Title: Sign of the Times
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Summary: Abby teaches Ziva something. Happy Holidays Zoyaroses (Marla)

Sign of the Times

Gibbs walked into Abby's lab, with Ziva in tow. Abby's music was as loud as it could go. Ziva scrunched up her nose as the music was not to her taste. Gibbs knew trying to communicate with Abby by speaking would be useless, as he would not hear a syllable. He moved in front of her.

Turn the music down, he signed.

Abby noticed him and noticed Ziva. She grabbed the remote for her music and turned the music down to a more acceptable level.

Sorry, she signed.

Thank you Gibbs signed back. He handed her a new Caf!Pow. Ziva watched as the signed. She was fascinated by signing.

"What do you have?" Ziva asked. Abby explained why she had called the down to her lab. Gibbs and Ziva applied Abby's finding to the case. Then Gibbs got another call, from Ducky this time, and he disappeared to Ducky's lab.

"Don't worry we weren't talking about you," Abby said once Gibbs had gone. Ziva looked up at Abby.

"Pardon," Ziva uttered.

"You were staring at me and Gibbs when we were signing," Abby replied.

"Oh," Ziva said as a smile dawned over her face. "If you must know Abby I was fascinated."

"With ASL?" Abby asked, she was rather surprised by Ziva's admission.

Ziva nodded. She had always been fascinated with language. Her parents and extended family were all multilingual. She grew up exposed to French, English, Turkish, Spanish and Arabic as well as her native Hebrew. She found sign language equally fascinating.

"I could teach you," Abby finally replied. Ziva looked up at her with wide eyes.

"Really?" Ziva asked. Abby nodded.

"Sure," she answered. "Let's start now," Abby said as she took Ziva's hands.

Gibbs returned a few minutes later.

"Ziver," he called.

Hello, she signed. Gibbs smiled.