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Back in the Manor, Present

Confused and now panicking, Chris started flickering through the Book, hoping to find any clues as to where they all went. He couldn't find any demon which could wipe or destroy their existence. He had even orbed Up there, to see if other Elders knew where Leo or the Charmed ones one. They didn't know, they all tried to help, well most of them. He glowered as he remembered Gideon. There was something about that Elder that did not sit well with him and he did not trust him one bit.

Gideon simply did not care that Leo was missing and the Charmed ones.

Irritated, he growled and a table blew up. He sighed when he saw what he did.

'Mom will not be happy that I blew up that table...'thought Chris sheepishly

On the bright side, he knew that physically Piper and Leo were probably okay and definitely alive. Because if they were dead, then he wouldn't even exist! That's the only thing that kept him calm and stable.

He felt helpless when suddenly blue orbs started to appear in front of him. He looked up, thinking it was Paige or Leo, hoping it was them. But when they formed, he was shocked who it was. Green eyes and straight dark brown hair greeted him. It was none other than Late Prue Halliwell, his whitelighter.

"Prue? What are you doing here? I thought you're still not allowed to be summoned" asked Chris

"Not allowed when the others are here" said Prue folding her arms

"What are you still doing here, anyway?" asked Chris

"Chris, you have to calm down. Their fine" said Prue, she knew what her sisters and brother-in-law were up to. She kept eye on them, mostly because her charge, Chris was with them. Imagine her surprise when she found out her first charge was her sister's second son, who hasn't even been born and was acting as her sister's whitelighter. Yep, they certainly lead a complicated life.

Chris looked confused at first but then his eyes went wide.

"You know where they are? Where, tell me?" said Chris

"I can't tell you where they are, but they are really safe Chris, I'm not lying" said Prue

But Chris wanted answers, he was not going to let her get away. Prue must have sensed her charge's determination, because she stiffened

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you" saying that, Prue orbed out, before Chris could stop her orbs.

He then sighed in irritation. Oh he was not going to give up. Just then an idea entered his head. He grabbed a pen and paper. He would bring them back, even if he has to cook up a darned spell.

The Charmed ones and Leo waited as the lights dissolved. They were still recovering from the latest discovery as another memory assaulted them.

They seemed to be in P3 again. One figure stood in the room.

The figure was a girl, and she seemed 18 years old.

Phoebe, as well as others, walked closer towards the figure and then Phoebe gasped. Because she recognized her. It appeared to be none other then her daughter Prue, and she looked remarkably older.

"Is that little Prue?" said Piper as she observed

"Yes, she is..." said Phoebe sighing at the sight of her daughter

Prue was pacing back at forth, the book seemed to be sitting on a table. Finally she stopped, as if making a decision, she brought out some candles and lighted them. After which she sighed and started saying a spell.

'Hear these words, hear my cry

Spirit from the other side

Come to me, I summon thee

Cross now the Great Divide'

After Prue cast the summoning spell, white orbs swirled in front of her.

The Charmed ones gasped when they saw who it was.

Standing there was none other than Piper Halliwell, who Prue seemed to have summon.

"Well, that definitely reinforces reality" said Piper at seeing her own ghost

"PJ honey, what's wrong?" asked Piper, looking at her niece

"We don't know what to do anymore..." said Prue, with unshed tears in her eyes.

Piper sighed sadly but before she could say anything, the door opened and in walked Chris. But he looked older as well, around 21 years old.

Piper and Leo's eyes went wide when they saw the clothes Chris was wearing. He was wearing a red shirt, with a jacket and jeans. The part that shocked them was that he wore the same exact clothes he had worn when he first came to their time, when they first saw him.

"Didn't he wear that when he first came in?" commented Phoebe, saying out loud what the parents were contemplating

"I guess this is the time Chris goes back to our time" said Paige

Chris was about to say something but his eyes went wide when he saw who was standing there. It was none other than his mom, well her ghost and he felt paralysed looking at her.

"Mom" said Chris, shocked

Piper smiled proudly as she saw her son.

"Look at your peanut, you've grown so much" said Piper happily whereas Chris still stared at her.

He then tore his gaze from Piper and then at Prue.

"I summoned her Chris" said Prue apologetically because she knew he had taken Aunt Piper's death hard and seeing her was shocking for him.

"What did the team decide then?" asked Prue

"Decide what?" asked Leo curiously

"Probably for Wyatt..." said Piper sadly, she disliked the fact that her one son was evil and terrorizing her other son.

"We'll change this" said Leo, seeming to understand what she was thinking about.

"We've decided that we are taking the last resort" said Chris, walking closer towards them

"Which is?" asked Piper looking at her son, curiously

"Looks like I am time travelling..." said Chris