All the rights of Pokemon belong to Nintendo and the idea of Poké Wars comes from Cornova. I wanto to give thanks to both Captain Zangano and Zarrelion for helping me to translate this chapter.

Who would have thought that the world would change like this?
That one day, all reality, all we know, would disappear in the blink of an eye.
Sometimes, I stop to think about how the world might have been if none of this had happened.
That millions of innocent people and Pokémon have not been killed,
That we had not lost our homes, our families and friends,
That a Pokémon had not decided to take such a drastic decision,
That there would not have been war...

Poké Wars: The Survival

The Beginning of the War

August 16

Night blanketed the small forest. In a clearing, two figures were sitting around a bonfire while the other five slept peacefully not far from the fire. One of the figures around the bonfire was a teen of about seventeen years old, with brown eyes and hair and clad in long robes, thanks to the cold of that night. The other figure was a scarlet feathered Pokémon watching the flames he generated. The teenager was looking at something else: a silver medal. The plaque read: "Second Place, Ever Grande Conference. Arthur Collins from Petalburg City" Arthur looked it with a mix of pride and disappointment.

"What a trip we took, Bruce… We traveled all over the Hoenn region. We won eight gym medals and we become incredibly strong together." Arthur looked away to his other five Pokémon.

"But anyway, we just got the second place. Fate has strange designs, doesn't it Bruce?" The latter said to the Pokémon in front of him. Bruce was the first Pokémon of Arthur. He began his journey as a helpless Torchic bullied by the other Pokémon on Professor Birch's laboratory. Now, he was a powerful Blaziken. Bruce was not only Arthur's main — and strongest — pokémon but also his best friend.

Bruce looked up and stared into the eyes of Arthur.

"Although I must admit that Marcus and his Infernape was the biggest challenge we had had up until then. Truth be told, we both had the same chance of winning," Arthur said as he gazed into the bonfire.

Bruce nodded; Monferno was the most difficult opponent he had fought in his life. Although he had lost, he and his trainer had ended up being one of the favorites of the Conference of that year, winning many fans and admirers. For Arthur, it was all a strange and new experience.

"Tomorrow, we arrive at Petalburg City; we better go to bed early, I'm eager to visit Professor Birch."

It was more or less a year ago since Arthur saw him directly. He wanted to thank him for being introduced into the world of pokémon and his support by video calls throughout his journey. Arthur would also visit his master, who taught self-defense in the dojo in his hometown and Birch would be able see his son, Brendan, whom he had not seen in a long time. Coincidentally, Brendan also happened to be a great friend of Arthur's. He thought of the great coincidence that so many people he knew would be in the city that day; it would be a great reunion.

He looked at his sleeping pokémon. Maybe Bruce was his strongest pokémon but without the others, it would have been impossible to go fruther. There was Bahamut, his powerful Salamence. Next to him was his Lanturn, Lucy. A pokémon with the gift of being both a water and electric pokémon. His Alakazam, Leonard — or "Leo" — was leaning on Bahamut. The Alakazam had been named in honor of an uncle who worked as a researcher at a company called Orretech. Kaiser, his Tyranitar, was asleep in a tree not far from the others. Finally, Shadow, his Gengar, slept on the grass.

Arthur yawned as he got out his supplies; tomorrow would be a new day and he had many things to do.

"Well, Bruce, it's time to rest," he said as he unrolled his sleeping bag. As he did so, he heard groans from Bruce. "What's wrong Bruce?"

No reply except more groans. Arthur turned his head. His eyes widened as his grip faltered, causing the bag in his hand to hit the ground with a dull thud. Bruce was in the throes of a debilitating condition: his body trembled, his hands clasped around his head, his eyes closed and beak open in a silent scream.

As suddenly as it began, it stopped. For a few seconds. Columns of incandescent rage rocketed into the night sky as Bruce punched, kicked and slashed at invisible demons. Nightmarish screeches of pain rent the air.

Arthur could only watch — mouth agape and feet rooted in place — as the rest of his team succumbed to the assault.

Lances of fire issued forth from Bruce, many of them narrowly missing the trees. Lucy was an out-of-control thunderstorm; jagged bolts of electric fury screamed forth from the writhing mass that was Lucy. Shadow staggered about in blind agony as umbral spheres flew from his hands with wild abandon. Kaiser repeatedly stomped the ground as if to dull his agony. Each stomp from the Tyranitar caused the ground to ripple like a stormy ocean. Bahamut roared as he lurched through the skies. Flamethrower and Hyper Beam issued forth from his gaping maw without concern of their target.

The maelstrom of pokémon attacks increased in its fury — and Arthur was right in the center. It was then he noticed something unusual. The fires of Bahamut and Bruce looked brighter and warmer than before. It seemed that if he touched the fire, it would be no different than sticking his hand into the bonfire he had created before. He would be badly burned. Bahamut launched a Hyper Beam that smashed into the ground, digging a huge crater that had Arthur staring in shock. The deafening tattoo of explosions came courtesy of Shadow's Shadow Ball attack. Even though the black spheres flew into the distance, Arthur could feel the blast rattling his lungs. Each stomp by Kaiser ripped gashes in the earth that seemed to have no end. Lucy's thunderbolts struck near Arthur — much to his consternation — leaving behind leaving scorched grass and the biting odor of ozone.

This is crazy! What the hell is happening? If this continues I'm surely dead! Arthur thought.

He did the only logical thing. He ran. He ran as fast and as far from the raging storm as his legs could carry him. His heart hammered in his chest as he ran. He racked his brain as to why his pokémon's attacks suddenly became so powerful.

When he felt he had made it a safe distance, morbid curiosity — or was it concern — compelled Arthur to turn back towards the epicenter of the chaos. The last thing Arthur saw was Leonard, letting loose an ear-rending scream as he opened his eyes. Arthur would never forget the sight of Leonard's eyes ablaze with a freezing azure glow as the Alakazam struggled to restrain the immense psychic power surging through him. Before Arthur could say anything, he was roughly hurled to the ground and left unconscious by an invisible force.

After a while, Arthur slowly began to regain consciousness. He lay on the grass, unable to do much but feel pain. As he struggled to his feet, he tasted blood in his mouth. Was it the result of the fall or Leo's attack? What if this wasn't the last? Arthur recalled the terrifying power of his Pokémon's attack. How were his Pokémon? Were they hurt, or worse, dead?

Arthur's Pokémon were unconscious on the ground. He ran first to Bruce and felt for a pulse. The faint beat of the Blaziken's heart caused Arthur to breathe a sigh of relief. Bruce was unconscious, but alive. A few more minutes, he found that Lucy, Shadow, Bahamut, Kaiser and Leonard were in the same state as Bruce.

The trainer looked at his backpack. There was the usual camping gear and other supplies needed for a journeys but nothing that could deal with a medical emergency as serious as this. That left him only one choice: he needed to get his team to a Pokémon center with all due haste.

Arthur returned his team to their pokéballs and extinguished the remnants of the bonfire. He silently thanked whatever deity that had kept Bahamut and Bruce from turning the forested campground into a raging inferno. If that had happened, all of them would have most certainly been killed. After packing his things, he took off in a dead sprint to Petalburg City.

After a seeming eternity, Arthur saw the lights of his home town. Despite it being half past eleven at night, the city was bustling with activity — and not in a good way. People were milling about in streets littered with broken glass and debris. Many of them cradled unconscious pokémon in their arms. Arthur looked around; many houses had windows shattered or doors torn from their frames. The young trainer headed straight for the Pokémon Center. En route, he saw an ambulance with lights and sirens going full bore barreling towards the human hospital. Did the same thing happen in the city as well? Were there people injured? Or maybe — Arthur shuddered as he recalled the ambulance passing by and the now deadly attacks of his pokémon — dead?

Arthur burst through the doors of the pokémon center. The crowd of distraught men, women and children cradling their friends, pets and loved ones parted as if by an invisible hand. The frantic movements and barked orders of the Nurse Joys added to the cacophony.

A trainer with an unconscious Zigzagoon in his arms shoved his way to the front of the crowd milling abut the desk. "Sorry," she said looking over the young man with haggard eyes. "We're at max capacity and our Chansey have been affected by some strange phenomenon. If your pokémon are not seriously hurt, we'll treat them here.

She then pointed to an area where pokémon were lying on mattresses, blankets or sleeping bags. Their trainers — some of whom were themselves injured — had been pressed into service as nurses and orderlies.

Other pokémon were placed on stretchers and hustled to ICU. Their wounds were of a variety that Arthur had never seen on pokémon before: horrid gashes that exposed glistening muscle and fat; third-degree burns that left the victim looking more like a charcoal briquette than a pokémon; limbs twisted and bent into unnatural angles or even bones so badly broken that they protruded from the skin, among other disturbing injuries.

The young man's stomach lurched as he took in the scene before him. He swallowed in an attempt to force the rising bile back down into his stomach. Luckily, a voice was able to take his eyes off the mangled pokémon.

"Sir!" a nurse said. "If you pokémon are not seriously injured, please take them to the indicated—"

"Nurse, wait!" a familiar voice said. "Let me handle this!" The voice came from an old friend: Professor Birch.

"Professor!" Arthur exclaimed.

"Come here; there's something I have to show you!" The professor took Arthur to another room of the pokémon center.

"Arthur!" At the mention of his name, the young man looked around the room. A panoply of familiar faces stared back at him.

Present was his master; Brendan, Professor Birch's son; the local gym leader, Norman with his wife Caroline and son Max. The couple's daughter, May, was absent as she was in Johto competing in pokémon contest circuit. Andrew, an old friend of Arthur, who had taken up pokémon breeding instead of training was also present.

The first few minutes were marked with greetings and statements of relief that everyone was okay. Unfortunately, once the greetings were over, it was time for the questions. Questions that would undoubtedly have unpleasant answers.

"What happened!?" Arthur demanded. "I was supposed to arrive here tomorrow morning! Instead, my pokémon get hit with some strange affliction, I almost died!"

"Some affliction has struck the city's pokémon too," Brendan replied. "We were all gathered in the gym when all the pokémon in the city were suddenly affected by this strange event. Most of the pokémon are unconscious — for now"

Brendan was the fourteen year old son of Professor Birch. The teen had begun his adventure several years ago. In between the start of his journey and now, he had won the medals of the League and even placing third in the Ever Grande Conference three years ago. Since then, he had devoted himself to traveling and battling in the different battle towers around the world.

Brendan and Arthur had met on the latter's journey and they soon became good friends. Arthur was surprised to find out that he was the son of Professor Birch. He had never pictured the man as a father. As usual, Brendan wore his trademark outfit: a white cap with a black band at the base with a red pokéball design on the front. Try as he may, Arthur never knew why his friend liked it so much. A red shirt, black fingerless gloves, a light yellow and blue jacket, black sweat pants with yellow accents at the pant legs and sneakers patterned like his jacket completed his outfit.

"My apprentice, I notice that your adventure has strengthened you, it's a shame that my partner is not awake to greet you."

Arthur turned around at the voice and saw his master, Batuo. The elderly man wore a black robe, white linen trousers and sandals. Despite his age, he was very healthy and in excellent shape. Batuo came from a distant land about thirty years ago whereupon he settled in Petalburg city. Since then, he built his house and dojo there, where upon he taught his disciples. Being Arthur his current student at the moment.

Batuo's partner was currently lying in an MRI machine. The machine whirred and hummed as it scanned the seemingly uninjured Medicham.

"Thank goodness you're safe, Arthur!" Norman exclaimed.

Being from the same hometown, Norman and Arthur knew each other. In fact, Arthur had won his fifth gym badge last year after triumphing against his normal type pokémon. Arthur also knew about Norman's wife, Caroline. On the other hand, he knew pretty much nothing about their two children, Max and May.

"Lucky the Houndour missed you," Andrew said.

Andrew was a year younger than Arthur and lived on the outskirts of the city. His family came from Johto and brought their beloved Houndour with them. They raised Houndour as guardians and companions. However, business was not very good. Mainly because they were not native to Hoenn and their demonic appearance did little to help matters. Andrew's mother managed the farm, while his father, in contrast, had what was widely seen as one of, if not the, worst jobs: the army.

There has not been a war in decades and many people felt that military forces were obsolete. His father's influence was definitely visible in Andrew's outfit of combat boots, a white shirt, dog tags around the neck and woodland camouflage pattern BDU trousers. Tiredness was visible in his dark eyes and sweat dotted his short black hair. Apparently he had run all the way from the breeding farm to the pokémon center to treat his Houndoom and Hondour.

"I think the scan is almost done," Professor Birch said as he heard a beep to mark the end of the procedure. He then bought up the results from the scan on the computer. Batuo, Norman, Max and Brendan crowded around the terminal.

"Any clue as to what happened to Medicham and the others?" Batuo asked.

"This is—"

"What is it dad?" Brendan asked.

"There is a strange anomaly in Medicham's brain. Each pokémon has a brain area that controls their attacks and limits what the pokémon can learn according to their genetics. It also regulates how strong they are but half of that brain area of Medicham shows no neurological activity…" Professor Birch trailed off.

"And that means?" Norman demanded.

"Either Medicham can no longer use attacks or his attacks have become incredibly powerful; something like…" He struggled to find the right words.

"More lethal?" Andrew suggested. He brushed a long scratch on his arm that had scabbed over. He had gotten this wound very recently; one of the Houndour had him and drew blood — something that had never happened before.

Max digested this information. He had remained silent until this point. "So…Now attacks can hurt people and pokémon…"

There was dead silence. Pokémon never have been dangerous to people, their attacks never deadly. What caused this strange phenomenon? Were pokémon affected just in the area or was it something massive? These questions haunted the mind of everyone present.

Then Max said something that chilled everyone to the core. "What if a pokémon…kills…I mean, when a pokémon defeats another in combat, it gains experience and becomes stronger, but now what happens? How strong they would become? Could this incite them to attack us?"

A collective shudder ran through everyone. No one said it but it was greatest fear: being attacked by these nightmarishly powerful wild pokémon. After an agonizing minute, Birch finally spoke.

"Max does raise a valid question. Let me run some simulations."

The scientist went to the computer in the room and bought up a simulation program. He ran a test, to see what would happen if a common and weak pokémon — in this case a Zigzagoon — defeated a human-like opponent. The result was revealing and chilling: it predicted that the pokémon would instantly evolve into Linoone.

The whole room was deadly silent. Their worst fears were confirmed; pokémon were now capable of killing and they grew stronger with each kill. Then there was a sound that made everyone's hair stand on end. The sound of Medicham beginning to regain consciousness. How would pokémon who belongs to a pokémon trainer react? Will Medicham slaughter them?

The entire room breathed a collective sigh of relief when Medicham simply looked at the crowd surrounding him. His face bore a questioning expression. Everyone was relieved. Could this mean that everything would be okay?

"We all know that you have many questions about what happened to the Pokémon. However it is late and I need to bring the results of my simulationto the police," Professor Birch said.

"Professor, what will happen then?" Norman asked.

"I cannot answer that. For all we know, we may have to evacuate the city. But discussions of that will occur tomorrow. I'm sure you are all very tired."

Everyone agreed. The clock showed that it was a bit past midnight.

"Are your pokémon fine, Arthur?" Professor Birch asked.

"Well…My other pokémon as well as myself were knocked unconscious by a psychic attack from my Alakazam. As you can see I am fine; however, my Pokémon are still unconscious. Unhurt, though," Arthur replied.

"Well, that will relieve some of the burden of the nurses. Their Chansey still are unconscious but soon they should recover and be able to treat the seriously injured. Well, it's time to get some sleep."

Everyone turned around and headed for the exit when they were stopped by the professor's voice.

"Please be careful outside."

The words taken to heart, the crowd started to disperse. Arthur followed Batuo and Medicham.

"I am supposed to be staying at your house, Sifu?" Arthur asked.

"Yes, my apprentice. We agreed with your parents that you would be staying at my house until they return. Tomorrow, you can go to your house and take whatever you want while you stay at the guest room," Batuo replied.

Arthur, Medicham and Batuo emerged into the main area of the pokémon center. Things were running more smoothly now. The fact that several Chansey were now awake and rendering assistance was probably a major factor. The trio left the center and went to Batuo's house. His house was a two-story house built in a traditional Asian style with an annex that also served as the training area.

They entered the house, left the shoes next to the door and went upstairs.

"Well apprentice, go to the guest room and get some rest. Tomorrow, we see how strong you and your pokémon have become in your journey," Batuo said.

"Roger, Sifu, see you tomorrow, have good night," Arthur replied.

Medicham and Batuo and went to their rooms as Arthur entered to the guest room. Arthur collapsed upon the single bed waiting for him. He was completely drained by the events of tonight and he just wanted to sleep.

Several hours later, Arthur was rudely awakened by shouting and someone roughly shaking him.

"Arthur, Arthur! Wake up!"

"Sifu, what is going on?" Arthur replied as he rubbed his eyes. The golden light of dawn could be seen through the window. "It's too early in the morning…"

"Get up Arthur!" Batuo shouted. "Norman's boy was right! The wild pokémon are attacking the city!"

That did it. The sudden surge of adrenaline banished all sleepiness from the young man. "What!?" Arthur shouted, launching himself from the bed.

It was then he noticed that Batuo had a jian in each hand. Arthur bolted off to seize his belongings. In his haste to get ready, he wasn't able to tell if the red on his master's swords was blood or not.

"Quick! Medicham is repelling them downstairs!" Batuo barked.

Master and pupil went down the stairs at full speed and arrived to the training zone. The annex/training area was a large space, with sliding doors overlooking the courtyard. There was Medicham fighting against a group of Zigzagoon, Taillow and Poochyena. Medicham was using Psycho Cut to generate two purple energy blades from the back of his hands. With lethal speed and accuracy, he slashed at his foes, removing heads and limbs with the lethal grace of a champion swordsman. The floor of the annex was soon decorated with heads, limbs, organs and blood.

Arthur was paralyzed. He could not believe the orgy of violence in front of him. What scared him most was Medicham's expression — a cold, concentrated stare. The pokémon's actions were mechanically efficient; his goal was to protect his master and his disciple at all costs. The mobility and precision in their attacks were something Arthur had never seen before. Medicham was now much stronger than Arthur remembered him.

The side walls of the training area fell inwards as three Linoone and three Mightyena entered. The six glared at Arthur and Batuo. Arthur released Bruce. The Blaziken was now awake. Bruce's eyes burned with same mix of fiery determination and joy at unleashing his now massive reserves of power.

Batuo seized a qiang hanging on a wall and threw it to Arthur. The disciple took the two meter long, black wooden pole and brandished it.

Arthur felt nauseous at thought of killing a pokémon. But the eyes of the Mightyena and Linoone were filled with uncontrollable bloodlust. If he gave them any opening, they would tear him apart. He had no choice. It was kill or be killed.

"Bruce! Are you ready?" Arthur shouted. Blaziken

Bruce nodded and gave a battle cry. He cocked his fists as flames wreathed his wrists.

Student, teacher and pokémon charged into battle.