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Chapter 1

I woke up early, before everyone else trying to get some peace and quiet before sunrise. I usually do this in the morning because being a newsie is not such a peaceful life, but it's my life and I wouldn't change it for anything. I started off by showering and prettying up myself for the day. I brushed out my long dark hair until there were no more knots. I walked over to the window and watched the sunrise. I love this city although it holds many painful memories of my childhood, it is my home. I then soaked up the last moments of peace before everyone was awake.

I snapped out of my trance and realized that everyone was waking up. Everything gets loud once the newsies are up.

"Good morning dollface." Racetrack said to me rubbing his eyes. "How'd you sleep? I didn't wake up if you did." Race had the bunk next mine.

Racetrack has always been such a sweet guy to me. He's my best guy friend; he sticks up for me and can always make me laugh. I also trust him with my deepest darkest secrets, which is something that is very hard for me to do, trust. I love him like a brother.

"No I was fine, I didn't wake up. " I said looking down at the wooden floor. I sucked at lying, I had woken up but I hate waking Race up at night.

I have these horrible reoccurring nightmares cause me to scream at the top of my lungs at night. Sometimes I don't stop screaming until someone wakes me up, those are the worst. Sometimes they just wake me up and I'll be covered in a cold sweat though. I had a pretty rough childhood so the nightmares are always just old memories from way back when. They happen every once in a while, but they always scare the crap out of me. Racetrack has been really helpful; he lets me sleep with him in his bed when they happen.

"Riley, don't lie to me." I suck at lying; he could see it on my face.

"Fine. I woke up but I fell back asleep pretty fast." That wasn't a lie. I just didn't want to wake him up all the time.

He gave me a look and shook his head in disappointment. "Riley I've told you this before; wake me up whenever they happen ok?" He raised his eyebrows and waited for my answer.

"Ok Race, I will." I said slowly. He came over and gave me a hug. I knew we didn't have much longer to get ready. "Now go get ready or Jack'll skin ya." I said with a smile. He just laughed as he walked away.

I was standing in line to get newspapers with Rachel, the only other girl newsie from Manhattan. Rachel has a very strong personality and reputation. She's 17 like me, tough and smart and always seems to get her way. It does help that she's very pretty, with olive- toned skin, medium length red/brown hair and hazel eyes. She's about 5'5", and carries herself in a confident manner. She's single and loves being single.

I on the other hand have the typical Irish ivory skin, light blue eyes and long curly dark brown hair. I'm petite but still womanly with an hourglass frame. I've been told that I was beautiful but I'd much rather be a tall leggy blonde. I'm not shy but not quite as out-going as Rachel; I like to party, play poker and hang out with my fellow newsies. I do like to read though, once I became fluent in English (I grew up speaking Gaeilge), I got my hands on every book I could find. I've never had any formal schooling but I try to keep myself educated, I don't like being a street-rat. I love most every one of the Manhattan newsies but, my very best friends in the house are Rachel and Racetrack.

"So whatta think of the new kid, I think his name is Mike" Rachel said eyeing one of the new newsies who had just started staying in Manhattan. He was cute with blonde hair and green eyes.

"He's alright but I don't date Manhattan newsies." I said with a coy smile.

Rachel burst into laughter. "Yeah well what about Ben? And that one latin kid? What, do they just not count?" She said in between laughs. Oh, she was asking for it.

"Yeah well you ain't no Mary either! What about you-know-who, I bet that counts!" I said catching her off guard. Her jaw immediately dropped. Rachel had a spent a drunken night with Skittery once but it was just a one night thing.

"Riley shut up!" She said yelling/whispering to me. She was turning bright red with embarrassment.

"Ehm!" We suddenly looked up to see Weasel looking at us holding up the line. Weasel was like always accompanied by his nephews Oscar and Morris. I like to refer to them as 'The Village Idiots'.

"Sorry Weseal, didn't mean to upset you." Rachel said tauntingly. He hated when we called him that.

"I swear you kids are so obnoxious, if I could I'd leave you all rotting in the sewers." He was obviously annoyed, which was exactly what we were going for.

We walked away after we finally got our papers, and I went and sat on a crate reading over the headlines.

"So beautiful, have you made up your mind about Saturday night?" I heard and unfortunately familiar voice.

I took a deep breath and finally ripped my eyes off the newspaper in front of me to give him a subtle glare.

"Oscar, for the last fucking time, no." I said holding no interest in my voice. I started to get up to walk away. Suddenly he grabbed me by the arm, and pushed me against the brick wall beside me. I simply rolled my eyes. I was definitely not afraid of this idiot.

"I'll tell my uncle about the money you owe us Riley. I believe it was $1.15?" He said staring into my eyes with a mocking smile.

I tried yanking my arm out of his hard grip. "First Oscar, don't touch me. And second don't you dare threaten me. I ain't afraid of a little prick like you. You barely have enough brain cells to remember your own name. And don't think you can guilt me into a date with you. You don't want to mess with me." I said with a hard glare.

"Oh I think I do wanna mess with you honey. I know we could have some fun together." He started closing in on my face but I held my glare.

I heard someone walking over on the cobblestone alley ground. "Oscar, kindly get your hands off of Riley before I have to break your face." Jack said calmly. I looked over to see him standing a few feet from us, looking slightly bored.

Jack Kelly was the leader of the Manhattan newsies. We have very brother/sister type relationship; he was the one who brought me to the lodging house when I was just 11 years old. Jack is extremely over-protective of me, which tends to get on my nerves and we occasionally fight but I know it's just because he cares about me. At times like this I was always glad he was around. We've always been asked if we were a couple, but things were never like that and we're happy the way things are.

Oscar looked over, dumbfounded. "We was just talkin', right Riley?" He looked at me with that stupid smile.

"Oh please." I said yanking my arm out of his grasp and walking over to Jack smiling to myself, pleased.

Jack put his arm around me. "So Oscar, what have we learned today?" Jack asked, talking to him like he was 5. All Oscar could do was to turn beet red and look mad. "Let me help you out. The answer is to never ever touch Riley again that is, if you are planning on wanting all of your limbs." Jack said and walked away with me. Thank God for Jack.

We started walking out towards the crowd of newsies shouting out the headlines, looking for someone to buy a penny a pape.

"Fire Wrecks Havoc in Staten Island, Houses Destroyed!" Rachel was yelling at the top of her lungs. With girl newsies you either have it or you don't. It was usually easier to sell newspapers being a girl; most of our sales are made by men. You must appeal to your customers such as sympathize with the mother taking care of her five children, flirt with any male human being, and lastly out-sell any other newsies competing for your spot.

After hours of selling I finished up, counted up my pay and joined the newsies at Tibby's for lunch.

"Hey guys." I said walking into the restaurant, smelling all the delicious foods frying in the kitchen.

"Hey Ry, how goes it?" Race asked with a mouthful of sandwich.

"So I'm guessing everyone did well?" I said laughing and looking around at the faces of the newsies with their faces stuffed of food. They all nodded and continued eating.

I went up to the counter to order my daily coffee.

"Hey Frank, one coffee please?" I said smiling at Frank, he was a nice older guy, a proud father of 12. Those Italian families are crazy.

"Sure sweetheart," Frank said while pouring my drink. "Here you go Riley." I smiled and walked over to our table and sat next to Racetrack and Mush who were listening to some story Jack was telling from across the table.

"And then, her dress flew right up in the air!" They all started cracking up and high fiving each other. I rolled my eyes at them. I don't think I will ever understand men. I looked around and didn't see Rachel.

"Hey Race, you seen Rachel?" I asked him as he swallowed another bite of sandwich. He looked up towards the window next to us.

"Um Riley she's right there." He said laughing and pointing over at Rachel outside talking to the new kid. She was laughing and touching his arm. I looked over at Racetrack and smiled. "Wow Jack is going to kill her."

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