in the pile.

Digging to the bottom, Kagome found the scroll that was calling out to her and slowly rolled it open. Upon it was a strange symbol and Kagome knew that she had to draw that symbol. She snatched the pencil off of the inventory clipboard and cleared the floor before carefully drawing the odd sign. Kneeling in the center, Kagome charged the drawing with her energy and soon found herself standing in front of a large set of doors.

As the doors opened, a sense of foreboding washed over Kagome and all she could find in herself to say was, "Oh…shit."

She was pulled inside the blackness beyond the doors and screamed as she felt herself being pulled apart, molecule by molecule. Her energy flashed about her wildly as it attempted to defend her and soon the dark receded and Kagome felt herself being put back together again.

'Just like Humpty-Dumpty…' Kagome thought absently, her body humming in a strange way.

Out of nowhere Kagome was dropped onto a cold, hard floor where she saw many of the same boots, all rushing toward her.

"Sorry if I'm interrupting…" She murmured before officially passing out.