Trip down the Memory Lane

Summary: When Chris reacts badly to an incident with a demon, the Charmed ones want to know more about Chris's secrets even more and casts a spell that sends the Charmed ones to unravel more about him. Will his identity be revealed? Well duh because this is a revelation fic

Chris's active powers are: Molecular Immobilization, Molecular Combustion, *Molecular Dispersion, Molecular Acceleration, Molecular Inhibition, *Electrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Aerokinesis, *Atmokinesis, *Invisibility, Telekinesis, Teleorbing, Astral Projection, Empathy, Levitation, *Telepathy, Shield, *Projection and Healing.

If anyone is interested I can post Good Wyatt's powers later too.

The symbol '*' represent the powers that he got from his Elder side.



Piper was cleaning the table, they just had dinner, for the first time all three of her sisters had, had dinner together in weeks. Since Phoebe moved away toHong Kongand Paige moved in with Richard, they hardly had dinner together or spent time together but today they were together

Paige and Phoebe were bickering together in the table while she was cleaning it, safe to say they had fallen back in their usual way. It was nice feeling to, to be together again.

While they were lounging around, suddenly blue orbs filled the place and they looked up to see Chris

"Hey-" said Chris but stopped when he noticed it was all three of them together

"What?" asked Phoebe as she looked at him

"Oh nothing, its just this is the first time I've seen you three together, who gave you the lift?" asked Chris looking at Phoebe

"Oh Paige did" said Phoebe and Chris nodded

"What is it Chris? Is there another demon attack?" asked Piper genuinely tired, no venom in her voice

"Kind of I found out about a demon" said Chris nervously

"Fine we will go after we finish the dessert" said Paige indulging at which Chris rolled his eyes

"But-" said Chris but he was cut off when Piper started talking

"No buts, we are going after the desserts so you grab a seat and eat it, after which we will go" said Piper distracted

At which Chris stared at Piper incredulously…did his mom just offer him food?

"Me, food?" asked Chris blinking

"Yeah, I made the extra for…habit but I don't want to waste it so eat it, after which we will go" said Piper

Chris was surprised but none the less sat down and started eating the dessert, still shocked at her mother's civility towards him.

Just as they were eating however, they were shocked as suddenly they heard a noise and turned around to see 6 demons shimmering in. Instantly all four of them got in action, when the demons started throwing fireballs at them, Paige kept orbing them away, while Phoebe levitated and knocked them down

Chris was kept throwing them away using telekinesis and Piper kept blowing them up

"Well this is a bit random" said Paige as she orbed the demons away

"I think we were relaxing too much" said Piper as she kept vanquishing them

"I'd say" said Chris as he kept telekinetically flinging them away

Piper flicked her hands one last time and the last demon was finally vanquished

At which all four of them relaxed

"Piece of a cake" said Phoebe smiling at which Piper rolled her eyes

However, neither of them noticed another demon shimmering in or did they notice the athame he threw, Piper was rolling her eyes when suddenly she felt something hitting her, looking down she noticed the athame in her abdomen

"Piper!" shouted Phoebe, Chris and Paige

Paige looked to look at the demon angrily but to her shock lighting bolts came and attacked the demon before she could do anything, she looked, to see who was doing that; expecting to be Leo as Electrokinesis was an Elder power, but to her shock it was Chris who was electrocuting the demons. She was shocked but then Chris vanquished the demon with Electrokinesis, she was shocked but she ran to Piper instead when she saw her fallen and injured sister.

"Piper!" shouted Paige as she went next to her

Phoebe was frozen in shock but gasped when she suddenly felt a rush of guilt, devastation and sadness hit her, which definitely weren't from her. She looked behind to see it was from Chris, who was frozen, his face blank but she could see in his eyes, which were filling up with unshed tears, at this Phoebe was shocked. Why was Chris having such a reaction?

Chris was frozen as he watched his mother fallen, it was a déjà vu of the time she had died in his 14th birthday

'No…this shouldn't be happening…she will live for 14 more years…' thought Chris single minded as he kept staring at her, he fell on his knees kneeling next to hers.

Phoebe then ripped her eyes from Chris when she heard Paige crying for Leo, but he didn't appear

"Paige…heal Piper" said Phoebe, tears in her eyes

"I cant" said Paige

"I don't care, try" said Phoebe, not wanting to lose another sister

Paige tried but when the golden healing glow didn't come, she whimpered, hating herself for the first time for her inability because she would lose her sister because of it. She took her hands away and openly started crying when she couldn't help her sister.

"Damn it Leo, get your god damned ass in here" shouted Phoebe angrily but when his blue and white orbs didn't appear, she started crying

'He wont come, he wont come this time either' thought Chris, anger boiling at the fact that even this time round he wouldn't come to save her.

"This cant be happening again…" whispered Phoebe

Paige stopped suddenly when she noticed golden glow coming from Chris's hands

"What the…" said Paige

Chris, who was devastated, noticed the glow from his hands in shock

'Impossible…' he thought shocked but then he didn't want to look for gift in horse's mouth, and afraid he would lose it, he immediately put his hands on top of her, the golden glow slowly started healing the wound, in few minutes the wounds were healed.

Phoebe and Paige were shocked but none the less were happy that their sister was alive and hugged Piper when Piper became conscious

After pulling away from Piper, Phoebe then looked at Chris

"I thought you couldn't heal…?" asked Phoebe

"I couldn't until now…" said Chris as he looked at his hands in disbelieve

When he couldn't heal his mom when he was 14 he always assumed perhaps he would never gain his healing power but apparently he was wrong. He then noticed that all three of them were staring at him

He froze, seeing that his mother was safe, he instantly orbed out because he didn't want them to see how effected he was by his mother's almost death, it could be suspicious, however it was already too late for that as the three of them, especially Phoebe was staring at him incredulously as he orbed out, because she could feel all of his feelings

Only 2 minutes after Chris orbed out, blue and white orbs formed into Leo

"What is the problem?" asked Leo as he formed but froze as he took in the site of the broken furniture and all three of the sisters on the ground, however seeing how pale Piper was, he froze even more

"What happened? What did I miss?" asked Leo worried

"Quiet a lot" said Paige in shock