Okay so this is my first story so if it sucks… you can suck it. So annabeth cheats on Percy (as usual) and he finds out. The hard way. After leaving the camp, Percy encounters someone very powerful being. What happens 200 years later when Gaea begins to awaken?

Anyway, I don't own Percy Jackson or any other characters that you may recognize from the story. It would be awesome if I did though. On to the prologue.

It's been 200 years. 200 years since the second Titan War. 200 years since the gods gave those who fought, and survived, immortality. It's also been 200 years since all my friends (except Thalia and Nico) ditched me, since I found out Annabeth was cheating on me, and 200 years since Percy Jackson ceased to exist. Let me explain that.

Shortly after the second Titan War ended, Kyle, my piece of crap half brother who thinks he's the center of the universe, went on a quest where the hardest thing he faced was three hellhounds. Apparently, that's enough for people to consider you a hero. Before I could wrapped my head around what was happening most of my friends had ditched me for said piece of crap. The gods claimed him to be the greatest hero ever. My father, Poseidon, even went the extra step and claimed Kyle to be the best child he's ever had.

That all stung, but the last straw was what I saw in my cabin the next day. I was going back to my cabin after archery, where I had somehow managed to shoot myself in the butt. Twice! When I got to the cabin, I heard a moan come from inside. What I saw from the window was Kyle and Annabeth trying to suck each other's faces off. The last thing I heard clearly before I completely lost it was "Remember, we can't tell Percy about this". At that point, I stormed into the cabin. I had to resist the incredibly strong urge to take Kyle's head and smash it through the wall, so I had settled on just yelling at Annabeth and leaving. I was so pissed off, I didn't even pack anything. I just had to get out of there.

About two days after I left, I was visited by the last person I could have thought of meeting. I was visited by Chaos, creator of the universe. He offered me a place in his army, to train me in types of combat I didn't even know existed. Without a second thought, I said yes. With that, he took me to his base. That was the last day Percy Jackson existed.

So I know this is short, but it's only a prologue. All prologues are short. That's just how they roll. Anyway, tell me what you think so far. Humor will be put into the other chapters if you want me to continue. Flames will be used to make the virtual cupcakes for those who leave good reviews

Until next time, my friends and readers