Warning: Contains new-mother related physical problems; and mild swear words.

Summary: This is a sequel to a Donna's Back-Up Plan which was set after JE. The Duplicate!Doctor and Alt!Donna are very new parents, and recently engaged.

Disclaimer: All I own are my daydreams. I certainly don't own The Back-Up Plan movie, or any of these characters.

A/N: Sorry! This story refused to leave my imagination.

Parenthood and Plans


Donna lay drained on the settee; her body no longer felt as though it belonged to her anymore. Gareth sat himself down by her and softly swept tendrils of hair from her face. "How are you feeling, love? I've drawn you a salt bath."

"Thanks," Donna replied feebly. "Nobody warned me I could feel this rotten."

He kissed her forehead. "It must be rough. Come on before the water gets too cold and Adele wakes up."

She looked at her watch. "I've got another hour and half before she does, if she follows the usual timetable. She's like a flipping alarm clock; always dead on the dot."

Gareth chuckled in sympathy and tugged gently on her arm in encouragement. "Let's make the most of her being asleep then." He led her into the bathroom and immediately began to help her undress. Unusually for Donna she let him treat her like a small child, and didn't even complain when he assisted her into the bath.

"Ooh, that's good!" she declared as she sat down in the warm salt water. "I'm already feeling less pain."

"What about your breasts?" he asked with concern when he noticed the prominent red patch on one of them.

"Still aches," she admitted, rubbing the offending area.

"We'll call the doctor's if that doesn't go by the morning," he told her. "But for now I'll do my bit to help you avoid mastitis."

"How are you going to do that?" she asked as he began to strip.

He climbed into the bath and sat right behind her. "By massaging you," he informed her. "Tell me if this helps." He picked up a bath sponge and doused her body whilst gently massaging her aching flesh. "Any good?" he asked, placing a kiss on her neck as he watched his hands upon her body.

"Yes. That helps a lot," Donna answered, enjoying his administrations. "Oh bugger!" she cried out as her milk freely flowed. "I'm like a bloody fountain!"

"Shhh! Don't worry about it," he soothed her, cuddling her close. "And this is rather pleasant."

"I kind of gathered that," she smirked as she felt the evidence prodding her in the back.

"You don't seem to be minding either," he retorted as he smoothed more liquid soap and warm water over her breasts.

She turned in his embrace and let him kiss her properly, hungrily mouthing each other before the kiss became more loving. "What did I do to deserve you?" she wondered when they broke apart.

"Simple!" he smiled back at her. "You gave me everything." He caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. "Let's get you dried and dressed before madam wakes and takes you away from me again."

"You don't mind I'm feeding her, do you?" she asked slightly anxiously.

Gareth shook his head. "And deprive my daughter of the best start in life she can have? Nah! I'll support you every step of the way."

They shared another brief kiss before stepping out of the bath.

Donna was sitting propped up in an armchair feeding Adele when Gareth handed her a fresh cup of tea. "What is it?" she suddenly asked him as he stood before her. "I get the impression you've got something to tell me."

He fidgeted nervously. "Well, I have, actually. I was going to wait until later, but… it's too important to wait."

"Okay," she drew out the two syllables. "You've got me worried now. I didn't think there was anything else to know."

"Nor did I," he admitted, and sat down on the floor at her feet. "Donna, can I check your memory of when you were inseminated? It's not that I don't believe you, but I need to make doubly sure before I say anything."

She frowned at him. "Do you suspect foul play or something?" she queried.

"No! Well, when I say 'no' I actually mean 'yes', but that isn't the point here," he babbled anxiously. "It's to do with that number code you were given."

She gasped. "Do you know who it might be?"

He nodded, not wanting to give away more than that. "I knew that Neville was being dodgy!" she exclaimed. "Go on then… get it over and done with. Do your Spock mind meld." She shut her eyes, waiting for him to reach out and touch her mind.

Gareth smiled with relief; she was doing this much more willingly than he had anticipated. Reaching up, he placed his fingertips gently on her temple, and closed his eyes in concentration.

He clean forgotten Adele was attached to Donna, and he instantly was aware of her tiny mind oozing out her enjoyment and contentment as she lay in Donna's arms. The sensation almost distracted him away from what he was looking for, but he pushed on with determination to find the memory Donna had conveniently brought to the fore for him. He saw exactly the same medical technician who had dealt with his full medical; the sample bottle he extracted fluid from before writing down the code on a sheet of paper. The code was CRM1014. It was as clear as day. Gareth couldn't stop the whoop of joy that raged through his mind and into Donna's.

Buzzing with excitement, he released her from his grasp and beamed with sheer delight at her. "Not only do I now know for certain but I can present him personally to you!"

She gawped back at him; stunned. "That was you? It came from you? You're Adele's father?"

He gripped her knees in his excitement. "I didn't donate sperm intentionally; but yes! Yes I am! Isn't that brilliant? Neville shall never know the terrific favour he did me."

"But he shouldn't have stolen it," she commented in her shock. "Linda told me he had found the ideal donor."

"And he did! Oh Donna! Don't you see? It was destined, we were meant to be!" Gareth enthused.

"But I don't believe in destiny," she protested weakly.

"Then why have I ended up fathering your child out of all the millions of possible men in this world? You match the woman of my dreams! Can't you see that? I was programmed to stay with one woman when I was created to be with another. I was made to be with you, Donna Noble; I was completely custom made," he argued.

She shook her head at him. "That was a sheer fluke," she insisted.

"You said it yourself: why wasn't I in love with Rose? I should have been, but I'm not. Instead I'm yours," he told her. He bent low and kissed Adele's head as she continued to feed. "And both of you are mine."

Donna felt tears well up in her eyes. "You daft sod," she softly chided him. "You'll have me believing you in a minute. And then what as your encore? You going to get me to believe in fairies?"

"If I have to," he answered with a smirk. "I'll be Peter Pan if you'll be my Wendy."

"As long as you don't expect me to be Tinkerbelle we'll be fine," she replied. "I can't get over the fact you're her real dad; I really can't! It's like a miracle," she stated, gazing down at Adele in wonder.

Gareth felt that way every day he spent with them both. "It is a miracle," he insisted, and hastily brushed away his tears of joy. He didn't want to look a wuss after all; he had to be big and strong for his daughter. He just knew she was going to be beautiful.