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Summary: Kagome had been trying extremely hard to get back through the well and go visit her friends in the Feudal Era. She had tried everything that she could find, all the scrolls and sutras that her grandfather had were all useless…except one.


Kagome fidgeted, it was obvious that a Fuhrer was somebody of importance, but she didn't know how to act around him or what to address him as.

"Please…have a seat Miss Higurashi." Roy gestured to the chair before him and gave her an expectant look.

Riza and Maes stepped backward and stood beside the door, keeping a close eye on Kagome. Riza's hand was on the butt of her gun, she was going to protect Mustang at all costs. While neither of them got a threatening feel of Miss Higurashi, it was always possible that she was just playing innocent, though Hughes didn't think so.

Kagome gave a slight bow and moved to sit down. Never before in her life had she felt so out of place! Oh, wait, back when she had first gotten to the Feudal Era, that would definitely be tied for first with right now. She kept her eyes down on her hands in her lap, waiting for this Mustang character to start speaking, feeling terribly uncomfortable.

Leaning back in his chair once again, Mustang laced his fingers behind his head and leveled a calculating look at Kagome. She looked awkward, uncomfortable, though he had to think that her clothes (if they could be called that) and being in front of an important man such as him was having a heavy effect on her. Clearing his throat and preparing his 'in charge' voice, Mustang began the questioning:

"Tell me, Miss Higurashi, how exactly you came to be in the cafeteria here." His gaze never wavered as he watched her raise her head and look him in the eye.

"Honestly, sir? I'm not sure." She answered, being sure to tell the truth.

Mustang frowned. That had not been an answer he had been expecting. Maybe she might have said that she had been attacked by an invisible homunculus, or perhaps she had snuck in using alchemy. And he really hadn't expected her to sound so honest. Her bright blue eyes were so believably truthful that he had a hard time not believing her. But he was the Fuhrer; he would not fall for an innocent act.

"Tell me what you do know, then." He instructed.

Kagome nodded, "I had been in my bedroom when I felt this pull…it seemed to tug at my very soul, and I followed it down to the shrine's storeroom. There was a pile of scrolls that I had been sorting earlier and it was glowing. I remember reading this one scroll and drawing a symbol of sorts and then…there were boots coming at me from all around."

Kagome was frowning now, too, "I feel like I'm missing something important."

"Hmm…what did this symbol look like exactly?" Roy asked, watching her obvious frustration and confusion play across her face.

"It was…well, it sort of look liked…I mean…" Kagome gave a quiet, frustrated growl, "How about I just draw it for you?"

After a moment of contemplation, Roy decided that she couldn't possibly make anything dangerous out of a simple piece of paper if she was an alchemist (though he doubted that she was) and handed over a pencil and paper.

"Thank you, Fuhrer, sir." Kagome said awkwardly before drawing the symbol the best she could.

She leaned forward and set it on his desk, her hand covering the symbol. All of a sudden, her hand glowed pink and the paper had changed into a paper flower. Gaping, she slowly moved her hand away from the flower, confused even further.

"This happened when I drew the symbol of the storeroom floor. Though, this time, it was completely unintentionally. Before, I had felt compelled to push some of my power into the symbol. I have no idea how I did it this time." Kagome said, glancing warily at Hawkeye, whose hand had tightened on her gun.

"Do you mean to tell me," Mustang began, a little amused by her confusion, "that you don't know what that symbol does?"

Kagome nodded, "I don't know if that's normal here or not but, back home, this is considered something supernatural."

"Tell me, Miss Higurashi, where is your home?"

"Tokyo, Japan, sir."

"Hmm…" Roy was having quite a lot of trouble with this girl, she seemed oblivious to alchemy, though she had just performed it herself, and she claimed to be from a place where alchemy was practically unknown.

"What do you know of alchemy? Of homunculi? Of Central?" He questioned rather rapidly, watching her grow more and more confused.

"Nothing! I don't know what this 'Central' is and those two," Kagome jerked her thumb behind her at Riza and Maes, "wouldn't explain that or the 'homunculi' thing to me. And I'm still not sure what a Fuhrer is!" Kagome exclaimed, finally growing tired of all of this.

Roy, enjoying the explosive side of the small woman before him, gave a small smirk. It seemed that this girl might have come from beyond the Black Gate…though it was hard to believe that was possible. No one could survive the Gate, it was impossible.

"Miss Higurashi, it seems that you may, in fact, be from a world other than this one. It's also been made clear that you can perform alchemy, even if it's not on an entirely conscious level. I will have Colonel Hughes answer any questions that you may have and then, in a few days, I will be seeing you again."

Roy nodded to Hughes, who stepped forward and offered Kagome his hand to help her out of the chair. She took his hand and, with a bow to Mustang, allowed Hughes to escort her out of the room. Hawkeye moved to followed, but Roy stopped her.

"Riza. Miss Higurashi, if things go as I expect them to, will most likely be joining the ranks of the State Alchemists." She nodded to acknowledge his words, "Because her situation is unlike any others we have here, I will be putting her with you and Hughes so that you can watch over her. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir." Riza gave a bow and smiled a bit, turning on her heel and heading out to her quarters.

'If things go well, I may yet get FullMetal and his brother back…after all these years.'


Munich, Germany, 1926

"Brother?" Al called out, jogging to catch up with Ed, "What are we going to do now? That last place was our last chance at having somewhere to stay tonight!"

The Elric brothers had been chasing the rumors of the atomic bomb that they had partially helped release into this world, their leads eventually bringing them back to where they had begun in this world: Munich. They had been all over Germany and, with the depression the country had fallen into; it had been hard keeping up with all the clues. And now they were without a place to stay and it looked as if it was about to pour any second.

Ed turned and faced his brother. Even after the past three years of having Alphonse around, it was still so comforting to see his actual face instead of that suit of armor. Though…part of him was still unnerved by it, having grown up with him as the armor, but that small part was easily quashed down.

"Don't worry so much Al! We'll get by! We always do." He reassured, though he had no clue whatsoever what they were going to do he at least sounded sure.

They spent another couple of hours wandering, with Al's faith in his brother never failing, and ended up staying with a nice old couple who had taken them in.

They were sharing a bed and Ed was just getting to sleep when Al decided to start talking again.

"You know, we've been here for three years now and we haven't gotten any closer to that bomb we're searching for. Do you think that, maybe, we aren't meant to recover it? Maybe we've been just playing into Fate's hands this whole time." He philosophized, turning over to watch his brother's profile.

Ed sighed, "I don't want to believe that. Believing that means that I believe we came here for nothing. And now…there's no way we can get back. So I'm going to keep going after this bomb, it's all I really have to keep me going now…besides you." Ed turned his head and smiled at Al, "Now, goodnight Al."

"Goodnight Brother."