After a review of chapter 3, I was asked why there wasn't any make-up sex.. so this is just for you Crazy Heart... enjoy! :-)

Alice giggled as Rosalie pushed her into the bedroom

'now get naked!' Rosalie ordered as she followed her into the bedroom

Alice turned round smirking at Rose

'you sit on the chair and wait!' Alice demanded

Rosalie raised an eyebrow but followed orders sitting down the chair.

Alice ran out the room and returned a few minutes later with a portable CD player. Setting it down on the bed side table, She pressed play and smiled as Katy Perry's 'I kissed a girl' started playing.

Rosalie chuckled and watched as Alice slowly turned to face her and started to shake her hips to the music. Alice slowly dragged her hands up her body and started to slowly lift up her white tee exposing her creamy white flesh and flat stomach. Rosalie swallowed hard while watching Alice slowly strip for her. Alice lifted up the tee over her head exposing her small perk breasts and threw her top at Rosalie

'Damn Ali!' Rosalie whispered while she rubbed her thighs together as she sat and watched

Alice ran her fingers lightly across her breasts and tweaked her nipples, making them hard which caused Rosalie to gasp.

Undoing her Jean buttons, Alice turned and swayed her hips while slowly lowering her jeans down her bum cheeks flashing her white thong and cheeks to a smirking Rosalie. Once her jeans were at her ankles, Alice kicked them off and turned walking towards Rosalie while swaying her hips to the side and hoovered over Rose. Lifting up her arms above her head she slowly danced for Rose

Rosalie raked her eyes over Alice's body before meeting her eyes. Rosalie reached out and placed her hands on Alice's thighs, she slowly ran her finger tips softly up her thighs to her bum cheeks, grabbing hold she pulled Alice closer until she was sitting on her lap. Rosalie leaded forward and licked one of Alice's nipples, she slowly circled her tongue around it before sucking it into her mouth.

'fuck Rose' Alice moaned as she arched her back while running her fingers through Rose's long blonde hair

Rosalie released her nipple with a pop and leaned up capturing Alice in a kiss. It was slow and gentle at first but quickly turned heated. After a few minutes they stopped both breathless and dizzy

'you have too many clothes on' Alice stated while slowly standing up and extended her hands to Rosalie helping her stand before she grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it roughly over her head as Rosalie quickly unzipped her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor.

Alice stood closer and kissed Rosalie's neck moving slowly down her chest while planting hot wet kisses down her body. Unhooking Rosalie's bra, she let it fall to the floor as she flicked her tongue over each nipple before she kissed down her stomach. Stopping at the hem of her panties, she grabbed the corners and pulled them down her legs slowly. Alice stood up and pushed Rosalie onto the bed.

Removing her own panties, Alice hoovered over Rosalie on the bed and captured her lips with another kiss, their tongues fighting for dominance, which Alice won as she snaked her tongue into Rosalie's mouth tasting her. Rosalie's hands grabbed Alice's perky Ass cheeks and squeezed before she slapped them causing Alice to squeal

'ouch!...we need to do something about your naughty wondering hands' Alice said smiling wickedly

Rosalie raised an eyebrow in question but looked on as Alice tied Rosalie's hands above her head to the headboard

'much better.. now I can do what I want to you and you cant stop me' Alice said winking

the thought of what Alice would do to her turned Rose on even more, She was unbelievably wet and aching for a release.

Alice parted Rosalie's legs with her knee and felt how wet she was for her

'mmm.. your so wet for me Rosie!' Alice breathed into her ear before sucking on her earlobe.

Alice slowly kissed her neck and down her chest to her nipples, sucking one of her nipples into her mouth caused Rosalie to moan.

'Alice.. please.. I'm so fucking horny' Rosalie begged while trying to grind herself on Alice's leg, which caused Alice to move her leg away making Rosalie sigh

'patience Rosie.. it will be worth it I promise'

Painfully Slow Alice kissed Rosalie's stomach before she laid between her legs, which were wide open and waiting for her. Alice looked down seeing how wet Rose was and how swollen her clit was. Alice softly blew air over her folds causing Rosalie's breathe to hitch and her hips to buckle.

Alice slowly dragged her nails up and down Rosalie's inner thighs

'Alice!' Rosalie warned as her body tensed

Alice slowly dragged her tongue over her folds tasting her before she sucked her clit in between her lips and sucked while her fingers explored her entrance before she quickly inserted two fingers

Rosalie's back arched off the bed as she moaned

'fuck yes! Don't stop Ali.. so close!' Rosalie moaned

Alice could feel her own wetness building from Rosalie's words and stopped and moved away

Rosalie whipped her head up with wide eyes

'what's wrong? Why did you stop?' Rosalie asked in a panic

Alice twisted her body to mirror Rosalie's and moved closer until her pussy was in line with Rosalie's. Rosalie watched Alice get into position and caught on quickly

'untie my hands first' Rosalie asked

Alice leaned forward and untied her hands before she pressed herself against Rosalie, once their bodies met they both moaned and tilted her heads back. Lifting their hips they started to grind their pussy's together, rubbing their clits together

'fuck Ali.. I'm going to cum!' Rosalie moaned breathlessly

Alice grabbed hold of one of Rosalie's thighs and pulled her closer as they moved their bodies perfectly in sync with each other and picked up pace.

Rosalie's movement became more erratic as she grew closer to release signalling to Alice that she was close causing her to grind harder which proved to be Rosalie's undoing

'oh Alice!' Rosalie screamed as her body jerked and her eyes fluttered shut as she orgasmed.

Watching Rosalie cum did it for Alice as she quickly followed.

Both women collapsed on the bed sweating and panting heavily.

'that was.. wow.. Alice that was amazing!' Rosalie whispered

'yes it was! My heart is still hammering in my chest' Alice replied while giggling

'I thought mine was going to explode' joked Rosalie

Alice laughed and moved laying next to Rosalie

'I love you more than anything in this world Ali' Rosalie whispered while kissing her forehead

'I love you too Rosie' Alice replied smiling

'get some sleep cos we are definitely doing that again in the morning' Rosalie stated causing Alice to chuckle

'yes boss' Alice replied before they both snuggled up and feel asleep.

The End... again.

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