"I love you!"Nick finally exploded
"What?" Jeff turned around and spat out, his voice high
"You heard me." Nick's voice was low and Jeff could barely make out the words that came from the brunette. Nick lowered his head and clenched his fists, his eyes shutting to stop the tears from coming.
Jeff's mouth opened slightly and he threw his hands to his head, grabbing his hair, and started walking around in circles. What seemed like hours later, he sat down, back against his bed, knees to his chest and hands covering his face, his elbows resting on his knees "Our…our friendship. What it a lie? Why Nicky?...Why?" he raised his head to face Nick, that was now trying to wipe the tears that had fell with the back of his hands
"Well, sorry that I fell for you. Sorry that you are straight. Sorry that your hair is gorgeous, your face is beautiful and your life is perfect," he let out a loud sob and barely could keep himself together "Sorry that your smile it's like the sun to my miserable life. And sorry for thinking that I was good enough and thinking I had a chance with you…sorry Jeff" He couldn't fight the tears anymore, nor could he face Jeff after spilling out his heart. He turned around and ran out of the dorm, the door closing behind him with a loud bang.
Jeff was left there, confused, lost and crying. "Don't leave…" he whispered to the empty room.

He didn't knew where he found the will power but seconds after Nick stormed out the door he was running after him, not really knowing why.

When he stepped out his room he saw a puff of brown hair running to the end of the hallway so, he ran after it "Nick!" Jeff didn't care if he was going to wake up any of his fellow classmates, he was focused on not letting Nick get away from him, angry at him. Last time that happened (a big fight), they didn't talked for a couple of week and when their parents, tired of the numb teenagers, made them sit together until they got it right they finally saw how stupid they were for fighting over something so dull. Now that Jeff remembered, he didn't even know why they got mad at each other that time. Nor does he right now. Why was Nick running away from him? Why is Jeff's heart breaking?

Oh, that's right. Jeff's girlfriend, Ivy. She made him cancel his Saturday movie night with Nick. Again. For the 3rd week in a row. Apparently Nick got tired of spending his Saturday waiting for Jeff to return to his dorm, and just exploded when Jeff asked what was wrong. "What's wrong Nick? You look annoyed, did Blaine put Katy Perry blasting on full volume again?" that was triggered all of this. Fuck Jeff, why didn't you just kept your mouth shut?

"Nick, stop! Please, I didn't mean that!" when Jeff ran to the end of the dorm floor Nick was nowhere to be found. He faintly heard the building door shut. He snapped his head and ran to the stairs.

He climbed down the stairs to the ground floor with a flow jump, skill acquired from years of dancing. He ran to the front door and opened it, feeling the cold, late night breeze in his face, arms and legs.

"Nick!" Jeff screamed again into the deserted campus grounds "Nick" he whispered to himself, the white cold breath that came from his mouth blurring his vision. If that happened in any other time, Jeff would pretend he was smoking and Nick would roll his eyes and punch him in the arm, saying something about doubting Jeff's mental age. Nick. He finally understood why Nick was so important to him. Standing there, in the dark, calling him, he saw how much Nick has done for him and how much he needs him. But now everything was lost.

Lost, because Jeff lost his temper and his trail of thoughts. Lost, because Jeff was scared. Not of Nick loving him, just scared that he would lose him because he didn't loved him back…at least in that way.

He sighed and entered the building again, wrapping his arms around himsel from the cold that suddenly invaded the halls, or just him.

Nick wasn't coming back tonight, not after what happened. Jeff just hoped he would stay in Thad's for the night, not out there in the cold, unprotected, alone.

Jeff got to his dorm again and pushed the slightly open door and saw how they had left it.

Jeff's phone, which was thrown against the wall during the fight, was scattered in his bed, battery on one side, cell phone itself in the other. The lamp that Nick dropped was still on, lying on the floor.

Miserably, Jeff walked over to the lamp, grabbed it and put it on the desk again, turning it off.

Then, he turned to the closet and took a pair of flannel pants and a random "Dalton Baseball Team" tshirt and put them on, then walking again to his bed to put his cell phone back together and placed it on the night stand. He sat down on the edge of the bed and stretched to reach the switch of the room.

He lied on the bed and put the covers over his head and, for the first time, he cried himself to sleep. He didn't cry after his former girlfriend broke up with him, nor after his German shepherd of 15 years died. Not even when his grandfather died with a heart attack when he was only 10. The first time he cried himself to sleep was when Nick left. When Nick ran away from him. When he finally saw how much Nick meant to him. The night Jeff's subconscious became aware that Nick might not just be a friend or a brother. The night all problems began.