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AU Series 5 onwards.


The TARDIS hurled through the sky, the Doctor patting his legs.

"Legs, I've got still got legs!"

This was a wonderful revelation, considering he'd been infected with radiation, hence the regeneration. He had more pertinent matters to think of now. TARDIS. On fire. About to crash. Console in bits and pieces. Oh yes, this is exactly what a regeneration was supposed to go like. Whatever happened to regenerating with class? He scowled and pushed the thought of his previous regeneration (the one during which he had great company) out of his mind.

He scrambled to try and control the TARDIS, keeping it from hitting a building, or worse, a person.

The TARDIS crashed onto a bit of earth, the Doctor yelling. He slid through the corridors, landing in the swimming pool. He coughed, trying to get out. Huh. The TARDIS was on it's side. Lovely.

He crawled all the way to the singed doors, poking his head out. He was startled to find a little boy with large, round blue eyes staring at him.

Rory Williams was seven years old. He lived in a large house in Leadworth with his mum and dad. He liked action figures, reading, and watching the telly. He didn't have very many friends (any friends, really) because he wasn't quite sure how to talk to them. Always awkward, Rory found it easier to talk to grown-ups about books and life. Sometimes he stared up at the stars and wondered what was out there. He read once about different universes, and liked to think that there was something bigger out there than Leadworth, the earth, and the sun. The stars and the moon were just the beginning. He wanted to see it all.

His mum promptly took the book, telling him not to fill his mind with silly little stories. His dad asked if he'd rather toss the ball around in the yard.

Rory declined. Instead, he stared out his window, waiting. He didn't know what he was waiting for. A friend, maybe. That would be nice, to have a friend.

Suddenly the stars seemed to grow larger and one appeared to be on fire. As it came closer, Rory began to think that it was not a star. He clambered out of bed and slipped on his slippers. He opened the door, hearing the telly come from his parents' room. He closed his door behind him, creeping into the hallway and out of the house.

He was right. It wasn't a star. It was a large, blue box that had been destroyed. And there was a man inside. Rory stared at him in confusion.

"Oh, hello!" the strange man greeted. His floppy hair was messy and Rory thought he could use a bath.

"Hello," Rory replied slowly.

The Doctor stared back at the little boy. Large blue eyes, sandy brown hair. He smiled lightly.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"Leadworth. Who are you?"

"I'm the Doctor!" the Doctor said, getting out of the box with some difficulty.

Rory stepped back, slightly scared.

"What year is it?"

"1996," the little boy's eyes narrowed, as if he couldn't believe a grown man had no idea of the year.

"Right," the Doctor said, "what's your name?" he crouched down to be at eye-level with the little boy.

"You fell out of the sky. How?" the child ignored the Doctor's question.

"That box, is a time machine. I travel the stars," he said, not quite minding the inquisition.

"My mum says that's not possible. It's just stories, traveling through time and to different planets," Rory looked down. He dared not hope that what he'd read about was real. He didn't want to be crushed.

"But it is real," the Doctor insisted, his green eyes meeting the innocent blue. His eyes used to be blue, he recalled. Now he didn't even know what colour his eyes were.

Rory looked up, smiling a little, "I'm Rory."

The strange man wasn't scary. Just weird.

"Well then, Rory from Leadworth, what are you doing out so late?"

"I was looking at the stars and saw something falling. I thought it was a shooting star."

The Doctor smiled, standing to his full height. He patted Rory on the head. He felt slightly woozy. All his energy had been drained during the regeneration process. His legs wobbled, and Rory noticed.

"Are you alright?" the man did just crash into his yard.

"Fine. Nothing to bad. I'll just fix the TARDIS and be on my way," the Doctor waved it off.

He noticed Rory's questioning stare.

"TARDIS. Stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. That's her," he pointed to the blue box.

"Her?" Rory's brow quirked.

"Yes," the Doctor nodded. He took his sonic, his damaged sonic, out and walked over to the TARDIS to repair her.

"Wait!" Rory yelled.

"What?" the Doctor turned.

"Before you leave, just wait."

Rory ran back to his house as fast as his short legs could take him. He opened the door quietly, sneaking into the kitchen. He took his lunchbox, with his already made lunch (courtesy of his mum) and took it outside.

The Doctor watched as the child ran back towards him, tin lunchbox in hand. It had some comic character on it. He handed it to the Doctor, who took it gently.

He opened it. Inside was a sandwich with the crust cut off, a box of apple juice, chocolate pudding...and a banana.

The Doctor beamed, smiling brightly. He closed it and put it aside.

"Thank you," he said.

Rory shrugged, looking down, "I figured if you're going back to the sky, you're gonna get hungry."

The Doctor's eyes watered and he wanted to hug the little boy, but that would just scare him. Stranger danger, and all.

"Y'know, Rory, I don't always travel alone. Sometimes I take friends."

Rory stared up at the Doctor shyly.

"Can I come one day? Am I a friend?"

"Of course you're a friend. I'll come back for you one day," the Doctor grinned at the little boy's expression.

Rory yawned, the excitement of making a friend tiring him.

"It's best you go home and sleep now," the Doctor said quietly, patting him on the shoulder.

"Alright. Goodbye, Doctor," he smiled a bit before going back towards his house.

"Bye, Rory," the Doctor called after him, "until next time!"

Rory turned around, grinning, and gave him a thumbs up.

Once he disappeared into the house, the Doctor set about fixing the TARDIS.

He hoped that Rory from Leadworth wouldn't forget about him, dismissing their meeting as a dream. The Doctor could tell he'd make a fine companion one day.

Once the TARDIS was fixed, he took the lunchbox and went inside the blue box, disappearing into the dawn. He'd be back soon.

Rory couldn't sleep even though he was tired. He had a friend. A friend who traveled in a blue box and who had strange hair. He smiled as he settled himself onto his bed comfortably.

He'd travel to different planets and prove his mum wrong. He couldn't wait to tell her in the morning about his new friend. When he grew up, he wanted to be just like him. A nice man having adventures.

That was when Rory Williams decided he'd become a doctor when he was older.

Erm, yep. That's it for now. I hope that it isn't too strange, reading about Rory in Amy's place. I just feel like Rory would've been a better main companion. Yay for the Doctor and Rory being BFFs.