Judai lay on the roof, brown eyes towards the sky, contemplating something. He hadn't been feeling right for some time, not bad, just odd. He knew he wasn't sick (and even if he was, it wouldn't have lasted so long) and he had no allergies, so what could it be?

"Hello!" He looked up and saw Johan walking towards him and sat up, suddenly feeling warm when the emerald eyed boy sat beside him.


"What're you doing?" he asked casually.


"That's new!" Johan joked, they both laughed. "What were you thinking about?"

It was then he decided Johan might be able to help. After all, he was smart; he might know what's wrong. "I've been feeling funny for awhile."

"Are you sick?"

"No, it's been too long."

"Hmm…" He placed a hand on his chin. "Well, I guess the first question is what are you feeling? Headaches? Nausea?"

"No, no…"


"Yes! But only sometimes."

"That's odd. So what else are you feeling?"

"My heart beats faster sometimes," Actually it was doing that right now, "and it only seems to be when I feel warm. It's not really a bad feeling, just funny. I haven't been as hungry lately too…"

"So you say this somehow isn't a bad thing?" Johan asked slowly.

"Yes," he responded, though a little confused by his friend's tone.

He laughed and smiled. "Are you in love or something?"


"That's what it sounds like!" The blunette leaned closer. "Who?"

"That can't be it!"

"How do you know? Oh, I guess I should have asked this first; when is it you 'feel funny'? Around or thinking of a special person I presume."

His brown eyes widened when he realized he was right. But he can't be! I only feel like this around-

"Who is it!" Johan practically was on top of him now.

"I d-don't want t-to tell," he stuttered as he scooted away.

The Scandinavian stuck out his lower lip to show his displeasure. "Why not?"

"It's embarrassing!"

"How can that be?"

He moved closer again and Judai finally couldn't take it anymore. "It's you!" he shouted. As soon as those words escaped his lips, they were covered by another pair.

Johan informed him when they broke apart, "I love you too!"