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"Uhm...Jeff?" Nick asked shyly, almost trying.

Jeff looked up slowly. He had hid the sweet notes in a notebook he usually carried around but never used, so he wasn't alarmed. He was though, surprised. Nick had refused to even acknowledge his presence since he and Sebastian became so friendly with each other and him trying to talk to him like that, like nothing happened, made him feel a bit unease. "What?" he asked a bit too coldly. He bit his lip as he saw the sudden sadness that filled Nick's hazel eyes.

The brunet sighed and placed his towel on the dirty clothes basket before he sat down on his bed, turned to Jeff "I miss you," he blurred out before he knew. It was true, he really missed his best friend. He sighed again and looked down at his lap, his fingers playing with the fabric of his sleep pants. He hated to feel like that, like he depended on him just because he loved him.

Jeff smiled shyly "I miss you too, Nick," his shoulders relaxed and he looked up at Nick expectant, hopeful.

Nick returned the look with a half hearted cold expression "That doesn't mean you're forgiven about the broken nose you gave Sebastian," he said, like a mother warning his son that if he did whatever again he'd be in trouble.

Jeff snorted lightly "He ran into my fist," he knew he wasn't in the position to be funny, so he tried to give a playful smirk, that passed by a grim smile.

So yeah, Jeff was actually surprised when Nick laughed heartedly "How can I stay mad at you'" Nick shook his head, a bit angry at himself "How can I hate my best friend?" he smiled back at Jeff.

Jeff's smile got even bigger at that, if that was possible "D-do you forgive me? I was just trying to help you! Even if breaking Smythe's face didn't help much..." Jeff said sheepishly, trying to find reassurance in Nick's features, his hands clenching the sheets beneath him, trying to find some kind of support.

Nick nodded "I couldn't really be mad at you for long, and I understand what you did…even if I didn't like it" he said as he finally glanced up at Jeff, his heart beating fast as he smiled with that perfect smile. Nick sighed defeated as he got up and hugged Jeff close, burring his face in his shoulder, missing his smell, his warmth, his support.

Two strong arms wrapped around Nick's waist, the blond teen still slight surprised how easily Nick forgave him, but he wouldn't let this opportunity go to waste. He needed Nick too much for that.

"It's just…" Nick sighed as he leaned away from the embrace "You shouldn't have hit him…" he said quietly as he looked at his lap. He has grown to like Sebastian, and he'd like for both of them would get along "Could you apologize?"

Jeff reached for Nick's hands, loving how warm and soft they were "Nick-" he started.

"Please, Jeff! For me!" Nick asked as he glanced up a Jeff's eyes, his own pleading.

The blond sighed. He knew if he didn't, he'd lose Nick for Sebastian. He could at least try to bare him. For Nick…. "I guess. If you really want…" he mumbled quietly.

The trying smile Nick was giving him grew, turning the corner of the brunet's mouth up, showing his teeth and making his eyes sparkle. Jeff was sure in that moment he fell a bit more in love with Nick.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, both boys trying to look at the other without getting caught, Nick finally cleared his throat, looking at Jeff's bedside table so he wouldn't caught his eyes as Jeff glanced up at him "Yes?" the blond asked hopefully.

"You wanna have one of those movie nights?" Nick asked as he gathered the courage to look at Jeff. His bright hazel eyes looking shy and big as a kid's. Honestly he just wanted everything to be like before.

A smile grew on Jeff's lips "Avengers!" he simply said as he got up and went to take a few blankets from the closet, throwing them into the bed.

"Oh Jeff I love you…" Nick shook his head as he went to put on some shoes to go on a trip to the kitchens to get snacks. He froze as he realized what he had said, glancing up at Jeff with wide eyes.

Jeff was unfolding the blankets as he heard Nick. His heart fluttered as he realized that Nick didn't mean it like friends anymore. But he couldn't just tell him he liked him. It would put the brunet through too much. He sighed "I love you too Nicky…" he whispered to himself as he pretended he hadn't heard Nick.

Nick took a long breath as he noticed Jeff didn't listen or pretended not to. He appreciated it, though he knew their friendship would never be the same "I- uhm- m'going to the kitchens for snacks!" Nick said quickly as he stormed out of the room, sliding against the door as he closed it behind him "I am ruining everything!" he mumbled angrily to himself.

Jeff looked back at Nick as he quickly made his way out. He sighed as he fell on the bed, pulling the notebook from under his mattress, scanning his writings. His very neat handwrite. He needed to make his letter different or Nick would notice. His once messy letter was perfect.

He glanced at the door, thinking Nick would take a while. He quickly got up and reached for his night stand, where he kept a few envelops. He quickly took out one and grabbed out a random paper from the notebook, placing it inside the envelop.

He still had to buy sunflowers to give Nick, but he needed to put this one out first. He grabbed a yellow and brown color pencil from where they kept it on the desk and quickly drew one sunflower.

Jeff stared at the envelop in his trembling hand. Was he doing the right thing? Dragging the truth around just to make Nick know he was appreciated? Maybe he was doing worse. Nick would be expecting him to be the one doing that and when Jeff would act like he didn't know, maybe Nick would fall in love with the secret guy and be pissed when he realized it was Jeff all the way. That he lied to him.

He barely had time to think of any other option as he heard the door unlock again. He threw the envelop to the bed as he pretended he was tiding the desk.

Nick brought back marshmallows, chips and chocolate and dropped the plastic bags on his bed "I had to make innocent eyes at the lady for her to give me all of this" he joked as he glanced up at Jeff.

Why was he cleaning the desk? He never did that! Did he hear what Nick had said?

The brunet started to panic as he hoped Jeff would turn back to him and make a lame joke about it.

Jeff took a deep breath to gather some courage do lie to Nick "Someone dropped that letter outside just after you left." he said as he refused to look at Nick and blow his cover. He kept tiding the scattered papers.

Nick rose a brow as he looked at the bed and grabbed the envelop. Was it from the one who gave him the rose?

He smiled at the drawn sunflowers. Much better! Not that he hadn't like the roses, just that sunflowers were his favorites.

He opened it as he sat down on Jeff's bed, unfolding it and scanning it quickly. He glanced up at Jeff's back. No, it couldn't be. He said someone dropped it. And he would simply tell Nick right? If he liked him? He knew Nick wasn't going to say he didn't like him back so, no silly games.

"So?" Jeff tried to act casual as he went to sit on his own bed, next to Nick, trying to decode Nick's expressions as he read the paper. He looked slightly confused as his brows were furrowed.

Jeff's heart was beating on his ears as he waited for a concrete reaction "Someone loves me..." the brunet said slightly surprised as he glanced up at Jeff with hopeful eyes, just wanting it to be from him.

Jeff had to swallow a frog as he saw the look in Nick's eyes. He was expecting it to be from Jeff.

The blond simply smiled weakly "That's cool, a secret admirer…"

The glint in Nick's eyes died immediately as he glanced back at the letter, running his fingers over the neat letter. For a second he thought Jeff was messing with him, but he wasn't. He choked back tears.

The hurt was unnecessary right? Jeff didn't like him back but someone else did and maybe they would be better than Jeff, even if Nick didn't see himself with anybody else.

"I'm gonna put on the movie…" he heard Jeff mumbling and the bed rise again as the blond got up.

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