Characters: TenII/Alt!Donna - there isn't a character tab for Alt!Donna, so I've kept to the ordinary Donna one.

Prompt: Movie scenes (re-write your favourite movie scenes with your fandom characters in the main roles)

Warning: This assumes TenII would choose Donna over Rose; and I am well aware RTD said otherwise. Most of these chapters are T rated, but two of them definitely need the higher rating! [Three of them if I end up posting the sequel]

Summary: Set after JE, the Doctor meets a pregnant Donna. Except it's the Duplicate!Doctor and Alt!Donna in this scenario.

Disclaimer: All I own are my daydreams. I certainly don't own The Back-Up Plan movie, or any of these characters.

A/N: Originally written for the Big Bang challenge at bbcland.

A/N2: Do I really need to point out this is NOT the way to get pregnant here, but I'm only using this method for dramatic purposes? No? Good!

A/N3: I'd be lying if I said this was a favourite film scene of mine [ignoring the fact I'd be hard pushed to actually be able to choose a favourite scene]; but I saw this film on the plane and immediately saw how it could play out in two different ways. So I posted this to force myself to finish it…

Donna's Back-Up Plan

Part 1


The duplicate Doctor woke to muffled shouting from outside his bedroom door. Not that he ever referred to himself as 'the duplicate Doctor'; he left that for certain other people to do so. The same certain people who were shouting somewhere outside his bedroom, no doubt banging on about some perceived misdemeanour of his or other. He really should get out of this place! It was doing his head in; what with all the arguments, the sulking and the accusing looks whenever he poked his head outside the door. It wasn't his fault he wasn't the original Doctor, was it, for Pete's sake? He'd been sent there as a deputy; or as a reward, whichever way you looked at it. But it turned out he was merely second best in oh so many ways. He was regarded as secondary and his emotions were apparently second best too.

What on earth had possessed him to say those words in Bad Wolf Bay? They'd been completely misinterpreted as a declaration of romantic love; he understood that now. But he'd been swept away by the moment, and it had seemed the right thing to do at the time.

Ah, so many things had seemed right at the time; and he'd had plenty of time to regret those choices.

The fact was that Rose had not only loved the Doctor but completely idolised him beyond his capability. Her obvious disappointment at being duped into accepting the duplicate had continued and not abated. Not in the least; to the point he was beginning to hate this world. He hated it with a vengeance because he had been sentenced to life imprisonment in his own personal hell.

With that thought in mind he decided that during his lunchbreak at Torchwood that day he would go and investigate some estate agents to find new digs. Anywhere else to live at that moment looked good. He was sure Jackie could accept his reasons for moving out so soon easily enough; she'd witnessed some of Rose's rants at him after all.

It hurt that she didn't want to help him choose a new name for this world; and would sulkily refer to him as 'the other one' or, even worse, 'the thing'. He grew to hate seeing her, so he stayed in his room as much as possible when he was back at Pete's house. At work in Torchwood he could easily avoid her and hide in his laboratory.

There was a note pinned to his noticeboard about compulsory company health checks; it wryly pointed out he had already missed his one three times and he had to attend ASAP. 'Bugger!' he thought; it meant he'd have to put off his trip to an estate agent until the following day.

Everywhere she went she saw young children. Babies, toddlers, sweet infant school children in their cute uniforms… It almost broke Donna's heart that she couldn't have a child of her own purely because she didn't have a bloke in her life! With that fact in mind she had investigated the whole IVF procedure through a private clinic as she would never fit the criteria set by the NHS to be accepted for such a plan. Blimey it was expensive! It would be far cheaper to just allow herself to seek out a one night stand; if she could stomach the whole 'getting pregnant' bit with a complete stranger in what would probably be sleazy conditions.

Yikes this broodiness was painful. What could or should she possibly do? Her only other option was to ask a male friend to be the father for her. Yeah, that one would go down a storm! And that was ignoring the possible reaction of her mother. Donna really hated her life.

"Donna!" her work colleague Linda hissed across the cubicle divide at her. "Do you still want to get pregnant?" She cautiously looked to her left and her right to double check no-one was listening. "Only, if you are Neville might be able to get hold of some prime sperm for you before he leaves the hospital next week."

"Is that why you're immigrating to Australia in two weeks? Been caught trafficking dodgy baby sperm?" Donna teased her in a low voice. "Look, nice idea, Linda, but I don't want Neville risking anything for my sake."

Linda almost crawled over to her. "It was his idea when I mentioned you. Honest!"

"What's the catch then?" Donna asked suspiciously. "Nobody does anything like this for free."

"Ah, you see…," Linda shifted uncomfortably, "we can't get anyone to have Reggie."

"You want me to have your dog!" Donna exclaimed loudly, before shushing herself. "Sorry!" Her voice had dropped down to a whisper. Linda grinned eagerly at her. "Oh, alright! I'll take Reggie; but this had better work."

"Here you go!" Linda placed a business card firmly into Donna's hand. "I've made you an appointment for tomorrow."

Donna looked at the address on the card, sighed, and carefully put it safely away in her bag. She was convinced she had just gained a dog and not a baby; and she set about thinking up a suitable cover to talk her mother round just in case.

She decided she would go out using her meeting with Neville as her lunchbreak, and pick up some more literature about bank loans afterwards. It was best to have a back-up plan. Would they even give a loan for IVF these days? It had been a while since she'd asked. Well, she'd find out soon enough.

She couldn't believe Neville had basically given her a turkey baster kit! Oh, she knew it was possible to get pregnant that way, but she had expected something a bit more sophisticated. Never mind, eh? Armed with several bank leaflets Donna left the large branch of Lloyds Bank and made her way out onto the street to collect Gramps' repaired telescope. To her dismay it was absolutely chucking it down, and she'd forgotten to bring an umbrella let alone her coat! Oh bugger! In a moment of angry indignation she shouted out for a taxi cab.

The duplicate Doctor had spent a fair amount of time giving out his details to various estate agents near the area he wanted, and had picked up details of some properties whilst he was there. Nothing had grabbed his attention yet; but there were plenty of possible flats, and that pleased him. As he stepped out of the branch of Winkworth's the heavens opened and it began to absolutely pour down! Typical! He hadn't even thought to pick up his umbrella, and he had an important meeting that afternoon that he needed to be impressive in. With that in mind he searched the passing traffic for an available taxi cab and shouted out.

As he leant forward to tell the cabbie where he wanted to go so did a woman at exactly the same time. They stared at each other in shock. "I'm so sorry," she stammered out her apology.

"No, I'm sorry," he immediately reciprocated. It couldn't be, could it? It was only Donna Noble standing in front of him! Well, this universe's version of Donna Noble.

"What do we do now?" she asked, and looked to the sky for inspiration.

"You take the cab; ladies first," he offered.

"Oh no! No! I couldn't do that to you," she spluttered in reply. "Perhaps we can share if we're going in the same direction."

"I'm going back to Canada Square," he supplied. "So if you're not then it's fine with me that you take the cab."

"You won't believe this, but I've got to go to Bank Street," she told him with a broad smile. "I couldn't get closer if I tried!"

They both turned to the cabbie to find a well-dressed woman was climbing into the cab. "Harrods please, driver!" she announced, and smiled smugly at the pair of them as they stood in the rain.

"Well of all the cheek!" Donna exploded. "Who does she think she is?"

"Someone far more important than us two, obviously," he observed. "Shall we go and console ourselves with a cup of coffee if we can't grab another taxi?"

She looked at her watch. "I'd love to but I can't chance getting back late. Oh look, there's another one!"

They both yelled out and the taxi cab stopped beside them. "After you," he said.

"Oh don't be daft! Get in," she insisted.

"Then let me pay for it," he replied. "I can't let a lovely lady like you take the brunt."

She blushed as they sat together on the back seat. "Thank you," she said meekly. "That's very kind of you."

"The pleasure is all mine," he told her sincerely, and was delighted to gain another blush from her. "Will your husband mind you sharing a cab with a complete stranger?" he asked her.

'Ooh! Fishing for information, I see,' Donna thought. "I haven't got a husband, or anyone else, before you ask," she answered boldly. "Not even a dog... not yet anyway."

"What a shame!" he responded, knowing Donna had loved dogs. "What type of dog would you choose if you could?"

And they happily chatted about dog breeds until they reached their destination. He asked the driver to stop right outside the office she worked in before getting himself dropped off. Now this was fun! Obviously he needed a Donna Noble in his life to give it some lightness. He resolved to 'accidently' meet her again if he couldn't get a liaison with permission. There was one problem: they hadn't exchanged information about their names, so officially he didn't know what she was called. All he knew was where she worked. Bugger! How could he do this without looking like a stalker? This would need some creativity on his part.

Donna sat down at her desk glowing with self-satisfaction. Who would have guessed she had met such a delightful gentleman? She decided she'd love to meet up with him again; and that was when realisation hit her. She hadn't found out his name! Oh for Pete's sake! All she knew was roughly where he worked; somewhere by Canary Wharf. Now how could she find out more information? An idea hit her, and she started to Google stuff to find which café would be suitable to cruise in. Some accidents needed to be planned after all.

She got her chance sooner than she had anticipated. It was decided that Donna should go out with Angela to buy some stuff for Linda's leaving do, and they found themselves gasping for a cup of coffee, heavily laden with numerous bags. "You grab a table, Donna, and I'll get us some coffee," Angela offered.

Donna quickly scooted across to the only available table, right in the large window. She plonked herself down with a happy sigh. "We've not done bad; it's only taken us forty minutes," she told Angela as their coffees were placed on the table before them.

"Not bad? I think we've done brilliantly," Angela replied as she sat down. Taking a sip from her mug, she peered briefly out of the large glass window, and remarked, "He's quite tasty!"

"Who is?" Donna asked, swivelling in her seat to have a look. "Oh!" she exclaimed. "It's him!"

"What do you mean 'him'?" Angela asked; clearly puzzled.

"The bloke I shared the cab with the other day," Donna said slowly so that Angela could understand her better. "I was hoping to catch a glimpse of him at some point."

"That's handy, because he obviously remembers you too. He's on his way over here," Angela remarked, and sat back to enjoy the show that was playing out in front of her.

He'd seen Donna through the plain glass of the café as he walked passed it towards the station. It was wonderful to suddenly catch sight of her, and he found himself beaming happily as his body automatically guided him in through the café door to greet her.

A/N4: This started as a two-part story and gradually built until I had ten parts, two DVD extras, and two sequels. I hope you don't mind too much!