Anakin Skywalker, or known as Darth Vader, walked on the solid steel above the molten lava, the lava planet of Mustafar, meeting place of the CSI to form peace to the Republic. Anakin walked in to the base, using the force to close all the entrances with no escape. Anakin activated his lightsaber, started to massacring every one, working with the Separatists.

Nuke Gunray was the last, looking at the fallen Jedi. "We have made peace. There is no WAR!"

Anakin didn't respond, only to slice his head off.

A Naboo Ship had landed, walking out is a Padme Amidala, nine months pregnant, looking for Anakin.

She found Anakin walking out of the base of the CSI.

"Anakin," She said to her once beloved. "What have you done?"

"I created peace Padme," he said. "The only war left is the Revolution."

"Anakin we can get away from the war, just the two of us, we can run away." She said with tears.

"No, can't you see, I'm stronger than anyone, I can protect you. The Emperor has no power over."

"Anakin," she cried in tears. "You're breaking me. I don't know who you are anymore."

Anakin held his hand to Padme force choking her, as she held her own neck, trying to grasp for air, until arms went limp.


Ti'ian woke up from his vision. He felt a warm weight on his body. He looked down to see Ahsoka, basking in the after glow under his sheets from their activity. He smiled as he kissed her montrals. She began to stir and looked at her long lost lover. She crawled on his chest and gave him a passionate kiss.

"So worth the wait." She said, snuggling his neck.

"Amen Ahsoka," he said, looking at the clock on the nightstand. "We've about an hour before we arrive."

Ahsoka made a pouted look as she got up and started to get dress. Ti'ian used the force, bringing his Sith armor from the closet, as well as his helmet.

She finished putting on her gloves as Ti'ian adjusted his new cape. Ahsoka walked up to him wrapping her arms around his neck. "When was the last time I've told you I love?"

"Six years ago," He responded, wrapping his arms around her waist. "I never forget the day I gave you your head-dress."

"Why can't we be together again?"

"The feud between Jedi and Sith never ended, I've been trying my best to bring peace to both sides."

"And yet the flames still burn between us."

Ti'ian looked into her eyes. "I'll find a way."

She smiled as she cupped her hand on his cheek. "I missed you."

"As do I." He said, kissing her for one last time.


Grand master Yoda meditated in his quarters, he felt a tremor in the force.

"Master Yoda?" Ti'ian voice came through the door.

"Come in, Come in." Yoda responded, using the force to open the door. "Join me in meditation will you?"

Ti'ain enters in with his helmet under his arm as Ahsoka is by his side. They sat on the floor, crossing their legs to join Yoda in meditation.

"What troubles you, Dark Lord?" Yoda said

"It's about Anakin." Ti'ian said. "He's heading to Mustafar to slay the CSI leaders, deceived by Sidious for Peace."

"More is there?"

Ahsoka looked at Ti'ian with concern as he continued. "A woman named Padme, she's pregnant, she tried to get Anakin back, but his mind is corrupted. He misused the force killing her."

Ahsoka stand and looked at the masters. "We have to go to Mustafar."

Yoda held his hand in front to her. "Alone Obi-wan must face." Yoda said. "Contact Kenobi I must."

She wanted to Protest, but she couldn't argue against her master.


The ships have reached Tython, home of the Jedi Order. Nebula starships surround the planet. Within the docking bay of the X-Caliber, Jedi entered in the gunships, flying onto the Tython, their new home.

Ti'ian now Cadmus along side with Ahsoka had just entered. Anisa stared at her master and her sister with jealousy yet really happy for her sister.

She walked up to her master and bowed. "The ships are ready master."

He nodded as he left Ahsoka alone with Anisa to see the other Sith warriors. Anisa turned to her big sister with a smile. "I'm glad I have a sister," she said giving her a hug. "I've been alone of that planet all my life until he came."

"Cadmus?" she questioned.

She pulled away with a nod and turned to her master. "Ever since he came, the Sith Order had changed so much, no executions. Training progressions have gotten better, health clinics made everyone healthy." She paused and looked at her lightsaber staff. "Lord Cadmus trained me to be a better person, he trained me to fight for what's right. He treated me like I'm his own."

Ahsoka put her hand on her sister's shoulder. "He is the greatest person we've ever met in our lives." She said, looking at her found lover. "He loves us."

"Maybe." Anisa muttered to herself.

Ahsoka heard her muttering and smiled. "You love him, don't you?"

Anisa's montrals and lekkus darkened. "N…no I don't." she protested.

Ahsoka pointed. "The montrals don't lie you know." Anisa looked at her in fear. "Don't worry, your secret's safe with me." She calmed down with a sigh of relief. "But do me a favor." Ahsoka came close to her sister's ear. "Confess to him."

Anisa looked to faint as she looked at her sister. "What?"

"You heard me." She smiled

"But…but I can't, what if he rejects, what if he abandons me, what about you?"

Ahsoka smiled in response. "I'll be fine, He'll never reject you, I love him even my own sister loves him, I want you to be with him for me."

Anisa thought for a moment, her master never rejected her once, he saved her countless times. Even when she had nightmares, he didn't say no when she stayed with him.

"Attention all Jedi, you are all clear to land on Tython," said the captain. "I repeat, you are all clear to land on Tython."

"I better go." She said hugging her sister as Anisa hugged back. "I'll miss you sis."

"I'll miss you too."

Ahsoka leaned close to her ear. "Make me proud." She whispered and walked off to the gunships. Ahsoka looked at Cadmus for one last time and entered the gunship to fly to her new home.


"It's nice knowing you brother." Traux said, giving Cadmus a brotherly hug.

"Don't worry. We'll see each other soon in battle." Cadmus said, smiling under his helmet. He looked at Ahsoka whom talking to her sister.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of her." Traux said patting his back.

"Thanks, you're the best."

"She's family, we both can see that." Traux said and left to the gunships


The gunships had landed in the home planet of the Jedi Order. The doors have opened, flowing a tremendous power had been felt through the Jedi.

"So this is our new home?" Luminara said, feeling the powers of the light.

"I never thought with such a powerful Force be in one planet." Shaak Ti said, with the other Jedi coming out of the transports.

Hooded Jedi had walked up the arrivals. One of them lifted their hoods to see a female human, covering some sort of blind fold on their eyes. Miralukas, humanoids with no eyes but strong with the force for there sights.

"Welcome Jedi, to Tython." She said with a respectful bow. "I am Loania Anohs. I will be your guide. My master has been expecting you."

"Expected we are already?" Yoda said, receiving a small hover chair from the hooded Jedi.

As they walked to the Temple, it was exactly like the Temple on Coruscant. Many Jedi are out worlders, injured and healing from the other Miralukas.

Coming out of the temple is Mace Windu, with a prosthetic right arm, talking to an elderly Miraluka male. He had a long beard reaching to the mid chest, short white hair, wrappings around his eyes. He wore traditional Jedi grand maser clothing as a standard lightsaber is placed on his belt.

Master Yoda hopped off his over chair as he walked to the Miraluka Grand Master. "Expecting us Grand Master, are you?"

The Miraluka bowed to Yoda. "Yes, I am Grand Master Orphus Dopano. I am respectful to meet another Grand Master."

Yoda bowed back. "Respectful I am," he said walking into the Temple. "Discussing the war we must."


The Aggressor starships hit to lightspeed, heading home to Korriban. Ti'ian meditated in his quarters, recreating his lightsabers from the tonfas two different lightsaber, one is a light lightsaber hilt, being placed with a blue and green crystal from his old lightsaber staff. The other is a black hilt with two blood red crystals. The finishing touches were made as the hilts were locked in ready.

His right hand gripped the white hilt in a reverse grip, igniting a blue core, covered in a green light. His left gripped the black hilt, igniting a blood red blade. He deactivated them, locking the butts of the hilts together to a lightsaber staff, placing it on his nightstand.

He heard his door opened. He turned to see Anisa, looking a bit nervous, trying to avoid eye contact.

"Yes Anisa?" Ti'ian said to his apprentice.

"My I come in?" she said nervously.

Ti'ian smiled. "Sure." She walked in, closing the door using the force. She sat down on his bed as did he next to her. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Anisa had her hands together, titling her thumbs. "Can I tell you something?"

He stared into her amber eyes. "Anything."

'Here goes nothing.' She thought to herself, swallowing the fear down. "I love you." His eyes widened, looking into her, she's telling the truth. Anisa saw his reaction, she stood up, and about to walk to the door only to be stopped as a hand grasped hers.

"Is it true?" he said as Anisa turned back to him. "Do you really love me?"

Anisa looked into her master's eyes. "Ever since we've met, I tried to kill you, yet you didn't kill me. You chose me over everyone. You didn't just chose me for potential, you chose me because something ticked in you."

Ti'ian blinked and smiled. "Yes, I didn't chose you for potential, I chose you from my heart."


"No, it's my turned to confess." He said as he came closer to her. "I love you too, both Ahsoka and you."

Anisa's heart started to swell as her montrals and lekkus darkened. Ahsoka was right. He loved both of them as they loved him. Her arms wrapped around his neck as her lips crashed into his for a heated kiss. Ti'ian didn't reject her, he loves Ahsoka yet he also loves Anisa. Not as an apprentice, as a lover.

Anisa removed her cloak as she sank to the bed, pulling her master in with her while Ti'ian removed his armor. He removed his shirt as he continued kissing her.


"Anakin, you're breaking me." Padme cried, disbelieving her husband. "I don't know you anymore."

In time, a Revolution gunship flown over them, dropping in and landed perfectly on the platform is Obi-wan Kenobi.

"You sent him to kill me!" Anakin shouted at Padme, force chocking Padme into unconscious.

"Anakin, what have you done!" Obi-wan shouted to Anakin.

"She betrayed me," Anakin said, readying his lightsaber. "As well did the Jedi."

"We didn't betray you." Obi-wan ready his. "You betrayed all off us, you were supposed to be the chosen one."

"And I still am!"

Anakin charges in on Obi-wan with full strength and anger, Obi-wan being pushed back from the strikes, easy to predict yet difficult to block. The battle was fierce between master and apprentice. The fight was pushed to the CSI base, not knowing where they hit. The controls were destroyed, failing the ray shields protecting the base.

That didn't stop the fight as it lead to outside they were evenly matched, power and power, light vs. darkness, brother against brother. Obi-wan ran of a thin rail of the ray shield projection, followed by Anakin. It was difficult for both of them, both Anakin pressed on attacking his master. Lava had spewed from the river, melting the railings. The projection started to collapse along with the two Jedi. The railing floated as they continued advancing each other as they tried to survive at the same time.

Obi-wan went high of the projection, seeing the distance, closing in on a lava fall. He reacted quickly by grabbing the cables, swinging to see a landing spot. Anakin mimicked him as he readied his lightsaber to strike. Obi-wan found a floating ray shielded platform as he swinged across, safely landing on the floating platform. Anakin was persistent. Landing back on the railing, he ran as he force jumped before the projection had fallen over the lava fall, landing on a ray shield droid.

The battle pressed on, Anakin used the Force to control to the droid, maneuvering through the lava river, pressing the attack on Obi-wan. He stopped attacking as he looked at his master.

"I'm sorry Anakin." Obi-wan said. "I have failed you."

"I should've known the Jedi Order would take over." Anakin said.

"Anakin the Chancellor is evil!"

"But in my point of view the Jedi are evil."

"Then you are LOST!"

The fight continued over the lava river, pasting the Mustafarians. Anakin jumped from his droid, landing on the same platform on Obi-wan's, continuing the parry of the blue lightsabers clashing together. Obi-wan jumped back wards on a steep solid ground, looking at Anakin.

"I've won Anakin." Obi-wan said, looking down on Anakin. "I have the higher ground."

"You underestimated my power?" Anakin protested readying himself to jump.

"Don't try it."

Too late, Anakin jumped with a powerful struck, but Obi-wan sliced his ex-padawan's left arm and legs. Anakin fell to the ground, sliding close to the lava trying to grip traction.

"You were the chosen one," Obi-wan shouted to him. "You were suppose to destroy the Sith not join them. Bring balance to the force." He walked away, picking up Anakins lightsaber.


Obi-wan turned to the fallen Jedi. "You were my brother Anakin, I loved you." With that said he left leaving Anakin slowly fallen closely to the lava, engulfing himself in flames.


The Aggressor starships exited lightspeed to Korriban, home to the Sith. Ti'ian began to stir as he felt a tremor of the Force. He slowly got up, trying not to wakeup his apprentice in his bed.

He exited the room quietly dressed in his Sith armor with his helmet on as his new lightsaber staff is strapped to the belt. He made his way to the bridge, the door opened as a Cadet accidentally bumped in to him.

"F…forgive me my Lord." He said in fear but froze when Cadmus placed his hand on his shoulder.

"All is forgiven," Cadmus said, seeing the Cadet calming down. "What's the hurry?"

"The Sith Lords wanted an audience with you, immediately." He said.

Cadmus nodded as he entered the bridge. The room went dark as six red hooded figured holograms appeared the projections. From right to left is a male Besalisk Darth Besark the Wrath, a female Thisspiasian Darth Orva the Envy, a male Pure Blood Sith Darth Corvus the Pride, a male Dashade as Darth Turo the Sloth, a male Zygeriian is Darth Igoth the Greed, last is a female Twi'lek as Darth Adi'ia the Lust.

Cadmus looked from left to right confusingly then looked at Besark. "Where's Devor?"

Right on cue, a male Zabrak appeared, finishing of a bone leg, he looked thin yet he kept the bone like a tooth pick. Darth Devor the Glutton.

Adi'ian shook her looking at Devor. "Disgusting as always, when are you going to end?"

He chuckled and gave her a wink. "Until I am satisfied, sweet cheeks."

Besark pinched his crest in annoyance. "Enough, both of you!" Besark shouted looking back at Cadmus. "There was a tremor in the Force Cadmus."

"I felt it." He said.

Corvus nodded. "It was as if a powerful being is engulfed with death as it is still alive."

Orva shuddered as she crossed her arms. "Makes me jealous feeling this amount of the Force."

Igoth started to stroke his chin. "This cannot be a coincidence. There must be an explanation for this."

"I sensed another powerful presence," Turo said in Dishadian. "Its power is raw and dangerous."

Cadmus looked concern at Turo but his body shuddered as well as the other Dark Lords felt it too. He then looked at the Dark Lords. "This will probably involves the Jedi Council?"

Corvus clenched his fist. "We don't need there help."

Orva relaxed herself, wrapping her fingers around her chin. "I have to agree with Cadmus, they might get involve as well it will lead to us."

Adi'ia nodded. "I say we chat with the Jedi."

Turo nodded looking at the Zygeriian who also nodded. Devor grinned and nodded

"Then it's settled." Cadmus looked at Corvus. "We contact the Jedi Council until I land."

Corvus felt his anger rose. But it was let out in a deep breath, remembering his training from Cadmus. Anger will lead to self-destruction as well blinding the path to achievements.


Anisa started to wake. She rolled to the other side. Her eyes widened and got up, covering herself with the sheets. She then heard the door opened and closed to be her master.

"Morning Anisa." He said taking his helmet off.

"Good morning master." She said respectfully.

Ti'ian shook his head and looked at his apprentice. "You don't have to call me master all the time."

Anisa looked at her master confusingly. "What should I call you?"

Ti'ian smiled as he sat on his bed, scooting closer to her. "Call me Ti'ian." He said, placing his and on her cheek.

Anisa smiled as she kissed him. They separated as Ti'ian smile to her.


"Nothing, I'm just thinking of my Empress."

"Empress?" Anisa thought for a second as her eyes widened. "You don't mean-."

"Anisa Tano." Ti'ian interrupted her. Pulling out a small box, he then kneeled on his right knee, held the box to her, opening it to be an engagement ring. "Will you marry me, to be my wife, my Empress."

Anisa started to cry. All these years secretly eyeing each other, her master risked his life for her, and then had sex in full passion. "Yes." She said crying in joy. "Yes I will." He slipped the ring into her ring finger with a perfect fit, and gave her a passionate kiss. They separated looking into each others eyes. "I know you love Ahsoka."

Ti'ian smiled. "I'll find a way to end this feud. So we can all be together."

The new Empress smiled to the Emperor. "I know you will."

They kissed for once more. Felling the ship shaking, entering the atmosphere, they Sith couple separated as Anisa smiled. "I should get ready."

He nodded walking out of the room for privacy for his Empress.


"Something isn't right." Darth Sidious muttered to himself. "The Sith wouldn't have saved the Jedi with an army with greater numbers." He felt a tremor of the Force. "Something's not right." He turned to a clone. "Get me a ship."


Within the Medical Facility of Polis Massa within an asteroid, Padame Amidalawas giving birth to Luke and Leia. Obi-wan received a message from Tython, receiving an unusual communicatin of both the Sith and Jedi Council.

"Children from Skywalker, powerful together, separate we must." Yoda said.

Cadmus nodded. "We need them to be separate, far enough to be untracked by Sidious or Vader."

"We must train them." Orphus said. "They must be strong to face the darkness."

Luminara shook her head. "If we take them the New Empire will surely make a full scale assault on Tython."

"We must find a way to separate them in order for them to live a normal life until they're found their potential." Turo said, stroking his bulky chin.

Shaak Ti nodded, turning to Obi-wan. "You must have a theory in that crazy little brain of yours?"

Obi-wan nodded. "Bail Organa will take Leia to Aldeeran, as I will take the boy to Tatooine, living with his a family as I will watch him in the shadows."

Corvus wrapped his fingers to his chin. "Risky yet so devious, no one will think of finding them in neutral grounds, Aldeeran is close to the Revolutions boarder lines, as Tatooine is run by the Hutts. The boy won't be a slave because he's off world as I read the report, Vader has a family in a moister farms where the Hutts agreed to not to uphold any slavery to them."

"All those apposed?" Cadmus said to both sides. Orphus and two Jedi raised there. "All those agreed?" Orphus and the two Jedi hands down as the rest raised there hands. "Then it's settled. We separate them, I will have an agent to support Obi-wan, as another will watch over Leia."

"Precautious, aren't you?" Yoda exclaimed.

"You can't be too careless."

Oppo nodded as he turned to Cadmus. "I never thought to see the day to work with the Sith one day."

Besark nodded. "When we meet again, it will be in the battlefield."

Everyone but Orphus nodded and ended the meeting.


"Working with the Sith will lead to our destruction." Orphus said to Yoda.

"Changes you have seen, conclusions are not needed." Yoda exclaimed, walking to the exit.

'I have lost him.' Orphus thought. 'I must not turn my back for one second.'

-3 days later-

Ahsoka felt sick. She kept going to the refresher time to time, releasing her substances through the toilet.

Shaak Ti got worried and called Luminara on her communicator. "I don't know what's up with her. She kept throwing up constantly in the refresher."

"Really," Luminara said. "Has she eaten anything unusual?"

"She had the craving for some bacon and chocolate. There was this one time she ate pickles too?" she waited for an answer only to hear knocking. "Hang on a second." She opened the door to reveal Luminara herself.

"Where is she?" the Mirialan healer said.

Shaak Ti pointed to Ahsoka's room. They entered to hear Ahsoka releasing her substance in her refresher. They then heard a flush as the young Jedi Togruta walked out, surprisingly seeing her mom and Luminara. "Yes?"

"Shaak Ti was starting to get worried so I came in to see you what's bugging you lately."

Ahsoka went quiet. She started slowly backing away from the masters.

Shaak Ti leaned to Luminaras ear. "Do you have a plan B?"

"Hold her down."

Shaak Ti tackled Ahsoka as they wrestled on the floor. Ahsoka put up a good fight but the Togruta master made a full nelson with her legs wrapped around her legs. Ahsoka tried to get herself out, but couldn't from the master.

"Hold her still." Luminara ordered her friend, using her healing ability on Ahsoka's stomach. Ahsoka gave up as she relaxed yet still wrapped by the Togruta master. A few minutes later, Luminara removed her hand as Shaak Ti released Ahsoka.

"My I have a word with you," Luminara said to Shaak Ti. "In private."

The master left the room leaving Ahsoka confused as she sat on her bed, waiting for her masters.

"SHE'S WHAT!" Shaak Ti shouted from the other room.


"SHE'S WHAT!" Cadmus exclaimed to a Sith healer.

"She's pregnant my Lord." The healer said. "The Empress will need special care if-my Lord" Cadmus just froze like a statue. The healer snapped her fingers in front of him, but no response. She poked his shoulder, tilting him as he fell to the floor as he's still frozen. "Oh dear."

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