Smoke from the end of her cigarette curls into air softly, barely touching the edge of her ruby lips.

"I know how you feel." She said slowly. She had long dirty blonde hair that fell over her shoulder and eyes so blue they were almost violet. Not lying, she creeped me out.

"So…you fell for a criminal. Fell hard. Got beaten up inside by rejection." She said, shrugging. She pulls out a pack of cigarettes.

"Want one?" She asks, but I turn her away.

"My best friend, she hated the new order. I went to them…because I knew I would die if I didn't. She got angry at me, the new order, and her parents, and she ran away…I hear she was a rebel leader, but she got killed…you know, Byron, I want to join them now." She said slowly. I nodded, as my world blurred and a tear fell to the ground.

"I know where their base is." I say quietly. Her eyes widen, and I hear her breath speed up.

"Where?" She asks, pulling my face up so I can see her. So I give her directions, bid her goodbye, and watch her walk away.

"Who was your friend?" I ask just before she's out of sight.

"Margo." She calls back, and then is gone.


"Wisty!" Janine yelled, grabbing my arm and dragging me over to the center of a room where a boy lay, screaming.

He screamed like death himself. Then I saw his face. No…no…no….

"Whit!" the scream was torn from my throat as I ran to his side. Nothing was wrong. Emmet and a few boys were holding him down and I realized why.

His eyes were glowing violet. He was obviously in deep pain, though. I grabbed his arm. He didn't react, but only screamed more.

"Wisty, let go." A quiet voice said. As I pulled away, I saw the shape of my hand had been burned into his skin.

"Let go, now!" The same voice, but now speaking to the boys. I turned around to see a girl with blond hair eyeing us with violet eyes.

"But…"Emmet stars to argue, and then his hands are off Whit, along with the rest of theirs.

"Do. Not. Upset. Me." She threatens, then slowly walks over to me.

"You need a weapon against the One. Here it is." She said slowly, and then gave me a tiny snowflake. Umm…yay?

Suddenly, I got a strange feeling like cold rain had frozen on my back, then I did something deranged:

I was lifted up by a mini-snowstorm. That I created.


After all the hell I had been through, they show me the one. (great way to be merciful whoever was controlling this)

The One was pacing, furious. His face was dark purple.

"Someone has taken my gift!" He roared.

Something cool touched my face. I gasped, sitting straight up. My sister. Was freaking sitting in a swirling cloud of ice and snow.


I can't think. Whit. Alive. Fine. With the resistance in our new base. Then the storm stops, and I fall to the ground. Creepy blonde girl looks at my brother.

"Am I too late?" She asks, eyes quietly sad. Whit looks down.

(A/N ooohhh cliffie. Sorry short 1st chaper. Yes, this is Wyron.)