Tail 1: Along Came a Spider

It was an early morning for Yuji as he had awoken. He was glad that the girls weren't in his bed this time. In fact, he had woken up a little too early, since it was Sunday. So he decided to get on with his morning routine, dropping to the floor as he executes sets of pushups.

Yuji was humming the tune to "Singing in the Rain," by Gene Kelly as he scrubbed himself down in the shower. His hair was down too. of course, his hair doesn't stay spiky throughout the day. That would just be illogical.

"I'm singing in the rain! Just singing in the rain! What a glorious feelin', I'm happy again," Yuji sang, "I'm laughing at clouds, so dark up above. The sun's in my heart, and I'm ready for love! Let the stormy clouds chase, everyone from the place. Come on with the rain I've a smile on my face. I walk down the lane, with a happy refrain. Just singin', singin' in the rain!"

Outside the bathroom door were Misato, Michiru, Hana and Ruby and they could not believe what they were hearing. Ruby and Michiru were in pajamas, Hana was in a tank top and shorts and Misato was in straight black underwear.

"Is he…singing?" Misato asked in disbelief.

"He is," Ruby confirmed as she listened before letting out a dreamy sigh, "Yuji-san is so talented~…"

"Well, he did sing for Michiru's birthday," Hana reminded, "It's clear that he's practiced."

"He was so cool~," Michiru sighed as she recalled that birthday present.

"Makes me wonder what else he can do," Misato mused with a perverse smirk pulling at her lips.

Hana gave herself a look of disgust as she gazed into the mirror. She was in a bra, but sprouting from her sides and shoulder blades were two extra sets of arms, giving her a total of six. Her six arms were now covered with black carapace-like armor, with the fingers ending in sharp claws. Because of GIN-SHOCKER and their experiments on her, her genetics have become slightly unstable and have been given these extra arms. She can call upon them on certain days, but she really sees no use for them. Sometimes, she wished she were dead but then Michiru would be left alone and she didn't want her best friend to cry. Then there was Yuji, the man who took her and the others into his home and cared for her without a second thought. She hadn't felt such kindness since talking with either Dr. Magi or Dr. Washam. She had been wary at first, however. He was their target, yet he saw her and her colleagues as no threat and simply tired them out in order to talk with them, which should've been no easy feat. She could only imagine how he would react if he saw her extra arms.

A knock on the door was heard and Yuji peeked in, "Hey, Hana, come on out already. Breakfast is getting cold." He then blinked as he clearly saw two extra pairs of arms sprouting from Hana's back and sides. "Whoa, talk about...um... Unique," he tried to say.

Hana quickly retracted the arms back into her body as her skin now appeared flawless and normal as she put her sweater on and glared at him, "Go on and say it. Say I'm a freak!"

"Whoa, whoa, why would I call you a freak?" Yuji demanded as he was clearly hurt by his friend's accusation.

"How can you ask that when it's right in front of you?" she shouted. She hated it when people played dumb about her deformities. Michiru at least acknowledged them but looked past them. She let her extra arms out and said, "TAKE A GOOD, HARD LOOK!"

"Yes, I can see that you have extra hands," he said as he walked up to her. He sat down on the bed and patted the spot next to him. She hesitated but joined. "What I'm asking is why you think I would say something so hurtful, Hana. I would never consider you a freak!"

Hana replied, "Well most people would. Can you imagine having six arms? I'm considered freakier than the Cyborg Mutants. I still look human even with these arms but I'm too much of a freak to be human either. I just hate having these arms."

"Shh, it's alright," Yuji cooed as he rubbed her back. "Do you know what happened when my power first awakened?"

"You're going to tell me, aren't you?" she guessed.

"Since you asked so nicely," he retorted. "It was a little over 14 years ago. Yuki and I, along with my godmothers were enjoying a day out in the park when some kids decided to pick on Yuki just because of her hair color. She didn't care, but I got angry and decided to stand up for her. I pushed one of the kids and he suddenly combusted in front of all of us."

Hana concluded, "Your powers activated."

"I was so scared of myself; of what I could do," Yuji elaborated, "that I ran away."

Hana asked, "Then what happened? Was there a lynch mob demanding your head?"

"Um, no..." Yuji sweat-dropped, "My family was looking for me, but it took them quite a while. I don't remember, but my mother told me I was missing for almost two weeks. Yuki was the one who found me hiding in an alley in the Satellite. She showed me what she could do and the others found us soon after. After that I went under some training to control my fire. Unfortunately, word got out about what happened after I went back to school. Try being called "The Devil" for almost your whole life."

Hana commented, "Must've been a lonely childhood. What happened to that bully you burned?"

"Oh, he died," Yuji replied nonchalantly.

"And nobody pressed charges? What about his parents?"

"Don't know what happened, but my parents said not to worry about it," Yuji shrugged. "And it wasn't exactly lonely. I still had my family, especially Yuki: my wonderful older sister."

"But no friends because everyone was afraid of you," she countered.

"I stopped caring as I got older and only focused on my dueling and schoolwork," he shrugged. He stood up and grinned, "Now look at me: I'm a young genius with a degree in physics AND mechanics, running a small business, have 4 beautiful women for friends, besides Shin and the others, and I have badass fire powers!"

"I know there is supposed to be a lesson to this. You're saying I shouldn't give a damn and only care what the people who care about me think," she guessed.

"Well, that's the blunt version, but you get it and that's what matters," Yuji nodded. He took her hand and stroked the back of it as he smiled. "What I'm trying to say is to make the best out of life with what you have and be strong. If not for anyone else, then be strong for me and Michiru. Please?"

"I'll try," she nodded, "Thanks for the advice."

He hugged her, "Anytime, Hana." He let her go and smiled, "Hey, why don't we go out later?"

"You mean a date?" she blinked.

"Yeah, why not? Just you and me," he nodded.

"But what about Michiru and the others?" Hana worried.

"You make it as if we can't take care of ourselves," Misato remarked as she was leaning in the doorframe. Michiru was there and Ruby as well.

"You just love eavesdropping, don't you?" Yuji mock-glared.

"Old training never goes away," Misato shrugged, "Love how you combusted that kid, by the way."

"You would," he remarked.

Michiru walked over and hugged Hana. "Go on a date with Spiky-kun, Hana-chan," she urged, "It'll be good for you."

"You think so?" she asked.

"When am I ever wrong?" her friend smiled.

Hana blushed and smiled at Yuji, "Alright, then it's a date."

Yuji nodded, "Then let's eat and get ready after that. Take your time." And he left back to the kitchen.

"You know, this means that we'll be dating him too," Misato smirked.

"That's fair," Hana nodded.

"A date with Yuji-san…" Ruby blushed. The thought of it made her excited.

"Yay, then I get to date Spiky-kun too~!" Michiru cheered.

It was the afternoon and Yuji accompanied Hana on their date. He had on a white dress shirt with a black sleeved undershirt, gray jeans, and black sneakers. His pendant hung from his neck, as well as a chain that was connected to his pants. The fall winds can be strong so he also wore a light, black jacket. Hana wore a black, one-piece dress with the skirt reaching her thighs. She also wore black sleeves, fishnet stockings and knee-high boots and the dress and sleeves were trimmed with white lace. She wore a jacket to keep warm. She also had a black choker with a spider-shaped pendant.

When Yuji saw her in the outfit, he had complimented on it, calling it stunning. Hana didn't think it was anything special. It just happened to be something she had that she threw on.

"Hey, nice hairclip," Yuji said as he noticed the hair ornament that Hana wore.

"Michiru got it for me, back when we were in GIN-SHOCKER," said Hana. She let out a sigh.

"What's the matter?"

"I remember how I got this one. It was after I caused our team to fail a mission. I was upset and Michiru tried to cheer me up and I snapped at her. I know she was trying to make me feel better but I was so upset that I was mean to her and broke her feelings," said Hana. "I overreacted."

"I guess so," Yuji agreed.

"I was upset, but that's no excuse. I even forbade her from calling me 'Hana-chan' in public. Some friend I am."

"Did you apologize?"

"I did, and she got me this hairclip to cheer me up." The hairclip looked like a spider's web with a spider in it.

"It suits you."

Hana then stopped and sniffed the air. "What is that delicious aroma?"

"Hana?" Yuji questioned. Hana's eyes were locked onto the sidewalk across from them and she saw a vendor roasting chestnuts.

Hana stated, "Chestnuts"

Yuji blinked, confused by the response, "Huh? Chestnuts?"

The spider-girl pointed towards the vendor. "Over there."

Yuji thought that this was a good chance to cheer her up a bit with a treat. "So, you want some?" Hana nodded. "Well, come on then." He took her hand and they crossed the street. Yuji purchased bags of chestnuts for her and they both sat on a bench so she could enjoy her treat.

Hana popped a chestnut into her mouth and moaned, "Oishi~!" It sounded pretty cute too. Yuji just stared at her, entranced by her adorable expression as she enjoyed the looked to him, noticing him staring at her."Hm? Yuji?"

Yuji snapped out of his trance when he heard his name, "Sorry, I spaced out. You look cute eating those, so I got caught staring like an idiot. I didn't mean to... "

Hana shrugged, "It's fine." She held a chestnut up to him, "Have one." He leaned in and she popped it into his mouth. He started chewing.

"Yeah, they are good." He then smiled, though with a hint of sadness, "It's been a while since I've been in the dating game..."

"Well, I'm a novice myself so I guess it all balances out, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, it does. So, where do you want to go?" Yuji asked. Hana opened up a little black book with addresses in it. "What's that?"

"A list of places of interest here," she answered. She points to one address. "This one would be a good spot for us to sit down and enjoy some coffee."

"A Jazz and Poetry café," Yuji said as he entered the establishment. "The Raven" was a popular hangout, with dim lighting and the smell of incense hanging in the air. Young artists came here to enjoy the atmosphere. It was a place for them to allow their inspiration to burst out from them.

It was also Open Microphone, which meant that customers could go up on stage and perform. "I'm going on stage," Hana said.

"You are?" Yuji asked. "Hana, wait!"

Hana gone on stage and tapped the microphone. She wasn't going to sing. She was going to recite a poem.

"The spiders creep all over my cold cadaver,

Their tiny legs tingling the skin of my corpse,

As I lay there forever,

The webs have bound my soul like ropes,

The spiders are part of soul,

They stay with me until I grow old,

The spiders are now one with me,

I am the black widow."

She finished and stepped off stage. Soft applause was heard from the customers. She sat back down with Yuji.

"Damn, that was cool," Yuji blinked, "Real deep."

"Poetry is something that my handler was known for," Hana said, "I picked it up from him."

Yuji looked to the stage and got an idea. "Excuse me." Yuji stood up and went towards the man at the counter, asking if he could borrow something. Hana watched, wondering what Yuji was planning, until she saw him carrying a saxophone on stage. She stared at him and he stared back, with a smile and a wink.

"I'd like to dedicate this song to someone special in the room," Yuji proclaimed.

He took hold of a saxophone and cleaned the mouth piece, nodding to the pianist as he began to play. Yuji's piece was known as "Brick Ballades" and the mix of notes between the two instruments gave a mellow mesh of sound and emotion.

Hana's hand clenched the front of her dress as each note seemed to synchronize with her heartbeat, the melody just penetrating her soul. It was a haunting melody and she couldn't ignore it. The rest of the patrons were frozen by it as well. Hana never knew that Yuji could play the saxophone. This was indeed a surprising revelation.

Yuji had finished playing; sweat trickling down his face as he grinned at blushed...and then started clapping.

He returned to their table and she asked, "Where did you learn to play like that?"

"My dad taught me," he whispered, "He said that having some musical experience shows that a man has some class."

"I'm surprised," she stated, "You look like such a biker but you have an artistic side too."

"I learn from the best," he smiled.

"Why didn't you ever tell us you could play the saxophone?" Hana asked, "What other instruments can you play?"

"Well, I don't have any instruments at home so I couldn't exactly show off; plus I'm a little rusty. I can also play the guitar and piano," Yuji listed.

"The only music back when we were in GS was Daichi's guitar and Goemon's hip-hop."

"That's cool. Was Go ever into Michael Jackson?"

"Who?" she blinked.

"OK, here's how it is, Hana," Yuji began.

30 minutes later…

"So, he was black, then turned white, was arrested for being a pedophile, but people still love his music?" Hana found this Michael Jackson individual to be quite strange, at the very least.

"And many artists were influenced by his dancing too," Yuji added, "I kind of focused more on his music and dancing than his negative reputation."

"You have any of his songs?"

"Just a few, since there's only a few songs I actually like," he shrugged.

"Hey look, a new Phantom of the Opera movie is playing," Hana pointed.

"It's been a while since the last one," Yuji nodded, "Wanna check it out?" He looked down but saw that Hana was already standing in line for tickets. He chuckles to himself as he followed after movie adaptation makes the Phantom more sympathetic and the music is so good.

Hana was actually crying when she watched the movie...and blew her nose on Yuji's sleeve. "Sorry," she apologized.

"It's fine," he whispered back, "washable clothes." He sat silent for a minute before whispering again, "So, everything OK at home?"

"Home...that's an interesting concept," Hana mused.

"I know it's...different compared to what you're used to," he frowned."It's just that between all the shit that's happened and work..."

"The Dragon's Den is a little cramped," she interjected, "But it's warm, cozy, and peaceful too."

"Phew, I thought I would have to get a bigger place," Yuji sighed. He then grew serious, "Listen..." She focused her attention on him. He blushed and said, "If there's anything you need... Anything at all, don't hesitate to let me know, OK?"

"If anything were to happen to me, can you swear that Michiru will be looked after?" Hana requested.

"Of course I will," he took her hand, "but nothing's gonna happen to you. I swear it on my life."

"You can't know that, Yuji," she retorted."Bad things will always happen, GS is still out there, and we're marked as traitors to be brought back dead or alive. I'm overreacting again, aren't I?"

"Maybe a little," he chuckled. "But whatever they throw at me, I'll burn them; until there's nothing left. If there's one thing a Fudo never does is quit and I won't start now."

Hana smiles and takes his hand. "I have faith in you."

"That's all I need," he smiled.

The pair walked by a store that caught Hana's attention as she looked into the display window. Mannequins were dressed in beautiful kimonos. "It's a kimono store," she said softly, gazing at the beautiful traditional clothing.

Yuji offered, "Wanna go in and try some?

Hana looked to him in surprise, and nodded. She really did want to try on a kimono or two, and maybe even buy one for special occasions.

He recalled her last yukata from the festival and remembered the fact Hana gave him about not wearing underwear, making him blush. "Let's go in then. I have a feeling you'll look great in almost all of them!"

The store's staff, who was all dressed in kimonos, happily welcomed and greeted both Yuji and Hana. Hana saw all the fabric and it seemed to remind her of something in her past, when she was a little girl.

"I bet you'll look lovely in any of them," said Yuji. How right he was as Yuji would then learn how beautiful Hana looked in traditional wear

Hana was led over to a changing room by two members of the staff as Yuji sat on a bench. They had grabbed several different kimonos and went inside to help Hana into them. Yuji was given a treat as Hana would be wearing a different kimono with a different pattern on them. He admitted that she looked good in black, like when she wore her yukata, but blue and red didn't look half bad either. Finally, Hana stepped out of the changing room, dressed in a midnight blue kimono that had a snowflake pattern.

"How's this one?" she asked him.

"You like a snow fairy," he teased. Hana blushed at the jab.

"I'll take this one," said Hana. She liked how Yuji had called her a 'snow fairy'. It made her feel beautiful.

Dressed in her kimono, both she and Yuji arrived at their next destination. It was a traditional Japanese restaurant.

"I didn't know there was one here," said Hana. "How did you know about it?"

"Never been here myself, but I heard from someone you liked traditional Japanese cooking," Yuji replied.

"Must've been Michiru," Hana smiled.

"Come on, let's go in," said Yuji as he took Hana's hand. The greeter at the front let them in and led them to a table. It was really traditional so they didn't have chairs, just low tables with cushions to sit on. Hana sat in the seiza position as Yuji crossed his legs while sitting down across from Hana. He took the menu and cocked his eyebrow at the selection. Oh, he could read, but he just wasn't sure what to order.

Hana spoke, "I'm sure you've never been to a traditional Japanese restaurant, am I right?"

"Not really," Yuji blushed, "My dad and uncle were the ones who taught me how to cook."

"Well, allow me to order, OK?" Hana gave him a radiant smile which caused him to blush.

There was something about seeing the goth girl in a kimono that caused him to react in such a way. "Alright," he nodded shyly.

Hana looked at the menu as the waitress came to take their order. "Let's see. We'll start with soumen, yakitori, and also have the sushi set for two. And for desert we'll have watermelon slices."

The waitress took the order and bowed before heading to the kitchen.

'Why the hell am I so nervous?' he thought to himself, 'This is so not me. I mean, I'm supposed to show her a good time and here she is being so pro about this...'

Hana analyzed, "I can tell you're tense. You're avoiding eye contact, your palms are sweaty, and you try to adjust your seat every few seconds."

"Sorry," he breathed.

Hana replied, "This is a first for me too, how do you think I feel?"

Yuji was surprised by the blunt admittance. She was nervous too? She didn't look like it. "But you look so natural and pro about it."

Hana explained, "Ten years of conditioning and training to endure under stressful environments and situations can do that."

"...well, when you put it that way," he sweat-dropped.

Hana put her hand on Yuji's. "Just don't get too self-conscious," she smiled, "I'm having a great time."

The waitress returned with two bottles, "Your food will be ready soon. Here, please enjoy some complimentary sake."

Yuji smiled. "Oh, cool, didn't know we get free sake." He paused, "Wait..."

Hana blinked, "What? What is it?"

Yuji scratched his head, "Weird, I just got a sense of deja vu."

Meanwhile, a black and blue, bat-like camera was watching the couple through a window. Back at the Dragon's Den Ruby, Michiru and Misato were watching Yuji and Hana have dinner. The tanned girl was eating banana chips.

Misato smirked, "Never knew Hana could stress a boy out."

Michiru admired, "Hana-chan looks so beautiful too."

Ruby sighed, "Ah...I'm so jealous."

"And that little bat thing is pretty useful," Misato complimented, "It's cute too. Maybe Yuji will let me keep it."

"Wouldn't he just make more?" she asked.

"All the better to let me have one then," she grinned, "Win-win."

Yuji and Hana each poured themselves a cup of sake and Yuji raised his cup.

"Well, to our future then," Yuji toasted.

Hana repeated, "To our future."

Hana was about to drink from the cup when her nose picked up something. It was a familiar scent which caused her eyes to widen. Hana shouted, "Don't drink that!" before she slapped the cup out of Yuji's hand.

Yuji was stunned, "Whoa, what's up?"

Her eyes narrowed, "There was poison in it."

"You sure?"

"I can smell poison."

Yuji sighed, "So much for free sake…"

She looked around and spotted the waitress. "Stop where you are!" she shouted before getting up to go after the fleeing waitress who'd served them the toxic sake.

Yuji shouted, "Hana, wait up!" But then everyone in the restaurant, customers and staff alike, tore off their clothes, revealing themselves to be GS-Soldiers.

"Oh...this just blows," Yuji paled.

Music – Bad Apple (Tohou)

The soldiers lunged at him and he dodged their strikes, weaving through the crowd of mooks while punching them with his flaming fists. He ducked and rolled onto the table, flipping it over as they ran into it. One soldier swung down with an axe and Yuji rolled away as more soldiers tried to step on him. He quickly got on his feet and ate a punch that knocked him back into the counter, where the cashier grabbed him from behind and tried to choke him. Yuji struggled and jump-kicked two incoming soldiers and back-fisted the cashier, running from the onslaught of soldiers as they gave chase.

One soldier tried to swing and Yuji turned and pushed him into a chair, the soldier turning to push the chair back and Yuji kicked it back with his foot, making the soldier buck forward as Yuji kicked him in the face, sending the soldier flying through the window. Another soldier bound him from behind and Yuji pushed back, the two falling back on the table as Yuji got on his feet and kicked the solider in the face. He didn't notice the fan above him before it hit him in the forehead. "Ow, fuck!" he cried. He saw another soldier coming and drop-kicked him, rolling off the table and pushed it toward another set of soldiers. He slid under the table to dodge their combat knives and came up from the other side and pushed the table on its side, pushing it against the soldiers as he hopped over and kicked them away.

Hana had chased the waitress all the way out of the restaurant and the woman turned before she gripped her kimono and tore it off to reveal her true form. The Poison Frog Cyborg Mutant was grotesque looking, with slimy, multicolored skin, big goggle eyes and metal arms and legs. It opened its mouth and fired a glob of poison at Hana who dodged out of the way. The glob hit the ground and hissed, showing that it was not only toxic, but corrosive as well.

"Alright, you stupid amphibian," she growled. "Henshin!" She transformed into Kamen Rider Arachnea and drew her twin Spider Kama before she lashed out, the extendable shafts carrying the blades across the air to strike but the Frog Cyborg Mutant's shins were spring-loaded and so it bounced into the air. "What!-?" It then came down and slammed its feet into Arachnea's chest, knocking her backwards. It continued its assault of kicks, causing her to stagger back with each blow before firing a glob of poison that hit her shoulder. She hissed as the poison attempted to eat through her armor.

Yuji was then kicked into a big pot full of sake. The pot broke as the sake washed over Yuji, making him jump as he tried to regain his footing. He was surrounded by the soldiers as he tried to regain his vision, suddenly blushing deeply as he giggled and looked around.

"This is…a party…" he slurred with a hiccup. A soldier tried to punch him when Yuji pulled his arm and back-handed him. "Why…w-why did you try to punch me…?"

One tried to kick him from behind and Yuji jumped forward, kicking back against the soldier behind him into the other men. On the floor, Yuji contorted his body and spun onto his feet, forming his hands like he was holding cups as he faced the soldiers. They all looked at each other before charging at Yuji. The drunken Manakyte twisted and turned on his feet as he bobbed and weaved their attacks fluidly, his punches like whips as he knocked around the GS Soldiers. He punched, kicked and jumped around as he threw the soldiers for a loop with his drunken, unpredictable moves.

Arachnea was getting annoyed, very annoyed, as the Frog Cyborg Mutant kept dodging her attacks. It just wouldn't sit still as it bounced around on its spring-loaded legs. Her blades just hit empty air and the thing was just taunting her.

"Is this really an elite?" it asked her, giggling, "I'm so disappointed!"

"I knew you spiked the sake with poison, didn't I?" she retorted. Her mandibles opened and she fired a spider-web shaped net which missed the Cyborg Mutant as it hopped away. She continued to fire nets, hoping to trap the creature but it kept bouncing about and dodging.

"You can't trap me!" the Cyborg Mutant taunted as it was about to hop again but then it realized that it was stuck in place despite the springs sending it upwards. "What?" It looked down and saw that both its feet had landed in the webs.

"They're spider webs," Arachnea said as she brandished her Spider Kamas. "They're sticky." She then lashed out and hit the springs, cutting them to pieces as the Cyborg Mutant howled in pain as it was maimed. It fell on its back and trembled as Hana approached it with her Spider Kamas poised at her side.

"Die," she said simply before bringing the blades down and the Cyborg Mutant screamed as the boom of an explosion rang through the air.

End Music

Hana returned to the restaurant, gaping at both the mess and the state that Yuji was in. he was standing in the middle of the restaurant, with soldiers strewn about and the place a general mess as Yuji was dancing in a drunken stupor.

"EVERYBODY WAS KUNG-FU FIGHTING~~!" Yuji danced, "THESE FUCKS WERE NOT SO FRIGHTNI-I-ING~~!" He hiccupped and fell back, unconscious.

Hana shook her head and muttered, "What am I going to do with you?"

Yuji groaned as he opened his eyes slowly, awakening to the sight of Hana looking down at him "Hana…"

"Are you alright?" she asked softly. She had him resting his head on her lap. The two were in the middle of the restaurant.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I found you amongst the GS Soldiers, drunk," she answered. "And then you fainted."

"Oh…I see," he understood as he tried to get up, being pushed back down by Hana.

"Don't move," she said, "You're still out of it, so just relax and stay like this."

"Ow…" he groaned, holding his head.

"And you also have a hangover," she added.

That was when Misato, Ruby and Michiru entered the restaurant. It was a mess.

"Girls…?" he questioned and then he saw the bat-camera land on Michiru's shoulder. "Oh, I see."

"Man, you thrashed the place," Misato admired. "How is he?" she asked Hana.

"He has a hangover and a pounding headache," Hana diagnosed. "We need to take him home so I can whip him up a batch of my anti-hangover tonic."

"A…tonic?" Yuji asked.

"You're going to need it if you don't want to end up sick in the morning," she told him.

"OK, Mommy," he teased as he nuzzled her lap.

"Hey, Hana-chan, maybe you can take Yu-kun home by using that web-swinging trick," Michiru suggested.

"In his current condition, I doubt he'd enjoy it," Hana objected. Yuji would definitely become nauseous if he was swinging through the air. She knew it would be like seasickness if she tried to swing using a web line while carrying him. Also, she didn't want to be barfed on.

To Be Continued…

KAMEN RIDER BUSHIDO: As you can imagine, this Gaiden is to explore the realm of each character as they learn more about each other. Hope you guys enjoy this as well as the others.