This is an edited chapter of the story, which I am planning on finally bringing to a conclusion.

"Heard the boss called in the BAU." Erin Michals, an officer at the police station said to a fellow officer..

"What? We've got this." Jared Miller said with a strong hint of dissaproval.

"Four girls are dead, Miller. Two are missing. We've got no leads, we don't 'got' this." Erin said. "Besides, I heard they are great. They have a bit more in the way of recourses. It'll help this go faster."

"And we'll waste time bringing them up to speed. Those kids could die."

"They could die anyway. The BAU does this kind of thing for a living. They're our best shot."

"Whatever." Jared answered before getting back to work.


Jared observed the members of the BAU as they worked to solve the case. Agent Hotchner, or Hotch, seemed to be in charge, with his cool commanding voice and strong presence. Rossi, seemed to be second, Hotch would often fall back to Rossi's ideas when his own didn't get results. They worked together with the air of two men who had been working together for a long time. Morgan was physically imposing, seeming to fill the room with his strength. JJ and Emily were gorgeous, but they seemed quick, coming up with ideas and helping solve the case.

If not for the youngest member the team would be okay. They didn't even introduce him as an agent; it was Dr. Jared couldn't quite see how he added to the case, he was defiantly lacking in the physical department. He seemed to have a full head of facts, but Jared couldn't quite connect the things he was saying with the case at all.


Somehow, Jared had been stuck in the precinct with the kid, as he drew all over a map they had given him. Jared watched as he mumbled something incoherent as he pulled out a red marker, his eyes moving quickly.

"What even is all this crap?" Jared demanded in frustration. Two girls were missing and the genius was coloring. He absolutely hated feeling useless, when he knew that his inaction and inability to solve the case could lead to pain and suffering on the part of those two young girls, whose faces haunted his mind.

"It…." The young kid said, his eyes large as he registered the tone. "It's a part of the profile." He said carefully.

"Right." Jared said, anger in his tone, before walking away.


"You have no idea." An angry voice sounded, near the young officer.

"Excuse me?" Jared demanded.

"SSA Reid is a full member of the FBI. On top of the he has earned a spot on one of the most elite teams they have to offer. He is not here by accident. He is here because he fought hand tooth and nail to be where he is. You are allowed opinion, misguided as they might be, but you do not have the right to air those opinions and distract him while he is working on an important part of the case, I will not tolerate it." Morgan said, suddenly very close. "Are we clear?" Morgan asked in a low dangerous voice.

Without waiting for an answer he turned his whole body in tight angry lines.

"Dr. Reid. Agent Hotchner wanted me to check in to see if you have come up with the geographical profile?" he said, no hint of their confrontation in his tone as he spoke to the younger man.


"Reid, you take an officer and go around back. We'll take the front." Rossi ordered, "Surveillance only."

Reid nodded, pulling out his gun, his face a mask of concentration.

"The others will be arriving soon." He finished, drawing his own weapon as he exited the vehicle.

Jared followed the agent around back, frustrated with his luck. At least it was just surveillance, he thought to himself as he looked around the dingy ally, noting the locations of various objects to include in his report later.

It was a quiet night, the silence broken only by a dog barking a few blocks away. Jared let the agent take the lead, content to follow behind. He was caught off guard when a door behind him opened. Before Jared had time to react he heard shots fired off in rapid succession. He allowed his instincts to take over and dropped as another shot was fired.

Jared finished drawing his weapon, before looking to the suspect. He was lying on his back; the officer quickly rushed over to verify that the suspect was not a danger anymore. The grubby looking mas was bleeding from a wound in the hand that had been clutching the gun and swearing. Jared kicked his gun away and stood over him, gun aimed at his heart.

He was surprised when he felt a rush of air as someone sprinted down the alley and he heard the impact of two bodies. Without taking his eyes from the suspect he watched from the corner of his eye to see that Agent Morgan had been the blur, as he had rushed to tackle another suspect as the man had moved to watched as two more members of the FBI, Agents, Prentiss and Jearuo. By the time they arrived at the fight, guns drawn, Morgan had knocked the man out cold, leaving his teammates to watch the unconscious suspect while he rushed to Reid's side.

"Officer down, I need an ambulance." Morgan barked harshly into his earpiece. It was only then that Jared noticed that Reid was also on the ground.

Emily left Rossi watching the unconscious man to go speak with Morgan. Jared missed the conversation as it was in low tones. Emily nodded before drawing her weapon and walking over to Jared.

"I'll watch him if you would go show the ambulance were to go." Emily said.


Jared was just finishing telling the officers the story of the shooting when he felt an ominous presence behind him.

"I need to have a word with you." Morgan said, his voice low and dangerous.

"Excuse me?" Jared demanded.

"You made serious mistake, rookie mistakes. Tonight Agent Reid was injured and if actions had been different it might not have happened. Your personal feeling cannot come into play out in the field. Reid has seen more action than you; you should trust him and his superiors who put him in that position. I have talked with your chief, there will be repercussions for what happened in that ally. You can be better than you were tonight. You will be better in the future, are we clear?" He asked, his voice low and filled with fury.

He was aware of a door opening. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Agent Hotchner and his captain come through the door. Jared felt a rush of relief, surely the two men would come to his aid from the angry man.

"You made an oath to protect. You fumbled your weapon in the alley, you failed to be observant, you failed to even glance at your partners way to check on his condition, and you failed to even look for another unsub. This will never be repeated you will work to be better prepared in the future." He held him there, their eyes locked, for what felt like an eternity.

Finally Jared was aware of a hand settling on Morgan's shoulder.

"Enough." Hotch said in a quiet voice.

Morgan stepped back, letting his hands fall to his side.

"Thanks." Jared said to the older man, meeting his eyes.

He wished he hadn't. Hotch's cold stare bore into him, anger just as deadly as Morgan's. Both men turned silently and made their way out of the precinct.