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'Get out of my head!' 'Nope! I don't want to.' 'Then I shall make you.' What? NO! He really was trying it, magic was surging up around him and I couldn't hold on anymore, we separated, mind and soul and I fell onto the floor with a thud. Duzzell's shocked voice met my ears before he became angry with me, burning my body into ashes. I then knew that I would never ever be able to come back again. They had won, how? I didn't know, nor did I wish to care.


Philos seems to tear in half. Two people fall on the fall, one is my brother and the other completely shocks me. "Mother?" She sits there, glaring at me, the scars still visible on her body. Then anger consumes me and I burn her flesh, caring not for her screams of pain. She deserved this and I was tempted to increase the temperature of the flames until Philos placed a shaky hand on my arm and shook his head. It wasn't necessary to do that. Sighing softly I grab the arm, and drag him, and Raules into a portal waving a hasty good bye to the queen and king of this land.



I am sitting on my throne, forty years of age, grandchild are playing by the base, when a messenger comes in with a letter. It's not labeled with anything but my name, and I gently open it, pull out a letter and begin to read.

Dear Ishtar,

It seems that it has been twenty years since we have last seen each other. Don't worry, we have all been doing fine. I'm married now, it took that fool long enough, he proposed nineteen years ago. I was wondering when he would get around to it. Actually, the news that I wanted to share with you was that I gave birth four years after he proposed. We have three children now, twin boys 15 years old and a little girl about 10. The boys are named Yami and Shun, while the girl is Luca. We might actually drop by later on this years, say Christmas? We all can't wait to see you again though I imagine you'll look very different due to the passing of those twenty long years.

Many things have happened while we were separated, we've moved my husbands {it feels very weird to be calling him that, but I suppose I'll have to get used to it. Ha! I'm still not used to it even after nineteen years of us being married.} belongings into the castle. Actually, I sent my twin sons out to see you and they should be arriving by the time you've finished reading this letter.

Best of luck in your life,


Ishtar giggled softly, Duzzell was amusing. But sure enough, twin boys who looked just like Philos walked into the room, smiling all the way.