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Also, I've been playing Pokemon again! Ah, nostalgia. This time I'm writing a series of Elite Four/Champion X Reader chapters. Again, suggestions are welcome :) If you want me to do females such as Lorelei...Pheobe...Glacia...just tell me! I'll be happy to, especially for the male audience. Ahahaha...

No particular order, though. Repeats may come about if desired.

Lance: Champion.

Ah yes, Lance.

You've known him long? You probably lost count by now. All you recalled was the red head hugging his new found Dratini and you cuddling your starter Pokemon. Next thing you knew both of you were challenging each other to battles extremely frequently and building up your friendship. It was hard to decipher who was stronger because there was never a particular order on who won or who lost.

Eventually, the battles died down and not only have your Pokemon starting bonding, but so did you and Lance. You both were inseperatable.

"Hey! Hey [Y/N]!" Lance suddenly said while you both were taking a walk in Celadon Department Store. "Yeah, Lance?" You replied, stopping in your tracks and turning to him. He suddenly had a cape on and was running up towards you. "How do I look?" The enthusiastic red head asked, turning a few rounds to show off the black cape he wore.

You giggled lightly, "Like Batman gone wrong!" Lance pouted and crossed his arms, "I think it makes me look like a Champion." You tilted your head curiously, "Champion?" Lance nodded, "Yeah! One day, maybe I'll be a Champion." He took out a few coins and placed it on the counter before walking with you to the exit with that silly cape on.

You frowned, "But if you become Champion, we won't see each other as often as we do now." You couldn't really bear to lose Lance; he was the only person you ever confided in and he was your best friend. Not seeing him even for one day was a nightmare. Lance pondered for a moment, and he frowned slightly too, "Well that's true...Hey why don't you become Champion too then?"

"No way!" You rejected immediately, "You were always better than me in battling. I don't deserve that title!" You always felt humble about your abilities and often bragged about Lance's instead. The dragon tamer was fantastic and although truthfully you were at his level, you just didn't want to look arrogant.

Both of you exited the department store and took a seat at the fountain area. "Besides, I wouldn't look good in that cape." You jokingly added. "If I look like Batman gone wrong you'd look like Batgirl gone wrong then." Lance stuck out his toungue. You laughed and he laughed too.

Both of you were children back then.

Eventually, both of you grew up to adults. You had your own apartment, and lived in Mahogany Town, just nearby Blackthorn City where Lance still lived. He'd often visit you and you'd often visit him. And with the extension of the PokeGear, both of you chatted non stop till late at night.

And then, that one night, you came out of your bathroom after a nice, hot shower and your PokeGear rang. You quickly picked it up, "Hello? Lance?" "Hey, [Y/N]! Fantastic news!" Your eyebrows raised, "What's up?"

"I've gained the Champion title!"

Bang. No way. That meant neither of you could talk often. It won't be like old times anymore. He'd spend his time with the Elite Four more than you, and it hurt you bad.

"...[Y/N]? Are you there? Hey, talk to me."

You were speechless.

"Are you alright? I was actually about to ask you if I could come over tomorrow. [Y/N]? Are you there-"


"Shit!" You cursed after hanging up, despite it being rude. Tears filled your eyes. He'd spend his time in the League, not his hometown. You quit battling because you felt it wasn't your thing; there was now way you'd battle the Elite Four just to see him. Your Ninetales (AN: Hope you don't mind the Pokemon. I like Ninetales. Haha.) poked you gently in the cheek in an attempt to comfort you and made a sound. Smiling slightly, you pet the Pokemon affectionately and cried.

The next night was not what you expected.

There was a knock on the door and you hesitated. "[Y/N]? You're not going to leave me trapped in the rain right?" Yeah, it was raining. Rather heavily too.

The knock grew louder.

"Hey, come on. You can't be that upset. Right? Don't be like this. Please!"

He was literally begging you to open. His voice was cracking.

Eventually, you gave in. You opened the door just slightly, to see your best friend soaked from head to toe and a Dragonite beside him, looking as hurt as him.

You didn't say anything though. You kept silent. Finally, you opened the door wide enough so you both were facing each other.

You couldn't tell if it was the rain or not, but your best friend was most likely...crying?

Ah, fuck this.

You jumped into his arms. Screw the fact he was damp and screw the rain. It wasn't the first time both of you hugged, but somehow this one felt different. A lot more passionate.

"You can't just leave like this." You mumbled against his shoulder, his hands stroking your back. You felt Lance sigh deeply, as if he was thinking. "I never thought I had to leave so suddenly either. I'm sorry."

Both of you pulled back, and he smiled at you, pushing your hair behind your ears. "You can do fine without me. I'm sure."

"...I'll miss you." You replied, looking down. "And I will too. I'll visit you, definitely." He assured, ruffling your now damp hair.

Dragonite suddenly made a cry and gave Lance a sudden push. It looked rather upset. "What!" Lance yelped, turning sharply at his Pokemon. It pushed him harder. You giggled, "He's saying you aren't done yet." Dragonite nodded quickly, pushing his trainer again. After mumbling about his stupid dragon pokemon, the red head turned back to you, regained his composure, and swiftly pecked you on the cheek.

Then he turned back to the Dragonite. "Happy?" He asked, blushing deeply. You were blushing yourself, taken aback by this sudden action. Dragonite...shook his head. "Aw come on." Lance whined. You raised your hand, "No Dragonite. It's fine." The Pokemon looked as if it wanted to protest but you smirked at it, which caused the Pokemon to give in.

"I'll see you soon then, yeah?" Lance said, scratching his neck nervously. You nodded, "Of course you will."

There was a silence, and neither of you dared to say anything for a short moment. Both of you just looked at each other, smiling. He leaned in, hand on your shoulder as he pulled you closer, and pressed his lips lightly against your's. A kiss in the rain was not what you expected, but why the hell not?

He pulled back slowly, a hand on your waist and another on your cheek. "We never really talked about becoming more than just friends right?" Lance whispered, pressing his forehead against your's. You chuckled, "It was a stupid thought back then." The dragon tamer smirked.

"I love you."

"I love you too, Champion."

AN: Gah. This is corny. Goodness! This was HARD because Johto and Kanto are right next to each freaking other and they share the same League. I kinda presumed that if you were Champion or part of the Elite Four you kinda have to stick yourself in the building and WAIT for GOD DAMN TRAINERS. Which kind of sucks really because you would barely have time to go out and walk without people wanting to challenge you. And less time to call your friends. ...Does that make sense?

Either way hope you like story overall. I did it in the plane where there was turbulence and watching a movie so it was hard to concentrate.