hey everyone! this is my first attempt at writing a fan fiction, so please give me critique, but if it was absolutely horrible, please try to tell me gently. if the only reviews I get are the kind that say something along the lines of "oh my gosh you are such a bad writer you cant do anything right", then I swear I will never even TRY to write again. I have self esteem issues, if you haven't noticed. but on to the boring part: I do not own portal 2, or anything in it, including Chell, GLaDOS, companion cube, etc. that's done with, so please enjoy! it takes place after both portal 2 single player and co-op. society has rebuilt itself, but not entirely.

I'm actually ashamed to say it. but I guess when it comes down to it, I have no choice.

I actually care about the homicidal computer. Somewhat. Enough to actually think about going back down there. Now, I know what your thinking. "How could you possibly even CONSIDER going back into that hell hole? She will most likely just kill you on the spot!" Well, she wont. Not under the current circumstances, anyway.

You see, I have no real choice in the matter. I got a... I guess you could call it a call, from she-who-will-go-unnamed-for-the-sake-of-my-sanity. And what happened was... well, it would just be easier to show you exactly than to try to explain.

I closed the front door of my small apartment behind me in a rush. I was so happy to be home, after a long day of work. First I was obviously at my boring day job of asking people the classic question of 'do you want fries with that?' Bleh. It's so dull compared to- don't even go there.

But anyways, after that I went and helped out in our small town's old soup kitchen. Before I got my job, and therefore my ratty apartment, I was a regular there. So its only fair of me to help out in the very place that saved my life.

So I was pretty tired out after dealing with a particularly difficult customer. They really shouldn't allow people in who are so obviously drunk... but that was over with for the day. and now I was home... I didn't even bother taking off my coat before I plopped down on the couch to indulge in some mind-numbing television. As long as it has nothing to do with evil scientist masterminds, or anything like that, I have continually looked forward to the bliss of watching anything that happens to be on.

I turned it on and settled in, laughing at poor coyote's sad attempts to catch that ever mischievous road runner. I silently thought to myself about every one of his sorry plans and tried to figure out how to make it work, before I catch my thoughts starting to wander towards when I was actually doing drastic things like that to try and escape from... I mentally slapped myself and tried to return to the program.

But all to soon I'm interrupted by a strange sound coming from further into the apartment, towards the bedroom. It sounded like the weird static that I would sometimes hear coming from radios in- no, I thought to myself. Don't think about that. I got up, and listening to the sound of explosions beckon me to come back to the couch and ignore the all to familiar noise coming from the bedroom, I stubbornly turned right around and started cautiously heading towards the sound.

Now, the bedroom is nothing fancy in itself. Just a small twin sized bed up against the far wall, a small window that only looks out onto the somewhat busy street below. A bookshelf that I tried, (and very much failed at), building. A few classic books that I found laying out in the street litter the lopsided shelves, but I haven't indulged too far into them. Even the slightest hint of familiarity... brings on some things that I try not to think about. But there is one thing in my room that stands out from everything else: a giant, scorched cube with faintly glowing hearts in the center of each side. And it was from this particular thing that the sound was emitting.

I cautiously stepped into the room, ready for the cube to suddenly become a psycho robot and try to kill me, or something of that essence, at least. But I am able to relax, just the tiniest bit, because as soon as I closed the door behind me, the sound stopped. the cube just sits there, as I slowly moved forward to examine it. I took a cautious step forward, and another, until I had crossed the tiny room and was able to slowly kneel down in front of it.

I started to inspect it, being carful not to jostle it too hard, just in case, as I lifted it slowly from the ground. I suddenly jumped back and dropped the cube hard on the ground. I got ready to bolt, when the voice stopped me.

Its that voice. The one that I had been dreading ever since I can remember. The one that had haunted my dreams for the entire year that I had been living out there in the town.

"Hello, Chell. how have you been? I have been really great, until just recently. yesterday, in fact. I hope that your ready to come to the defense of the facility that is your home. at this rate, its going to implode on itself, and there is nothing that I can do about it. not without the help of someone who is...good at murder. almost as good as me, actually. in a basic, primitive sense."

What actually surprised me the most was the absolute sincerity in her voice when she said it.