~Why are they crying? Who is it for? Me? Yes, this isn't such a bad way to die. . .~

I remember my head being held by a girl; I believe her name was Ishtar. Was she crying for me? I do not recall or even though for I was drifting in and out of an unconscious sleep at that point. But. . .why; why was she crying? Oh; I remember know, I used THE spell. The spell to end all spells. 'La Gamma.' This simple easy to learn spell that takes the life-force of the user and turns it into a weapon. Of course, the user usually dies in the process, dragging the opponent down to hell with them.

What I wasn't or rather, couldn't tell her was that I was heavily shielded when I used the spell. Aside from having my magic completely drained from my body, I was okay and definitely alive. All this happened two years ago and I haven't been near her castle since. I suppose that Ishtar is the queen now and Darres has been promoted from captain of the guards to king. I'd drop in to see them if it weren't for two things.

They think I'm dead

I've been sleeping ever since the incident

Kind of makes it a little (okay, a lot) harder, don't you think? I know that I fell asleep because I used up all of my magic. My servant, Raules had to find me, and bring me back to the castle where I have been in this god damn sleep for two long shitty years. Dammit! I want to get up soon.

Another long boring half-assed year passes, I have been asleep for three damn years now. I can hear people talking, they sound really worried, but I can't tell who they're talking about. I wonder when I'll wake up; I really freaking hop that it's sometime soon though. I'm tired of lying in bed. I twitch and the voices stop. what the hell is going to happen next?