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Chapter 53


The night sky. It's dark, sparkling surface hid a secretive, powerful depth that few ponies could see. In the darkness, the moon constantly shined...a small, pale light to guide those lost in the darkness of the night back to safety. The night was mysterious, beautiful, and woefully under-appreciated...just like it's creator.

It was these things Starfall lamented on as he stood on one of the many balconies dotting the upper levels of Canterlot Castle, his front hooves hanging over the railing as he stared up at the moon, thinking about the night sky he studied so intensely...and how much of a mirror it was to Princess Luna herself. Both had a shadowy, almost cold exterior, that hid beautiful, wonderful, and powerful secrets inside. And yet, despite the initially unwelcoming feel, there were signs everywhere that Luna had taken the time to try and ensure that ponies could be safe during her night.

Sighing, Starfall turned around, looking back inside Princess Luna's private quarters. Somewhere inside, Princess Luna was awake, despite the incredibly late hour, likely tending to her own duties as Princess of the Night.

Ever since his speech during the awards ceremony, the Princess had taken to her duties with even more diligence than ever before. Starfall had found her several times in a sort of trance-like state, her eyes glowing a soft white as she did something. After nearly freaking out with worry the first time, Luna had sheepishly explained that this was what happened to her when she entered the dreams of ponies. She did not do this too often, usually only to ward away any nightmares a colt or filly might be suffering from, though she rarely came out and identified herself to the foal in question.

Despite this new-found dedication, the Princess of the Night was still just as devoted to teaching Starfall about the night sky, and taking in all his teachings about modern Equestria, as she ever had been. Tonight had been one of those nights just spent in each other's company, studying the latest constellation, Starfall once more putting all of his instinctual knowledge to work, and complimenting it with what Luna taught him, and had him read from various tomes on the subject.'

But the lesson had long since finished, and Starfall had not left. Luna had requested that, if he so desired, he could stay behind for a while longer. The prospect of spending more time in his secret marefriend's company was too good to resist as it was, but Luna's promise of having something to show him later only sweetened the deal for him.

He had been effectively dating the Princess of the Night for a little over a month, now. Starfall knew it should have been the best month of his life, even if they had done all that much. Luna was unfamiliar with big displays of affection, and as such they were taking it slow. Their lessons effectively doubled up as private dates, now, and it was not uncommon to find the two of them studying together, their sides gently brushing, Luna occasionally draping a wing over him. Their greetings and farewells to each other were now accompanied by a soft, affectionate hug, and they often shared private, adoring smiles with each other when nopony else was watching.

But that had been their extent of their intimacy so far, and while Starfall was happy to take things slowly, he wished he could muster up the courage to at least let them share their first kiss. He knew, however, that Luna was still trying to get comfortable with their showing of affection, and did not want to push her. He would wait for as long as she needed.

But as he turned back to look out at the night sky, he silently wondered what Luna had planned for him tonight. They had often taken to spending some quiet moments to themselves after their lessons, snuggling into each other's fur and stargazing, while talking about anything and nothing at the same time...often lamenting on what they might do if their relationship was not such a secret.

But tonight, Starfall could feel that it was not going to be the same. Luna appeared to be planning something, and Starfall did not have the slightest clue what it could be. All he could do was wait patiently out on the balcony for her, while finding things to keep his mind occupied.

Unfortunately, Starfall's mind rapidly turned to darker thoughts. As he once more put his gaze over the balcony, looking out at the clear, starry night sky around him, and the sprawling city of Canterlot below, he fluttered his one good wing, looking over at the scar on his left side, where it's partner had been taken away from him.

Since he had lost his left wing, and while he had been released from hospital entirely a couple of weeks ago, Starfall had to admit, even to himself, that he was not getting over the loss. He kept trying to rationalise things to himself...that he was not a strong, or fast flier, and that most pegusi never gave him a second look as it was, regardless. But all the same, he had enjoying flying...taking late-night flights in Luna's domain had often been a great way to relax if he found himself unable to focus on stargazing for whatever reason.

But it was all gone. He was permanently, the clouds, sky, and stars forever out of his reach. Even after his release, the psychologist, despite clearing, had taken Princess Luna and Twilight aside for a few words, Starfall easily able to guess that she was warning them that he was likely still suffering from depression, and that she should be warned if he did anything highly unusual or troubling.

Fortunately for Luna and Twilight's sake, Starfall was not taking it as horrifically as some pegusi who had suffered this fate in the past had. But all the same, they, along with Twilight's friends, had noticed the way he had been depressed and dejected lately. Very little seemed to get him in high spirits, and his dedication to his studies with Luna had slipped.

Luna had given him some leeway in that regard, and Starfall had noticed. But while he was grateful, he was also frustrated at himself. He knew he should not dwell on his lost wing, and instead just be thankful for still being alive, and for all that he had now. But all the same, he could not keep his mind from lamenting on what he had lost, moments and abilities he had always taken for granted that were now out of reach...things he would never be able to do again.

Starfall turned his gaze around, staring at the most frustrating part of this whole mess, as he watched his right wing stretch, flicking it to neaten out the feathers. No mattered how hard he tried to avoid thinking about his lost flight, to see himself now as another Earth Pony, his remaining was a constant, painful reminder of what he had lost, forever breaking the illusion he tried to lose himself in.

He could never lie to himself...he was a crippled pegasus, forever confined to the ground, left to lament those moments he had thought would be a key part of his whole life, now taken away from him. The young stallion wiped his eyes harshly as he noticed his vision swimming. He refused to give into another bout of crying. He had shed enough tears over this, and all it did was make Luna worry...and likely question his strength. As much as he knew Luna cared for him, she could not be expected to continue a relationship with a broken, weak pony. He considered himself lucky enough that she had agreed to their relationship despite his crippled state.

He forced himself to look back over the balcony, trying to find something to distract him so he could keep away the tears for tonight. But now that they were starting, everything just seemed to make him feel worse. A small cloud he could see in the distance, perfect to fly to for some high-altitude stargazing, away from the lights of the city. The moon, high above him, reminding of the love he was starting to feel he did not deserve. Even the city itself provided no relief, Starfall's gaze spotting a young couple sharing a tender goodnight kiss in a public square, before heading their own separate ways for the night.

The first tear slipped down Starfall's cheek, only to be replaced by another as Starfall wiped it away a hoof, finally just giving up, leaning against the balcony railing, burying his face into the cold stone, shaking as he tried to suppress his encroaching sobs. He knew he should be more grateful, but right now, he could not help feeling like everything was so unfair, that fate was determined to keep beating him down, again and again, until he could take no more. Every time things seemed to be looking up for him, something always came along and took it all away. It was always left up to him to pick up the broken pieces of his life every single time, only to have it shattered before he could even start to enjoy whatever small good fortune had come his way.

In his effort to contain his tears, he never the hoofsteps approaching, not until he felt the gentle touch of Luna's ornate horseshoe on his back, rubbing his back comfortingly. Jumping at the contact, Starfall tried to brush away his tears as subtly as he could, before turning around to face the Princess. "Luna...I didn't hear you come out," he said softly, hearing his voice shake as badly as his body was, refraining from speaking any further, trying to quietly take a few deeps breaths to calm himself down.

Luna, however, who obviously did not buy his poor attempt to pretend nothing was wrong, gave him a soft, concerned look. "It still troubles you, doesn't it?" she asked, nodding to the scar on his left side.

Starfall sighed, ignored her new speech. Ever since that fateful night during the Coronation Ball, Luna seemed to have taken a few of Starfall's lessons to heart. She had worked on dropping the way she often spoke of herself in plural, and had also worked to eliminate the more old-fashioned and archaic words she had so often used. She would still use a more formal and old-fashion grammar structure most of the time, but her modern speech had improved vastly, and despite her constant assurances in the past that she preferred her old methods, she seemed to be taking to it quite well. Both her and Starfall were used to it, now, and it was not something that made Starfall curious any more.

But all the same, her words made him grimace slightly. The one disadvantage of being so close to the Princess of the Night...he could never hide anything from her. He had not given in to the urge to cry over his lost wing for almost a week, now. To have Luna catch him during his one moment of complete weakness stung, knowing that she must think he was losing himself to bouts of tears every time he was alone and had some privacy.

But Starfall never answered her, Luna not needing his words to know the answer to her previous question. "Starfall...I know I have said this before, but...we can pull through this...together," she said softly, gently touching his shoulder, trying to get him to turn around, Starfall complying reluctantly, letting her look into his watery eyes. "I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through, Starfall. I wish I could share even a little of your pain, just to help ease the burden."

Her words, even if she had spoken them before, still surprised Starfall. Despite everything, she cared for and loved him deeply enough that, were it within her abilities, she would shoulder some of his pain, just to give him even a hint of relief from the crushing despair and depression he was suffering. It was touching, but at the same time, Starfall conscience would not allow it, even if she could do it. "I could not do that to you, Luna..." he replied softly, his voice still shaking a little, full of soft concern for the Princess in front of him, even behind the aching hurt that dominated it.

Luna gave him another soft, if slightly strained smile, the partially forced expression showing his pain was causing her some, as well. "I know, Starfall. Your nobility is commendable, and one of the reasons I love you, so I would never ask you to change. But...maybe tonight, you would allow me to try and give you something that might lift your spirits somewhat?" she asked, making Starfall look up at her.

This was obviously what Luna had asked him to stay him behind for tonight. This was what she had been planning...but what exactly was that. Despite his current dejection, Starfall was naturally curious, interested to know what gesture she wanted to show, even if he thought it would be a futile effort. "What did you have in mind?" he asked softly, pulling himself away from the railing to look at her more directly.

Princess Luna just gave him a mysterious smile, shaking her head softly. "It is a surprise, Starfall. But I have everything prepared for us. All I ask of you know is to trust me. Do you trust me, Starfall?" she asked, lowering her head to look directly into his eyes, giving him a piercing, but kind, caring look.

For once, Starfall did not hesitate. Most ponies would struggle to give an honest answer if the Princess of the Night posed such a question. Despite Starfall's efforts at the awards, many ponies were still wary of Luna, the legend of Nightmare Moon still too firmly ingrained in their minds. Proving to them the purity of Luna's heart was going to be a long, slow process.

But Starfall was not most ponies. He was probably only second to Princesses Celestia and Cadance in terms of how well he knew her, and as her coltfriend, her question only ever had one answer, one Starfall gave his no hesitation, and total sincerity. "I trust you, Luna. I trust you more than any other pony I know," he said. Were it not for his fragile emotional state, the moment might have drawn a smile out of him. As it was, there was a slight lifting of his expression, the anguish fading ever so slightly from his eyes.

Princess Luna smiled right back at him. "Then trust me, tonight, and let me do this for you. Let me share something with you," she said softly, before turning around, looking back inside her quarters, her horn flaring to life as she used some sort of magic on something inside, Starfall looking around her to try and see what she was doing.

Starfall saw a radio Luna had in her room was glowing, as she turned it on and fiddled with it, Starfall wondering what she was up to as the glow faded, the radio now on and running, though so far Starfall could not hear anything. A few seconds later, however, he heard a slow, swaying piano theme start he was familiar with.

Stunned, Starfall turned to face her, noticing she had once more turned to face out, looking out to the night sky, folding her legs underneath her as she smiled at him. "I...Luna, is this...?" he started to ask, only to paused as Luna gently shushed him with a hoof gesture.

Luna gave him a small nod, before gesturing to her back with a hoof. "Climb on, Starfall..." she said, making Starfall blink at her. What could she possibly be up to?

"Luna, what are you doing?" he asked softly, approaching her slowly, Luna gesturing to her back once more. Starfall hesitated a moment longer, before reminding himself that he had said he trusted her, and knew he had not lied.

Feeling incredibly awkward, knowing this was physically as close as they had ever been, he placed himself between her wings, resting on her back as he wrapped his forehooves around her neck softly in an awkward sort of hug, gripping a little tighter as Luna stood up, looking over her shoulder at him. "Hold on to me, not let go," she said softly, half as a warning, half as a tender request.

Starfall knew she was copying his words from when he had been on the verge of death deliberately, and did as he was told. "Luna, what are you...whoa!" he cried, caught off-guard as the Princess spread her wings, before suddenly leaping off the balcony, her horn flaring to life once more, Starfall's ears filled with the music from the radio in Luna's room, the Princess clearly channelling the sound directly to his ears as she levelled off, taking them out over the lights of Canterlot, the song Starfall knew so well filling his ears.

You light...the skies,
Up above me.
A bright...
You blind me, yeah...

It actually took Starfall a few moments to realise what was actually happening, as he looked over Luna's shoulder, down at the city sweeping by below them. Luna was taking him on a flight! She had obviously planned this, knowing how much it was hurting him that he could not soar through the night sky any more, and so sought to give him this moment.

Luna seemed to realise he was catching on, speaking over the music in their ears, and the rushing wind. "Tonight, let me be your wings. I know how much you miss this, Starfall...let me do this for you," she said, her voice dripping with a tender care that made Starfall want to cry all over again, but for entirely different reasons.

Don't close...your eyes,
Don't fade away, don't fade away,

For a brief moment, all Starfall could do was take in the sensations he had not felt for so long. The wind rushing into his face, softly brushing through his fur and whipping his mane and tail about. The smell of the fresh air being pushed into his nose as they sailed out, high above the city. The glorious feeling of freedom and weightlessness as Luna took them into a gentle glide, circling lazily above Canterlot's highest spires, the sight of the city spinning lazily below him, the beautiful colours of the night blending with the majesty of the city and surrounding lands to create a vista Starfall wished he had come up here to see sooner.

Yeah, you and me,
We can ride on a star!
If you stay with me, girl,
We can Rule the World!

For a moment, Luna pulled the both of them into a hover, high above Canterlot, Starfall loosening his grip on her neck slightly so he raise his head, looking around them. It might not be by his own effort, but right now, Starfall could not care less...he was flying again! He was soaring high above Canterlot, on the back of the Princess of the Night, his love, enjoying what, to him, was probably one of the most romantic things he could think of; a midnight flight, in Luna's comforting embrace.

Yeah, you and me,
We can light up the sky,
If you stay by my side,
We Can Rule the World!

"Luna, I..." Starfall tried to say something, anything, to convey to Luna the significance of what she was doing, but the smile she gave him from over her shoulder silenced him. She knew exactly what she doing, and what this meant to him.

"I know, Starfall," she said softly. "You, of all ponies, deserve this. I cannot give you back your wing...but I can give you this," she added, ending her hover as she started a lazy, gliding dive back towards Canterlot, Starfall adjusting his grip on her neck, securing himself once more, taking another few seconds to simply bask in the glorious sensations...feelings he thought he had lost for the rest of his life.

If walls, break down,
I will comfort you,
If angels cry,
oh, I'll be there,
For you...

"Starfall...spread your wing," Luna called, snapping Starfall out of his trance. "Free yourself...feel the wind in your feathers again." Her request was accompanied by her turning their lazy glide into a slow, but moderately steep dive, clearly trying to entice Starfall. "You're flying, just have to feel it. Let yourself go,!"

Starfall, encouraged by the euphoric feeling already coursing through his veins, and Luna's encouraging calls, looked at his right wing, hesitating a moment, before slowly spreading it out, extending it until it was stretched taut beside him.

You saved, my soul,
Don't leave me now, don't leave me now,

Starfall's eyes went wide as the sensations rushed through his body. The wind in his wing, tickling the neglected feathers, was a feeling he had missed so much, it was actually slightly overwhelming to feel it once again. He could feel the lift his wing was providing, dimly aware of Luna compensating for his, tucking in her own right wing slightly.

It took several seconds for Starfall to comprehend it...he was flying! Luna might be doing most of the work, but right now, they were working together, his right wing playing its own part in keeping them both in the air. He was actually flying, something he though he would never do again!

Yeah, you and me,
We can ride on a star!
If you stay with me, girl,
We can Rule the World!

Starfall became aware of a smile starting to creep onto his face, and made no attempt to stop it or hide it, as they continued to dive together, all the various sensations combining to make Starfall, for the first time in so, so long, feel on top of the world. He gave a small, joyous cry, unable to help leaning slightly to the right, Luna following his example after a brief moment, Starfall's smile turning into a full-blown grin as he felt them turn lazily to the right, flying together, working as the couple they were.

You you and me,
We can light up the sky,
If you stay by my side,
We Can Rule the World!

The romantic song in his ears...the joyous sensation of flight, something he thought was long gone...and the mare he was currently draped over, doing all this for him, because she wanted him to be happy again. It was almost too much for Starfall to take, as their midnight flight came to a close, Starfall folding his wing as Luna took over once more, angling back for Canterlot Castle, gliding back to her balcony, seeming rather reluctant to end the moment herself.

But as she settled her hooves back on the ground, Starfall clambered off her slowly, feeling tears once more welling up in his eyes at the significance of what had just happened. Luna had just given him everything he had been missing. She had, if only for a few brief minutes, given him his missing wing back, and joined him on a midnight ride through the stars he loved almost as much as he loved her.

He could not help himself, the tears slipping down his face as he stood, still basking in the sensations he had just experienced...ones he had taken for granted his entire life, but now felt so precious, so special. The fact that it was Luna who had given him the chance to feel all this once again just made the memory all the more precious to him.

All the stars are coming out tonight,
They're lighting up the sky tonight,
For you...For you...

A hoof on his chin made Starfall look up, his bleary, tear-filled gaze meeting Luna's, who looked concerned, clearly worried and misinterpreting the meaning of his crying. "Starfall, why are you still crying?" she asked, sounding incredibly guilty. "I'm so sorry, Starfall...I thought showing you this would help you feel better, would remind you of..."

Now it was Starfall's turn to interrupt Luna without words, giving a faint, shaky cry as he jumped at the Princess, wrapping his forehooves around her and hugging her tightly, crying softly into her shoulder, speaking up even through it. "Luna, that was...words cannot describe how beautiful that was. I'm crying because that was so wonderful, so overwhelming...I..."

He took a moment to compose himself, sniffling softly, before pulling his head away from Luna's shoulder, never breaking the hug as he looked up in her eyes, his own blue orbs filled with the joy and happiness he never thought he would ever feel again. In the wake of those precious moment with Luna, his missing wing suddenly seemed so much less important than before. His wing was gone...but not his flight, not his freedom. As long as he had Luna, he would always be able to fly...and he had no intention of ever letting Luna go.

"Luna..." he said softly, his tone so full of tender adoration that even Luna seemed taken aback. "You just gave me something I never though I could ever have. I know now, that it was never really my missing wing that was hurting me the was the knowledge that I would never fly again, that no matter what, I would be grounded forever. You just took my worst nightmare, and banished it. You showed me how to fly again, reminded me of something I had been missing so terribly."

He leaned forward, nuzzling Luna's neck softly, the gesture full of love and affection. He knew Luna could be a bit awkward with displays of affection, but right now, he needed to do this...he needed to show her how much this meant to him. "You have given me the greatest gift anypony could ever have given me, simply because you wanted to, Luna. I...just don't know what to say..."

Luna was slightly surprised by his sudden showing of affection, but did not seem to worried by it, never retreating away, if anything just hugging him back, and holding him even closer. "Starfall..." she replied softly, his gaze once more moving up to meet hers. "I know we are both fairly new to this relationship, but I know, in my heart, that I love you. I could not care for the opinions of any other pony, Starfall. I love you, and seeing you so troubled and anguished was more painful than I can describe. I did not do this for any reward, Starfall...your love, and your smile, is all the reward I could ever ask for."

Starfall gave another watery smile at Luna's words, threatening to burst into tears yet again as he was reminded of the depth of Luna's feelings for him. She may struggle to display her love physically, but she always seemed to know the perfect words to move Starfall's heart. "Well, you have both of those now, Luna," he replied softly, resting his head under her chin for a brief moment, just taking the chance to feel the warmth of her fur, feel the rhythm of her heartbeat. "I love you, much more than I can express..."

His words seemed to stir something inside Luna, as Starfall felt her shuffle slightly. Curious, he pulled his head away from her chest, looking up at her eyes once more, seeing her looking down at him, her eyes soft, but conflicted, teeth chewing faintly at her bottom lip, clearly debating something.

"Luna...?" he asked, about to enquire about what was troubling her. Once again, however, a hoof placed on his lips silenced him, Luna seeming to come to a decision. She looked down at him, her whole expression full of so much tender care and love, before she lowered her head towards his own, her eyes closing.

Starfall only figured out her intention a second before it happened. There was no time to think about it, to understand the magnitude of what was happening. Starfall did the only thing he could reasonably do in this situation. He raised his own lips to meets hers, his own eyes closing.

It was only when their lips actually met that Starfall was able to comprehend the significance of what was happening. Part of him wanted over-analyse it, determine every possible meaning of Luna's action and the implications it presented.

But he resisted...there was no reason to think about it. He simply maintained his gentle hug, holding Luna a little closer as they shared their first kiss, on her castle balcony, witnessed only by the moon, the stars, and the midnight sky above them. Only one thought really gained any coherence in Starfall's mind: His wing, and all his troubles...none of them mattered any more. This moment, right here, right now, as he kissed the pony he loved with all his heart...this moment was absolutely perfect.

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