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Regina decided to make the dinner, since Emma didn't cook that much. Henry and Emma were sat in the living room. She was cooking pasta, because Henry loved it. She took a bottle of wine from the fridge, and putted it in two glasses. Then she approached from Emma, extending a glass to her.

"Thank you." She smiled sipping her wine.

Regina smiled back and sat next to Henry, in front of Emma. Henry was smiling while he was telling about his classes. It was good to see him actually doing something more than talking about that stupid book. Emma seemed to be excited too for what he was saying. She nodded her head a couple of times, always with a happy smile on her face.

"Okay, dinner is almost read. Go wash your hands, the both of you." The dark-haired smiled. She got up of the couch, and came back to the kitchen. Emma gave a look to Henry, and then they both went to wash their hands.

She took a spoon, and tried the past, it was good. She opened the cupboard and took three plates, putting them on the table. Noticing her glass was almost empty she took the wine bottle and filled her glass up. She turned off the stove, took the pot and putted it on the table too. Everything was already done. A final look into it, and she was convinced. She was a good chief, opposed to Emma, of course.

Suddenly she caught herself smiling. A silly thought that she had. She was acting like any ordinary housewife, cooking, taking care of a son, and of a husband. She didn't have one, but still Emma was there. Then Emma appeared in the kitchen being followed for Henry. She totally made her angry face.

"Why do you two take so long to wash hands?"

Henry didn't say anything, and just took his sit.

"Why do you always need to be so bossy?" Emma said before she could think twice.

The angry in Regina's eyes just grew up. Her lips twisted into a frown, and she gave a glance to Emma, clearly disapproving her last question. They both sat, one in front of each other. Emma served herself with paste, and filled up her glass with wine. Regina served Henry, and then herself. They started to eat quietly. Henry was happy because Emma was there, but still that situation was at least awkward. When he was alone with Emma, he could talk whatever he wants to, or do whatever pleased him, but when he was around Regina, he needed to watch his mouth, obey her, and usually behave himself.

"Mom…" Henry started, still unsure.

"What do you want to, Henry?" she said sipping her glass wine.

"I was thinking… I know you won't let me watch television for today anymore, but… Tonight at ten o'clock will pass a good show I wanted to watch."

"Henry, you know the rules." Regina answered, and kept eating.

He looked down to his plate, suddenly quiet.

"But Regina, he was sick today, it isn't better to him be at home tomorrow? Come on, it's just one day. I doubt it would be bad for him." Emma pointed out, looking straight into Regina's eyes.

The Mayor didn't answer for a while. She looked to her guest, and then to her son. Emma was right, even if she hated to admit it. She was pretty strict about rules, but she was melted a little after what happened to Henry just hours ago.

"Fine. You can stay up for a little, and we can watch this show you want so much. But then, you'll straight to be. Okay?" she had a serious face.

"Oh of course! Thank you, mom!" he smiled truly to her.

Regina felt a little happiness growing inside her chest, but she tried to not show it. When he was done with his dinner, Henry got up and went upstairs to wash his teeth, and be ready to bed. So then, he could go down and watch the TV. The mayor took the plates from the table and putted it on the sink. She gave a glance into the table, the bottle was empty.

"Wine?" she asked to Emma, lifting an eyebrow.

"Of course." Emma smiled.

She opened the fridge and took another wine bottle from there. She opened it and filled up the both glasses. She was looking at Emma. Something was right, but something was too wrong. And Emma shared the same opinion. She couldn't help thinking about how that night was changing things. She couldn't help of think about her dream. They were a family, and look where she was now, and doing what she was doing.

"Regina, I…" the blonde was ready to say something.

She got Regina's attention. Her eyes could see the mayor's heart beating fast, she was curious about what Emma had to say. For a minute, that silly minute when two people stare at each other, letting their feelings flow through them, when the tension is almost touchable… They stared one to each other. And then, that minute was broken.

"Mom! It'll start in a few seconds!" Henry called from the couch.

"Shall we?" she said with a smile in her face.

"Sure." Emma smiled back unsure about what could happen next.

They both came into the living room, and they sat at the couch, Regina on the Henry's left side and Emma on his other side. It was a silly tv show, but Henry wanted it so badly, that Regina saved her own thoughts for herself. In any other day, she probably had already said anything bad about it, but not that day.

When it ended, Henry was already up and ready to go to bed. He looked to his two moms, sat on the same couch, sharing the same house, the same night, the same kid. He was happy. He didn't think about what that mean, he just enjoyed to have his two moms on the same place without killing each other. He said good night for both of them, and went upstairs, straight to his bedroom.

Suddenly there was tension again. Emma didn't know where to look, neither Regina. It was an awkward situation. The blonde thought it was enough, so she got up and tried not to look to the Mayor.

"I think I am going." She said and she barely gave three steps, the Mayor's hand grabbed her arm.


Emma turned on her boots. She was anxious to see what Regina had to say.

"Sit. We need to talk." Liar. She was a liar. She didn't need to talk. She just wanted that Emma didn't leave.

The blonde sat back on the couch, closer to Regina this time. She stared at her, quietly, trying to figure out what would be so important to Regina keep her inside the house. Regina took a deep breath, trying to choose the right words to say.

"The dinner was good." She said in a low voice.

"Yeah it was. You're an excellent cooker." Emma smiled.

Regina was quietly suddenly. She couldn't talk. She didn't know what to talk. She just didn't want that Emma leave, but didn't know how to keep her there either. Why did she ask Emma to stay anyway? It wasn't her. She loves to be alone, always. Emma is an annoying bitch, who is always trying to poison her son against her. Why she asked Emma to have dinner with them? Was she soft suddenly? She just couldn't answer these questions. If Emma wanted to leave, she could do it, but she didn't.

"I had a dream a while ago." Emma started. Her eyes were staring the floor.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Regina answered, suddenly confused by the talk subject.

"We were a family." Emma said that and raised her eyes to look inside those dark eyes.

Regina was afraid of what Emma was talking about. She knew about the curse? She remembered Regina as Evil Queen, Henry, Snow White and her? No, that was bullshit. She couldn't remember that, she wasn't even born!

"What do you mean?" Regina chose the safe side.

"I woke up here, in your house. I was on your bed. I got up, and when I looked down the window, I saw you and Henry playing outside, running around the threes. Then I came downstairs, and met you two on the hall. You both were happy. We were a family." She swallowed, too afraid to say the details.

Then the mayor suddenly understood.

"What the hell are you thinking about? Did you dream you were married with me? The three of us lived here?" she was too surprise. That was totally nonsense.

"Well, I dream about that. I didn't know what this mean either. Then after I woke up, I went to take a coffee, and there was Mr. Gold." she continued.

"How surprise." Regina had a sarcastic smile on her face.

"He started to talk about Henry, and that was good that I didn't break his fantasy and all. And then, he talked something about magic and crazy ideas. Sometimes, the craziest could be the greatest. Something likes that."

"He loves to talk about anyone's business, but his." Regina didn't like the way the conversation took. Mr. Gold knew a lot about the curse, and he could say something to anyone when he wants to. He lives by his own rules.

Emma was almost talking about the dream part, but for some reason she kept quiet. The silence filled their ears, and it was starting to bother Regina.

"I'll not take Henry from you. You know that, right?" Regina realized Emma was truly meaning it. She was staring at her eyes. She felt bad suddenly. Emma was a bitch, and she hated her from the beginning, but Emma wasn't that bad.

"I'm not sure, Miss Swan. You can't stay in a place for time enough. You always live. I can't let you hurt Henry. Besides, you abandoned him. I'm his mother now."

There was the Regina that Emma knew so well. The blonde took a deep breath, and lay on the couch.

"It's easy to say. You don't know me enough to judge my actions. I was only eighteen. You don't know how it is to be alone in this world. How it is to feel lost, insecure. Nobody gives a damn about you. I was pregnant, and I couldn't take care of a baby. I hadn't a home, or money, parents, anything to help me. I was desperately. So yes I give Henry to adoption, thinking it would be his best shot. I wasn't wrong."

Regina was paying attention to the blonde words, and she was secretly smiling. Emma had no idea how she really knew the feeling of being alone, lost and insecure. She couldn't imagine how the teenage to Regina was either. It wasn't that easy.

"You weren't?" Regina asked. She wanted the answer so badly!

"No." Emma stared into those eyes again. "You're a wonderful mother, a little bit strict, but a really good one. You give education to him, you give him a home, and you give him anything he needs to. There are some things you should change, but I think I made the right choice."

Regina was smiling. That was everything she wanted to hear.

"I just… Well I just want to be part of his life. I don't want to replace you, at all! I met him, and I love him. You can't deny he was born from me. But I really can't take him away; I still can't take care of myself!" Emma laughed a little.

"Well, you're right Miss Swan." She smiled again. "That's okay. Come here, we need more wine." Regina got up and went to the kitchen.

Actually, she didn't need more wine, but she was going to took it anyway. Emma needed more wine instead. She was trying to convince her that was better if Emma left, but she couldn't. She was just looking for more excuses to Emma stay more and more that night. She was wondering if Emma knew her intentions. Well, she wasn't innocent anymore. She took the bottle of wine and filled up the both glasses.

Emma took one and drank a little bit of it. She was already a little tipsy, and she was smiling like an idiot. Regina knew that. She bit her own lower lip, looking straight those kissable lips. After days trying to decide, she was made her mind. She didn't care if that would change something about their lives, or about the curse. She was tired of play by the rules. Screw them. Screw everything. She was going to have what she wanted that night.