"Thank you for confirming that information. This is for real?" Maggie asked. She listened to the person on the other end of the phone. "Yes, that's wonderful news. Thank you." She hung up the phone.

"What's the news?" Victor asked.

"My eggs were destroyed ten years after I had Sarah. No one else ever used the eggs. Sarah was, is, the only baby born from the harvested eggs," Maggie cried in relief.

"Thank god," Victor sighed, pulling Maggie into his lap.

"Hi. What's going on? Victor has his 'My Maggie needs to protect so I'm the only one allowed to be near her' face and posture on." Julie sat down in a chair.

"Why do you say that?" Maggie asked from Victor's lap.

"Usually I get my Maggie alone time alone but Victor's intruding," Julie pouted.

"Oh, he is, isn't he?" Maggie looked at Victor critically, "But he's so very comfortable."

"I know how comfortable Victor's lap is. We did date, remember?" Julie said.

"For like a month or two," Maggie dismissed the fact.

"I'm not need for this conservation. But I'm comfortable right?" Victor smirked.

"So comfortable….."Maggie kissed Victor.

"Seriously there's something going on. Victor's possessive but not this much," Julie said.

"We got the DNA results," Maggie said.

"And….?" Julie said.

"Daniel's not my son. Or at least Melanie's not my granddaughter," Maggie said.

"Why would someone change the results? It doesn't change anything except…."Julie's eyes widened. "Daniel's being your son would mean he would also have a tentative Horton connection. In a weird way, this would connect him and Jennifer without…"

"Being incestuous? Julie, I've been over and over this in my head and that's the only possible motive. Why else would he change the results? He would have to know I would've figured it out. The fifteen years age different between him and Sarah would be easy to figure out," Maggie said.

"You didn't initially. And the Hortons don't exactly shy away from being close for comfort. Bill and Mickey shared Laura, Doug's and my situation, not to mention Tommy and Marie…."Julie said.

"Let's not go there. That's a whole different story. But Julie, if he did this, he's…." Maggie trailed off.

"A bit psychotic?" Victor offered, "I'm a bit psychotic at times….."

"Nah. We decided that you were a reformed Greek gangster," Julie said.

"A gangster Americus, actually," Maggie said, absentmindedly.

"You actually had this discussion?" Victor was amused by the thought.

"Yeah, one of the times you two broke up, which thank God you stopped doing; Maggie called you a gangster Americus which I disagreed with. I thought you're reformed, now," Julie said.

"Honey, it was a very weird conversation while you were being stupid," Maggie said.

"Ah. O.k. But what are we doing about my godson?" Victor asked.

"I don't know. Daniel can be pompous but this is a bit over the top. Why would he do this? Is he really that in love with Jennifer?" Maggie asked.

"Jennifer's not that in love with him," Julie dismissed her cousin's relationship easily.

"Why do you say that?" Victor was unsure whether to be insulted on his godson's behave.

"Hortons don't date causally. Those who do are trying to defy fate. Hortons have soul mates, from Grandma and Grandpa to Belle and Shawn. I mean look at you and Mickey…."Julie bit her tongue, realizing she probably shouldn't mention Mickey as Maggie's soul mate in front of Maggie's new husband.

"She does put herself in the most awkward situations," Victor looked amused at Julie's discomfort.

"Julie, its fine. We had that discussion. Victor's secure in my love," Maggie said.

"There's the fact Daniel's always a little insecure when you mention family. I think the fact he lost his parents at age twelve makes him conflicted about family. He rushed into a family situation and because of the rush it doesn't work out. He wanted to be Parker's father, which was a ready-made family, only to be burned by Chloe. He suddenly loves Jennifer, who has an abundance of family in the Hortons. Daniel's envious so he becomes a 'Horton'," Victor explained.

"That's…..that actually makes sense," Maggie was stunned by Victor's insight.

"Wow. Victor has an insight into the villainous mind. Does it surprise you?" Julie said.

"He's reformed," Maggie smiled. Victor smirked and kissed his wife.

"Enough. I leave you two to do whatever," Julie got up, ready to pick up her coat when she heard the front door open. "Who's at the door?"

"Melanie has told me you ran another DNA. Why?" Daniel stormed in.

Victor moved closer to Maggie. Julie dropped her purse on the table and sat back down. Maggie realized they weren't going to leave her and Daniel alone.

"I just wanted to make sure you were my son and Mel's my granddaughter. I was shocked when it was negative," Maggie said.

"Someone had to falsify the second report. Maggie, I'm your son," Daniel insisted.

"I know you want to be. But no, you're not. You know you're fifteen years too old and a dollar too short to pull it off. I don't know why it took so long for me to figure it out. Maybe I wanted to have the son I always wanted. I should've known after you stopped protesting. Who are your parents? Were they Joseph and Lillian?" Maggie asked.

"Maggie, please believe me. I'm your son. Melanie's your granddaughter. The test was right," Daniel pleaded to Maggie.

"Why?" Maggie simply asked.

Daniel simply swallowed and remained silent.