Harry, did you know that you're going to marry Arthur Weasley's daughter?
Harry, did you know that your baby boy will be named Albus Potter?
Did you know that he'll go to Hogwarts with his big bro, James?
And everyone will comment about their dead-guy names?

Harry, did you know that your elder son will have a wit that's witherin'?
Harry, did you know that your second-born will fear he might be Slytherin?
Did you know little Lily's gonna want to ride the train?
She'll wait 'til she gets older to see King's Cross again.

The epilogue was meant to show that love wins in the end.
But ships got sunk. Some fans went nuts and could not comprehend.

Harry, did you know Ron will worry he's the victim of a foul ploy?
Harry, did you know he will fear his baby girl might fall for Malfoy?
Did you know Neville's gonna be close by to see them through?
And they still can visit Hagrid; he's at Hogwarts, too.