I don't want a lot for Christmas

There is just one thing I need

I don't care about the presents

Underneath the Christmas tree

I just want you for my own

More than you could ever know

Make my wish come true

All I want for Christmas is you

Oooo baby

All I want for Christmas is you Oooo


Wizards of Waverly Place: All I Want For Christmas

She walked purposefully down the plush, carpeted hallway, passing cubicles on her left and spacious offices on her right. Some of the offices were open and she could hear the jangling of phones, the commanding voices of directors and vice presidents shouting at secretaries and the general clatter and clamor of the office. Typical day, she thought.

She knocked gently on the wood, peeking her head into the slightly ajar office door.

"Sir?" she asked, brushing a dark curl out of her eyes that had gotten in her way.

He was on the phone and held up one finger while he finished the call he was on. He ran a hand through his dark hair and nodded unconsciously along with his statements. He finished the call, placing the phone back on the cradle with a clunk.

"Ah, Gina, there you are. Do you have the files for the Disney account?" he asked.

"Yes, right here Mr. Russo," Justin's secretary Gina Hart said. She placed the files on his desk and turned to leave. "Oh," she turned back. "And Mr. Dawson wants to see you in his office." She left and Justin stood. This had to be about the fact that Jim Dawson, his silver-haired boss, was planning on retiring at the end of the year and would be looking for a replacement to run the Advertising Department.

Justin was hoping that he himself would be promoted to the position. He had been working for Firestone Hotels for the last ten years, climbing his way up the ladder in Advertising.

"Knock knock," Justin said, pushing the door open on his boss' office.

"Russo!" Mr. Dawson said with a hearty laugh. "Just the man I wanted to see. Have a seat, please. Sit!" Justin sat in one of the chairs in front of Mr. Dawson's desk and leaned back.

"Now, as you know, I'll be retiring soon," he said. He reached down onto his desk for a pen, twirling it around. "And I've considered carefully who will take over running Advertising for Firestone Hotels when I'm gone."

Justin sat up in his chair, waiting to hear the announcement that he would be taking over as Director. "And that's why I've chosen..." Justin leaned forward more. "Mark Sanford!" Mr. Dawson exclaimed. Justin nearly fell out of the chair.

"What...who...you...Mark?" Justin asked, flabbergasted. "Mr. Dawson with all due respect, I'm the Assistant Director of Advertising! Sanford is the Senior Executive in charge of our overseas accounts!"

"I know that, Russo," Mr. Dawson pursed his thin lips and looked over the bridge of his half-moon glasses at Justin. "But Sanford is a bright man with big ideas and a good head on his shoulders. Not to mention that he's a real family man and ever since our redirection towards families six months ago, I need someone who's in the know about such matters. You are single, right?" Justin just sat at the desk, in utter shock.

"Now, I know you're just as competent as Sandford but we need someone stable, who won't meet some girl six months down the line and run off with her to Boca."

"Mr. Dawson," Justin protested. Mr. Dawson held up a hand to silence Justin. "With all due respect, Russo, unless you've got some secret wife you haven't told me about, I think my decision will stand."

Justin nodded, in a daze. He stood up and walked out the door, back to his office before grabbing a throw pillow from his couch and giving a good scream into the pillow.

"Hey buddy!" Zeke Beakerman, Justin's best friend since high school, strolled into Justin's office just as he threw the pillow at the couch. Zeke ducked and let out a whistle.

"Wow, something the matter, man?" He stood up and flopped onto the couch. "Oh, did you hear from Dawson about the promotion?" His bright smile faltered when Justin gave him a glare.



"And Dawson wants to promote Mark Sanford."

"Ouch," Zeke winced. "But you're the Assistant Director."

"Am I?" Justin asked sarcastically. "Am I really? Because I forgot. And so it seems, did Mr. Dawson."

"Did he say why he chose Sanford over you?" Zeke furrowed his brow.

"You remember our redirection six months ago?" Justin asked. "The family thing?

"Yeah," Zeke laughed. "I was there, man. It was my idea after my wedding."

"Well, apparently since Mark Sanford has a wife and probably two-point-five kids, he's the perfect person to run Advertising. And since I'm currently single..."

"That sucks, man," Zeke said. He played with his watch and checked the time. "Oh, I've got to call Harper soon. We're supposed to help her friend Melissa and Eric from Accounting pick out china patterns. Honestly, this whole best-man, matron-of-honor thing is a pain." Justin laughed at his friend. "I mean, they're not even getting married for another nine months!"

Justin nodded, tuning out his friend rant on about the stupidity of long engagements and refrained from commenting on the fact that Zeke and Harper had been 'engaged' for the entirety of college before getting married.

"So anyway," Zeke finished up his rant. "I think that's what you need to do." Justin looked up from the paperwork he had been going over instead of listening to Zeke.

"Were you listening?" Zeke asked. Justin shook his head and his best friend just laughed and shook his head.

"I was saying that maybe that's what you need to do. Fake an engagement!"

"Fake a who with a what?" Justin asked, staring dumbfounded at his friend. Zeke stood up, pushing the sleeves of his sweater up and started pacing around.

"You need to give off the image of a family man. Maybe that's how you do it. Just pretend you just got engaged to your girlfriend and convince Dawson you can't wait to start a family!"

"But I don't have a –"

"Girlfriend?" Zeke nodded. "That's the beauty of it. You don't have to. Just make one up."

"Dude," Justin began. He stopped, thinking about the possibility. Could it work? Could he convince his boss he had a fiance waiting in the wings and would be starting his own family soon?

"Okay, maybe you're right," Justin finished. "It's just so crazy it might work. And I only have to be engaged for a few weeks anyway, right? Since Dawson will be gone by the end of the year?"

"Exactly," Zeke exclaimed happily. Justin was nervous that their plan might not work. Dawson had to know he didn't have a girlfriend, let alone a serious enough relationship that he was contemplating marriage. Didn't he? He stood up from the desk, file in hand.

"Woah, where are you going?" Zeke asked.

"I was going to go talk to Dawson," Justin said, annoyed that Zeke was holding him back from his moment of promotion.

"You can't do it now," Zeke hissed. "Dawson won't believe you if you go in there now. Do it first thing tomorrow and tell him you didn't want to say anything because...hmm...because oh, you didn't want to jinx the proposal."

"Do you really think he'd fall for that?" Justin asked skeptically. He paused. "Yeah, you're right. He so would."

Zeke checked his watch again and declared that he would have to leave to call Harper. Justin settled back into his work, thinking about the brilliant plan that they now had. It was such a good idea he didn't know why he didn't think of it before. And he only had to pull the wool over Mr. Dawson's eyes for a month. What could possibly go wrong in one little month?

*Deck the halls with boughs of holly*

"Here's your mail, Miss Russo," Alex's blonde secretary tossed a stack of envelopes on her desk. "And here's your messages."

"Thank you Jeanine," Alex said, piling her dark hair into a bun. Now that lunch was over, it was time to get back to work.

"Alex!" Her best friend Harper tore into the room, looking flush and excited. "Grady Adams is in the copy room. Repeat, Grady Adams is in the copy room."

"Outta my way!" Alex shot off like a rocket towards the direction of the copy room. She slowed her jog to a walk as she approached, smoothed her hair back and straightened out her black dress and silver beaded necklace before walking around the corner of conference room three, which was next to the copy room. She paused when she heard voices, one of which sounded like her crush du-jour, Grady Adams. She had been crushing on Grady for the last year. By now it had become an almost-obsession.

"That Russo is really cute, hey?" she heard someone say. Her heart thudded in her chest. Wow, were they talking about her? She squirmed closer, trying to hear better.

"Yeah, she's pretty cute, I guess." That sounded like Grady's voice. "But I don't know." Her smile faltered.

"You guess?"

"I don't know man, I think I like her but I'm not sure. I've wanted to ask her out for a while now but something keeps holding me back." Alex's smile grew again. Grady was thinking of asking her on a date? She wondered what was holding him back.

"What's holding you back?" Unfortunately Grady's reply was lost in the sound of the copy machine powering up. Alex stamped her foot in frustration. She edged closer to the copy room and stood next to the door frame, pressing her back to the wall.

"So I'll see you at lunch tomorrow, yeah?" Oh no, was that Grady's voice? Alex tried to decide what to do as Grady rounded the corner and she ducked behind a large recycling bin to avoid him seeing she'd been spying on him. She pressed one hand to her chest, trying to will her erratic heart to slow down.

"There you are! How'd it go with your Mr. Loo-oove?" Harper teased when Alex returned to her office.

"Ugh, I almost got caught spying on him," Alex shook her head and sank down into her desk chair.

"Why were you spying? Today was the day you were actually going to talk to him!" Harper insisted.

Her friend sat down in the chair in front of Alex's desk and leaned forward. Alex just slumped over her desk.

"I heard him talking to someone in the copy room," she said. "He was talking to some guy about me."

"That's great!" Alex moaned. "That's not so great?"

"He said he might like me," Alex continued, not bothering to look up. "But he's not sure. That's terrible!"

"Wait..." Harper chewed her lip. "No, that's actually great. We can work with that?"

"We can?" Alex's head shot up from her desk.

"Yes. You just have to make him sure about his feelings."

"And how do I do that?" Alex demanded. She started to lean forward again but spied a photo on her desk. It was a stock photo in a frame that she hadn't found something to put in yet. It showed a happy couple walking along a path in the park, dressed oh-so-cutely in winter attire.

"That's it!" Alex exclaimed. She jabbed the photo in the frame.

"You have to wear cutesy winter clothes and walk in the park with him?"

"No! I have to make him jealous!"

"You got that from that photo?" Harper wrinkled her brow.

"Work with me here," Alex said. "I have to make Grady come to his senses and see how madly in love with me he is by making him jealous. It's perfect."

"How are you going to make him jealous?" asked Harper. She examined the photo, trying to see how Alex had gotten her crazy idea.

"I don't know."

"Oh, maybe you should pretend to have a boyfriend!" Harper said, after setting down the frame. ""You talk about him in front of Grady, send yourself notes and flowers and stuff and see how he reacts. Then, if he seems positively green with envy, you drop the boyfriend like a hot potato."

"Sounds good to me," Alex nodded. Harper left to call her husband and Alex got back to work on her sketches for the new Spring Line, thinking about her new, brilliant plan to catch Grady Adams.

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