Hello everyone, sorry I've been neglecting this account. I've been very busy lately, due to schooling and trying to figure out where I'm going to go to college. I know I have a lot of fics that I need to finish (and I will), and a few requests to do, so I'll try to get onto them soon. Again, much apologies for being absent.
Onto the fic!
(For the sake of this being easier to write, we'll be pretending that she drinks it and doesn't get sprayed in the face by it like she's supposed to in-game)

Drink in the potion, dear...it may hurt, but it will help...
Cheshire watched as Alice gulped down the glowing red mixture from it's curiously shaped vial, before she threw her head back, groaning in what seemed to be pain, her skin tinting red, and her features taking on an almost demonic appearance.

She charged at the boojums, her razor-sharp card deck seemingly more powerful than before, as the cards ripped right through them in one hit, causing them to fall and catch fire, screaming as they disintegrated.

Alice stood shakily, the effect of the potion still very prominent on her skin, the urge to maim and kill pounding through her blood. Turning to look around the room for any other potential threats, she saw Cheshire curled up near the top row of the risers, watching her almost triumphantly.

Her red-tinted eyes met his gold ones, and his grin widened.
Oh how fine she looked like that...