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Before the Blood Dries

Chapter Ten

He had the man pressed up against the wall before either of them could figure out what the fuck had just happened. Because before he could over think it, before he could temper it down, or lose his nerve, everything was already dissolving into crimson hued static and appreciative moans.

- Conscious thought suddenly reduced to the feeling of the man arching up beneath him. To the passionate little cries that were slipping from both their lips now as Lorne's fingers dug deep into the meat of his shoulders. Desperate for purchase as their cocks ground together.

He all but choked on his own tongue when arousal hit. - His, Evans, it didn't matter. It was too much. - He couldn't help but bare his teeth and snarl into it. Hissing against the man's red flushed skin as he let his lips drag across the breadth of the man's shoulders, scenting him. Growling and purring into the man's nape as Evan moaned underneath him. The sensation sending vibrations coursing across his skin like an electric fire, sparking and dangerous.

The man's desire was so intense, so thick that it was down right sobering. – Growing until he couldn't help the high, needy little whimper of sound that escaped from his throat, echoing out almost embarrassingly loud against the other man's lips. - Christ, he was whining. The sound rolling up from the back of his throat in a way he didn't even know was possible.

And even then Lorne was talking him through it, making it worse and better all at the same time as the man whispered filthy things into his ringing ears. - Snapping his hips into the jut of the man's groin on pure instinct, working himself deeper into Lorne's hold like he was trying to climb right into the man's skin. Overcome by how much he wanted…

The man's blunt fingers were still scrabbling against his skin for purchase when he used his superior strength to throw the man up against the wall, grinding against him boldly as he licked a stripe up the man's neck. Delighting in the passionate shiver as the man bared his throat without question.

The action went straight to his groin as he hissed, growling out his pleasure as he bathed the arch of the man's neck with his tongue. Mindful of his teeth as he let his canines score a shallow line across the length of it. Laving and sucking at the twin scratches as he coaxed them into twin tracks of crimson. Favoring them with desperate suckling licks until his saliva healed them over completely.

"God..David…" Lorne groaned, arching up in his hold, all tanned skin and callous roughened palms. The man's blunt fingers digging into the clasps of his trousers with the singular purpose of more; more skin sliding against sweat soaked skin. …More.

He almost startled backwards when Lorne's thumb scored down his zipper, gifting him with a brief burst of friction before his trousers were abruptly pooling around his ankles. Leaving him half naked as Lorne started on his shirt, working his long, pleasure deadened limbs through the arm holes as he simply stood there. - Desperately trying to remember how to breathe.

…And for the life of him, he realized he might have just forgotten how buttons worked…

He was arse naked before he'd even started on the man's pants. But Lorne only licked his lips and stared. And god help him, but he stared right back. - Too stuck on trying to figure out what part of his body he wanted to move first that Lorne actually beat him to it. Surging forward and crushing their mouths together in a way he hadn't thought the man was capable of. - All brutal strength and unquenchable desire.

Evan held nothing back as blunt fingers dug deep into his skin, sending him snarling into the scruff of the man's neck as he used his superior strength to pin the man underneath him. Baring his teeth and hissing in pleasure as Evan pushed upwards. - Trying to unseat him in a mock battle for dominance that had his baser nature roaring. Almost bowled over by the need to claim and take Evan as his own the harder the man struggled.

He let his nails extend. Locking eyes with the man pinned underneath him as he let his index finger drag down Lorne's scar flecked skin. Delighting in the jerky little movements the action produced as he arrowed downwards. - Further and further until the sharp points had reached the man's belt buckle. Letting the action breathe for a long, agonizing moment before his fingers blurred. Sharp claws sending the buttons of the man's pants skittering off dead space with a single flick of his wrist. - Clicking and clattering across the deck plating behind them as Evan's eyes widened, gaze fixed on his bared fangs even as the man's cock jumped underneath his hand.


"For a man that just found out about vampires less then twenty four hours ago, you certain know how to get one riled up." He managed between kisses, hissing with unexpected pleasure as the man arched up in his hold, bucking his hips until his long naked cock strained against the man's ravaged uniform pants.

"I don't know shit about vampires. But do I know you." Lorne shot back, tone airing out like a challenge as the man flashed him a toothy grin. - Panting hotly into the near silence before he leaned in for another sloppy, lingering kiss.

He'd stripped Lorne of his pants and was working blind as he tugged on the elastic of the man's briefs when his canines accidentally scored a deep stripe across Lorne's bottom lip. - Sending blood welling up to the surface in a way that had them both moaning into the kiss. …Losing himself in the red. - Tongue lapping at the raw, metallic taint of new blood, chasing the taste as he sucked the man's lip into his mouth. Matching the man thrust for thrust as Lorne curved up into him.

And even then he couldn't help but bury his face into the curve of the man's nape. Desperate to feel that frenzied pulse reverberating across his skin, torturing himself as his canines ached to plunge deep. To pierce through the man's flesh and dip into the arteries that lay just underneath the surface. - Flirting with the man's death as he pulled tart sweetness directly from the vein. ..Christ.

The fabric of the man's briefs tore audibly, shredding right off the man's hips when he tugged just a bit too hard. Half sheathed nails rasping across Lorne's bare hips as the unfortunate garment slid through his fingers. – Unable to stop the completely unrepentant grin as he hissed into the man's mouth, forcing his claws to retract as he dug them into the man's hips, pulling him in impossibly further as his canines throbbed for more.

Lorne pulled away a few seconds later, breathing hard, eyes pleasure silted and dark. Licking his swollen lips until the man was tonguing up his own blood, curling his tongue around the taste almost experimentally... - Looking him right in the eye as he did it, keen eyes fixed on his face as a burst of lust rocketed through him at the sight.

- Well… that was just…unexpected.

He inhaled with a rattling purr. All base sounds and throaty growls as his fingers ghosted over the thin scratches that still stood out at the base of the man's throat. Hissing in both surprise and warning as Lorne hooked his fingers in his hair and dragged him close. …Baring his neck to him with a single, heart stoppingly deliberate move.

"Do it. I want you too." Lorne hummed. - Pulse jumping under his long fingers as he pressed his palms into the tight muscles that framed the base of Lorne's neck. - Almost kneading the man's flesh with his barely sheathed nails as he rubbed his face into the man's skin.

"You sure?" He rasped. Eyes asking permission even as silver rimmed crimson replaced that of light blue. – Lost to reason as the man pulled him down. Grinding their naked cocks together until his deep, base purrs overwhelmed that of the man's pleasured hitched moans.

"David for gods sake, do-hnng!"

With a growl he struck. Canines sinking in far harder then he'd meant to. - But he just couldn't help it. He wanted this too damned much. Too desperate and far too weak to deny them both, that he held nothing back. - Making the man curl into his hold as his fangs dragged across the man's naked skin, delighting in the aroused shiver the action produced.

Vulnerable skin. Perfect skin. He hissed at the mere feel of it. Grinding his scent deeper into the man as stubble roughened skin rasped across his cheek. - Nuzzling deep into the curve of the man's throat as his fangs pierced through the man's flesh.

There was blood running down Lorne's neck, streaming down from his mark in twin rivulets of thick set crimson. Glinting in the overhead lights like an invitation. - He licked it up greedily, following the tantalizing trail until he'd reached the source. - Searching for more of that rich, tart flavor even his saliva slowly began to heal the worst of the wound.

God..This was so-..

"I feel you." He growled, dragging his canines across the length of the man's shoulder. Fingers curling around Lorne's hips as he yanked the man back into him, lapping noisily at the slowing stream as Evan burrowed himself into his hold.

- And the truth was that he could.

He could felt the man flowing through his veins, sliding down his throat and pooling across his tongue. Pressing against his heated skin as the man's limbs seized underneath his, hips hitching upwards as a desperate little hiccup of noise escaped from between Lorne's pleasured parted lips.

- He could sense things he'd only ever gotten hints of before. Feeling the man on a level that he hadn't even known was possible. – He'd never felt the like of it in his life. He hadn't even imagined... - Evan.. It was all Evan.

Lorne only hitched a gasp in response, eyes rolling up in the back of his head when he flicked his tongue against the open wound. Punctuating the motion with the press of his palm against the man's weeping head. Until both his hand and the man's groin was all but drenched in Lorne's pre-cum. - And he was half mad with the smell of it.

He was still laving the blood off the man's neck when Evan came. Lurching upward and coming all over the both of them as he swallowed the cry right off the man's lips. Cock jumping as their fluid's mixed, grinding himself into Lorne. - Unrestrained and lost to it as he pulled another mouthful of crimson from the slowly closing wound. Moaning into the man's mouth as Lorne's lips blindly found his.

And when Lorne took him in hand the world just whited out. - Mind retreating back to static and base sounds as he whined unashamedly into the man's grip. Growling into the jut of the man's shoulder as his limbs seized, loosing his footing as Lorne's wide palm worked him over. Only half controlling their fall as his trembling knees gave out completely, sending them both sprawling across the floor, bodies tangling together as Evan's hand tightened around him. - Working him hard and almost viciously fast as he hissed into the base of the man's throat.

But against that single minded determination he just couldn't last. – The world suddenly devolving into blood song and the unexpected sweetness of release as he turned in mid fall. Sinking his teeth into the man's neck the exact same moment that his climax barreled through him, lighting up the darkness behind his pleasure shuttered lids the second before the world went dark…

He was still breathing hard when he regained some semblance of himself. - Coming to hopelessly tangled in a jumbled up mess of sweat slick limbs, and the soft grate of another man's chest hair rubbing against his own. Drenched in the scent of blood, sex and come. - Satiated in more ways then one...

"It is not always going to be this simple you know." He said sometime later, still wrapped around the man like some sort of fucked up limpet. All gangling, colt-like limbs and long fingers that couldn't seem to separate themselves from the man's skin.

"I know. But we will face that when, and if it comes around." Lorne responded easily. Sounding deliciously well fucked and far too pleased with himself as he raised his arms up above his head, limbs splaying outwards like the worlds biggest starfish as he stretched contentedly.

- And while he couldn't help but want to agree with him on that point, he wasn't entirely sure if Lorne meant the vampire thing, the gay thing, the Pegasus thing, or the whole lot of them at the same time.

"But being what I am... And where we are I-…" He began, only to be brought up short once again when Lorne snorted out a deep, huffing laugh somewhere between his left hip and the smooth line of his flank. Rubbing stubble strewn cheeks into his sensitive skin as the man just chuckled gently.

"Sounds like just about any relationship I've ever been in." Lorne finally replied, propping himself up on one elbow so he could look him straight in the eye. - Gaze broaching no argument as blunt fingers came up to stroke the length of his freckled thigh, the action calming and arousing all at the same time.

"Besides… David, we live in an alien city in another galaxy. You work with cancer curing plants and trees ten times as..friendly as they should be. And I fight scary ass monsters that can literally suck the life out of your chest with their fucking hands. – You apparently drink blood on occasion and we just had mind blowing sex all over your bedroom floor. - …I think we're a bit beyond 'what ifs and maybes' don't you?" Evan finished, grinning down at him smugly as amused laughter danced in the back of his pleasure darkened eyes.

And for a long moment afterwards he couldn't help but grin right back, bringing the man in for a slow, lingering kiss before he took him by surprise. - Feinting to the left before lurching up from where he'd been laying on the floor, taking Evan down into the side of his dresser as he rubbed himself across every inch of skin he could reach. Using his strength to keep the man pinned as he nipped his way across the length of the man's shoulders. Tweaking his nipples unrepentantly as Evan squirmed. Working him over until he pulled a pleasured groan from the man's red bitten lips.

- Unable to hold back a low, base sounding growl as the man's scent rose around them. - …Thick and impossibly arousing as he breathed it in…

Because really, at the end of the day the man had a point… – The sex really had been mind blowing…

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