Fanfiction – Never Too Late

Swan Queen/Remma

In fairy tales the good always wins and the bad always loses. But in real life people are a pretty mess of the two sides, so it's never too late to get your own happy end.

Note: hey this is my second one OUAT fanfic! There are some mistakes yet, but this time I think I got a great idea to a story, so this will be a bigger fic, not too much, but bigger than the last one. I hope you guys like it and tell me what do you think about it. Any critics? please tell me about it so i can make my writer better. Enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

A/N: I got a beta to this fic, yeah! Thanks to Miriane Graciano for it! :D

They were happy. She knew it, she saw it.

Emma woke up in a Sunday morning with the sunrises on her face. She sat on the bed and looked right beside her, it was empty. She looked up and saw a cup of coffee on the desk next to the window. She went there, and when looked down through the cleaned glass, she saw something that made her smile. Regina was there playing with Henry, running around the apple trees right after him. She could see a happy smile on Regina's face. She could see that Henry was happily playing with his mom, well at least one of them. Emma put her robe and went down the stairs, meeting an excited Regina in the hall.

"Good morning dear." She said, kissing the blonde.

"Morning, lady. I didn't think you would get up so early on a Sunday." She answered when Henry came running to her, hugging her.

"This little boy wanted to enjoy the sun. Anyway, weekends are the only days when he can have a full time with me." She smiled playing with his hair.

"Yeah, that is true. Mom, can we invite Mary Margaret to get some ice-cream with us?" he hopefully looked at Emma.

"Just ask your mother. She will decide what's better for you." She laughed and kept talking "This is for the old times…"

"Old times, huh?" Regina raised an eyebrow with an ironic look. "Fine, she can go with us." Henry hugged her tight and ran up stairs to his room.

They both looked at their kid disappear up stairs. They both shared a look of pure happiness. They both were in love with each other.

Emma woke up scared. She tried to figure out where she was. It was Mary Margaret's house. Everything was a dream, but she was terrified with the meaning of it. Anyway, dreams are only dreams, right? There's no way it would happen. She got up in the middle of night, so she went to the kitchen. She took a cup of milk and went back to the room, but she couldn't go back to sleep now that she was very concerned about it. Her dream was so vivid, she could feel it. Anyway, that was just a dream.

The Cafeteria was almost empty, if it wasn't for a few people. She asked for coffee. While she was there, Henry came up running to her.

"Hey, I need to talk to you!" he was all excited standing in front of her.

"Hi! What's so important?" Emma looked at him and couldn't help thinking about her dream.

"Dr Hooper. He's starting to remember! David remembered, and now Dr Hooper!"

"Wait, kid, what is he starting to remember?" she was still confused.

"The curse, his life before the curse. Everything is changing!" he smiled in the end of the statement.

"Oh! That's good. Maybe things are really changing. Did you know if anyone is remembering too?" she asked in a low voice, in this way only him could listen to her.

"I don't know, maybe sheriff Graham…" he wondered.

"Well, I'll try to see if I find out something." She smiled, shaking his hand. "Now, go back to school."

"Thanks!" he went out of the place all happy.

She was alone, drinking her coffee and thinking that maybe all that would be just a huge joke. How could exist a curse so weird and evil like that? And how could that little boy know about it? There were so many things he didn't know about life, about people… He lived in that bubble of perfect life and knew nothing about real life, where your only pleasure is try to be safe at the end of the day.

"That's a good thing." She heard a voice next to her.

When she turned to her left, there was Mr. Gold on the bar, taking some hot chocolate. He looked at the door, where Henry had been just a few seconds ago, and then back to the blonde.

"You're feeding his fantasy. It's good to keep the magic on for the kids." He always looked enigmatic at her.

"Oh yeah, that's true. I really like that boy, but sometimes it's hard to believe in something…" she was trying to find the right words to say, but didn't need to, Mr. Gold completed for her.

"Crazy. You're right. But sometimes, the craziest thing is the most truthful." He smiled and she remembered her dream. He was kind of magic, a wizard, or something? No, he could not know about her thoughts. "Did you know, Miss Swan that dreams are just memories of past lives, and sometimes of futures ones?"

Now she was really scared. Her mouth opened a couple of times and she didn't say a word. He just smiled, and left the place. Definitely he knew something, what if he was involved with the curse? Of course he was. She just didn't know how or why, but she needed to know. She drank the rest of her coffee and left there too.

Emma was walking down the street with a thought on her mind: she needed to know what was really happening. Two people actually knew something: Mr. Gold and Regina. She wasn't that crazy to try to invade his store, so there was only one alternative: Regina's office. Deep inside she knew that that was a just kind of an excuse to provoke the woman.

She crossed the street and walked two more blocks, and then she was right in front of Regina's house. She tried the doorknob, it was locked. She looked at the windows, they were all closed. Good, Regina wasn't at home. She had some skills that she had learned with her job, so she quickly opened the door with a hair clip. The house was quiet; anyway she tried to make no noises. She tried the doorknob of Regina's office; it was unlocked, awkward, but fine. She entered there looking for something important. Regina's desk was full of papers and there were a lot of books on the right.

Bills, communicates, parts of documents… She made a mess up there. She opened the first drawer, finding out some pieces of paper and handcuffs. She took them in her hands with a surprised look.

"Who would say that Madame Mayor liked some S&M things like handcuffs…" she had a smile on her face, a malicious one.

"What I like, Miss Swan?" she heard that low and dangerous voice very closer to her.

Emma jumped back with a frightened look on her face. Her mouth opened a couple of times while Regina's angry eyes looked threatening her. Now she was so screwed.