All things Twilight belong to the ridiculously talented Stephenie Meyer. A Father's Hope belongs to me.

Just a bit of background on this particular fic; some of the events in this story are loosely based on a real life situation that happened to a member of my extended family. Sadly enough these events happen more often than we realize. On that note, I want to mention this story is about a child who is taken away from her father to a foreign country where the father has NO power to bring her back. The only angst you will see in this one is a father fighting for his child.

A Father's Hope


"Your Honor, Ms. Denali is in contempt of her custody agreement with Mr. Cullen. It clearly states that Ms. Denali has custody of the child during the school year. Two and a half months during the summer and every other holiday she is to be in Mr. Cullen's custody. The order also states that if the child is to be removed from the country, Ms. Denali needs to have written consent from Mr. Cullen. Ms. Denali only had Mr. Cullen's consent to take his daughter out of the country for approximately four weeks. She has been there for approximately ten MONTHS your Honor."

The judge turned to look at the Defense Attorney.

"Mr. White, does your client dispute this fact?"

"Your Honor, my client simply took her daughter to her home country. She hadn't been home to visit in several years. Mr. and Mrs. Hassan, Ms. Denali's parents deserve to see their granddaughter. They deserve to get to know her. Ms. Denali is a student, and has been attending classes to become a flight attendant and then she hopes to attend school to become an airline pilot. These classes are costly, and the flight from Bahrain to the United States is very expensive. Ms. Denali simply can't afford to do both, and it's imperative that the child remain with her mother as it's the best place for her."

I could feel the anger rising in my chest; mixed with the ache of not seeing my daughter for ten long months it was more than I could bear. Irina had given me so many excuses as to why she couldn't bring my daughter home, and all of them were empty. Merely lies that slipped so easily from her mouth. Chloe was the one Irina was really hurting. Each time I talked to my little girl she begged to come home to me; my hands were tied, I had to leave it up to the judicial system, and I hoped with everything I had that they did the right thing.

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