Pinkettes At War!

"Hiya Rei, did you sleep well?" Said Mariah as soon as Rei walked into the kitchen. This was a standard proceedure every morning, Mariah would wake up before everyone else so that when Rei got up, she could bombard him with many questions.

"Morning Mariah, do we honestly have to go through this again?" Groaned Rei as he stretched, before heading towards the fridge.

"I'm only asking how your sleep was, jeez Rei, you can be a right old moaner when you get up" Chuckled Mariah. She noticed Rei was glaring at her so she quickly shut herself up. "Okay okay, what the hells your problem"

"We go through this interrogation process every bloody morning, quite frankly, it's getting extremely boring and extremely annoying, so do me a big favour and quit it please" Said Rei with a calm voice that did not match the expression on his face

"What's gotten into you Rei?" Teased Mariah. "Your no fun anymore"

"Well, tell me what the hell is fun about practically being stalked by a girl that you live with? Your pestering me as if I'm your son. So stop doing it and treat me my age" Rei shouted as he put his shoes on, he was half dressed, the absence of a shirt caused Mariah's gaze to be transfixed onto his chest, though she did not have the chance to savour it though, as Rei quickly whipped on his shirt. The doorbell then suddenly rang.

"I'll get it" Said Rei walking towards the door, it felt pleasant to not be in a room with Mariah. She was really obsessive, quick to anger and really narrow minded. Which is not bad, considering if you wanted to play a prank on her.

"Hiya Rei!" Shouted Mathilda as Rei opened the door.

"Mathlida! How are you my studying partner?" Said Rei happily as he gave Mathilda a quick hug.

"No bad thanks. Yourself?" Said Mathilda as she slightly blushed cause of the hug

"Mariah's interrogation has begun again" Rei whispered to Mathilda, who let out a girlish giggle.

"When will she ever learn?" Said Mathilda, shuffling her foot on the floor.

"Don't think she ever will, so shall we get going?" Said Rei, quickly whipping on his school bag.

"I though you'd never ask" Mathilda said cheekily as Rei shut the door behind him.

Rei and Mathilda were almost at their school, they were doing their usual "Standard Proceedure" Which was what lesson's did they have that day,
what to do at lunch and what to do after school.

"So, what do we have today then?" Asked Rei, who was checking the contents of his bag to make sure he had the right equipment.

"Let me check, we have English first, then we have IT second" Said Mathilda, checking her timetable list.

"Thanks Mathilda, say, wheres our usual study party? You know, Raul and Hilary?" Said Rei, raising an eyebrow. The four of them were a tight knit group of friends, always goofing off togther. But most of the time they were all studying.

"I knocked at Raul's eariler, Julia answered and said he'd left early" Mathilda answered, before continuing. "Hilary is busy trying to get Tyson out of that stinking, festering hell on earth known as his bedroom" Rei chuckled, but then shuddered when he remembered what Tyson's room was like.

They arrived at the school, the first thing they noticed was Raul standing outside against a tree, waiting for them.

"Standard Proceedure" Rei said to Mathilda who giggled slightly as they made their way over to Raul.

"Morning you two" Said Raul as he gave Rei a high five. "I trust you escaped the clutches of the pink ball of death then?" Rei laughed and nodded at the same time. "I know you've probably missed breakfast so here" Raul handed Rei two cheese and pickle sandwhiches.

"Thanks pal, your the best!" Said Rei before taking a bite.

"Uh, guys I think I found Tyson" Said Mathilda as she pointed in his direction. Tyson was being chased to school by Hilary, whilst trying to hastily put his shirt and school bag on. Hilary gave chase with a kendo stick, judging by the red marks on Tyson's back, he had already fallen foul of "Samurai Hilary" Once Tyson was inside, Hilary walked towards her friends.

"Standard Proccedure" Said Raul as Rei and Mathilda chuckled.

This was going to be one interesting day.