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Part 10


Donna was woken from her light sleep by Reggie whimpering softly by her side. "What's up, boy?" she asked, reaching out to pat his head.

Reggie nuzzled her hand, and tried to put his paw up on the bed. "Don't do that! You'll wake Gareth, and the poor love hasn't had much sleep in the last twenty four hours." She turned to check to see if Gareth was indeed awake, but he was dozing with abandon. He looked so sweet lying there, all gorgeous and adorable, snuggled up next to her back. There was a pain trying to make its mind up whether to shoot across her stomach or go the alternative route. Donna fidgeted restlessly, and tried to lean against Gareth, but his stuttered breaths made her change her mind and sit up instead.

"What is it, Reggie?" she asked with more annoyance. He was still pawing at the bed and giving her the puppy dog eyes, which was quite apt now she thought about it. "You are going straight back to Mum's in the morning, mister!"

Using a rolling motion, she tried to gain momentum to haul herself up off the bed. Flinging her legs over the edge, she had almost completed the motion when she felt something happen internally: it went POP!

It didn't, did it? Surely she had misjudge that? Denial was almost achieved, and then she noticed that her hand on the bed felt decidedly wet. Oh wizard! She flopped back down in disgust. "Gareth?" Donna called out softly, and turned in the bed to prod him. "Gareth! Gareth, wake up!"

"What? What?" He snuffled awake, and blearily peered at her in the semi-darkness. "Have you got indigestion again?" he asked, throwing back the covers to go and get her some home medication.

She caught hold of his shoulder to stop his progress. "No, it isn't that. I think my waters just broke."

"Why do you think that?" he queried, worried that they'd end up at the hospital with a false alarm.

"Because something went BOOM and the bed is wet," she testily replied. Why did blokes never believe what you say?

"Is it?" He immediately wedged a hand underneath her and frantically sought out something before he drew back the hand in horror. "It's wet! Oh Donna! Does that mean this is it?"

She rolled off the bed with all the grace of a fairy elephant. "Might be," she hesitantly answered with a wan smile. "We can make use of your time sense for the contractions, if you want."

He knew she was humouring him, since he had reluctantly admitted he had only a rudimentary grasp of any Time Lord senses. "Thanks, love," he told her, reaching out to grasp her hand. "Is there anything you want me to do for you while you get ready for the hospital?"

"A cup of tea wouldn't go amiss after I've popped into the shower. The bed will need stripping; as will I," she sheepishly plucked at her nightdress, but readily accepted his kiss once he'd knee-walked across the bed to her. "And it'd be less embarrassing if you actually… you know… put some clothes on and don't turn up butt naked for the midwives to ogle."

"But I thought you liked this look!" he mockingly grouched, and made her giggle by adding a pout.

She lovingly caressed his head. "True! But why should I let them get a look too? It's bad enough Reggie does."

He playfully waggled a finger at her. "I'll tell you straight; that dog isn't impressed and doesn't give a monkey's!"

"That's because you bribe him to look the other way," she countered.

"I do not! Now if we're talking about when it's you and me naked together that's a whole different matter!" He couldn't help giving her a saucy grin.

"Are you going to put that kettle on or not?" she tried to complain, pretending not to be entertained by his antics.

"I could always come in and wash your back," he offered, pulling her body close to his. "I shouldn't risk you getting into that shower all on your own."

"Anyone would think you haven't been allowed to do your bit lately, encouraging this baby to make an appearance." In fact he had been helping her enormously by providing plenty of sexual encouragement.

"I think we're entitled to a swansong; or at least a reward for doing my job properly," he enticed her with his hot breath against her skin.

When he took her lips the argument was won.

"There you go, Donna! A beautiful baby girl," the midwife announced as she held the precious package up for Donna to see. "What does dad think? Isn't she lovely?"

"I erm... yeah... I mean, yes, she's gorgeous!" Gareth stammered as he released Donna's hand and inched forward to take a closer look. As he did so the baby opened her eyes as though she was staring right at him, and he felt his heart melt at the sight. His daughter; she was his daughter in the eyes of the world, and he loved the thought! He welled up as he gazed upon his daughter nestling on Donna. "She's even got ginger hair! Oh my! That's wonderful! She's beautiful!"

"You daftie," Donna softly said to him. She'd already guessed he would react in this way; but it was still lovely to see. "Hello little one. Sorry about the ginger hair, but we'll deal with that if Daddy doesn't beat up anyone who takes the mick," she crooned to the baby, stroking a finger tenderly over her tiny hand. "Now all I have to do is decide what name to give you."

"I thought you'd already decided that one!" Gareth exclaimed in puzzlement. "What's changed your mind?"

"Look at her face; she isn't an Ella…," Donna argued, "…though I don't know what she is…"

"Never mind, Donna. You've got six weeks to think of something," the midwife sympathised as she scurried about cleaning and clearing things away.

Gareth risked joking, "Shame she's not a boy, as we had definite names for that!" He placed an apologetic kiss on Donna's head when she gave him the inevitable answering glare. "I didn't mean it, love; you know I didn't. How could I not adore her already?"

"Idiot!" she playfully scolded him, and then treated herself to lovingly gazing at her daughter as they bonded.

The midwife bustled up to Donna to take one last peek at the baby. "I think she looks more like you than her mum," she said to Gareth; and he could not have felt more proud in that moment if he had tried! The midwife knowingly patted his arm and left them to enjoy some peace together as a family before being released to the outside world.

Gareth sighed deeply. "Let me get this right before you tell me off again; we've decided on Adele Niamh Noble… right?"

Donna sat there thinking very carefully for a few seconds until she made her mind up. "Yes, that's it! Final! So I'll get down to the Registrars' office in the morning and make it official. Won't I, darling?" She aimed the question at baby Adele as she lay freshly fed, changed and quietly sensing the world on Donna's lap by trying to grasp it to her mouth.

"You'll have to give them full details about her," Gareth warned, fondly smiling at them.

Donna frowned at him. "What's the problem with doing that? Everybody has to give full details, you numpty! You don't exist until you do, or get an NHS card." She cooed at Adele for a bit. "Then we can get you signed up with Dr Cooper, just like Mummy!"

Gareth gave a cough to grab her attention. "You have to state who the father is." He paused for six seconds for the information to sink in. "What name are you going to put on the full birth certificate?" he asked, trying not to sound too hopeful.

"I've got to be totally honest and put 'father unknown'," she replied.

"But you can't put that! It sounds like you had a drunken one night stand," he protested.

"Then what should I put, smarty-pants?" she snapped at him.

"I was thinking… perhaps… if you like… you could put me," he suggested hesitantly.

"But Gareth, you aren't the father," she futilely pointed out. "If I put anything I ought to have CRM1014, if you must know! And I can't put that. It sounds like I shagged R2-D2!"

He glared at her. "Look, I may not be the father but I am certainly going to be her dad… and… and what did you say?"

"When? Which bit?" she asked, clearly puzzled.

"That code number you spouted just then. What was it?" He looked at her apprehensively.

"Oh that! The sperm donor was CRM1014. I've got it on the paperwork upstairs at Mum's, if you want a look. That's all I know about him," she supplied. She got up then to lay Adele in her baby bouncer next to him, unaware of the life-changing fact she had just dropped into their conversation.

"No, that's alright. You've got a good head for numbers, so I'll trust you," he said faintly as a specific memory came to him; the memory of the day he had attended his full medical. The medical he'd had the day before Donna was impregnated by donor CRM1014; the very number the medical technician had written on all his samples. "Oh my God!" he muttered to the ever eager Reggie as Donna moved to busy herself folding up clean baby clothes and nappies as she knelt on the floor. He was a dad! He was a genuine bloody dad! Should he tell Donna? Was it even necessary? He decided he'd tell her the next time they made love, whenever the heck that was likely to happen again. His workmates had all told him he could forget about all that for weeks if not months; and he wanted to check what her exact memory was first before he revealed this. "Donna, please; I beg you. Please put my name on the birth certificate," he pleaded with her across the room.

"You do realise that if we break up the CSA will come and hunt you down for money," she warned him.

He tried to hide his smile as he remembered when original Donna had said to the Doctor about the CSA building a relationship from a turkey baster; though the fact was he wanted to smile with delight anyway. She wasn't rejecting the idea offhand. "I'm a dad now, Donna. I think I deserve to have my name on that certificate."

How could she resist such beaming enthusiasm? "Oh all right then, but don't say I didn't warn you," she chided him. The big dope! How could she be mad let alone stay mad when he was being so adorable?

Gareth reached over Reggie as he sprawled on the carpet, picked up baby Adele and kissed her dark ginger curls. "I'll never regret this," he said sincerely. "You've made my life complete."

Donna sat back on her haunches to gawp at him. "And how exactly have I done that, gadget boy?" she wondered.

"By providing me with a dog, a wife and daughter," he readily replied, still cuddling Adele to his cheek, enjoying the feel of her tiny ear against his skin.

"Hang on… how have I given you a wife?" Donna quizzed him.

"By saying 'yes'," he instantly answered. Holding Adele tightly to him with one hand, he fumbled in his pocket and drew out a small box. "They said they could easily change it if you don't like it but… will you, Donna? Will you be my wife? Will you marry me?"

The answering screech of delight could be heard at least to the end of the block if not all the way to the shops.

"About bloody time!" Sylvia would later comment.


The End... of the film

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