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Chapter 1: Divine Intervention

A solitary man is stood on the bridge of an Ancient built vessel made obvious by the architectural layout and design. He is stood barely thirty centimetres from the Captains chair in the centre of an open plan bridge. His eyes scanned the space in front of the ship through a massive window that made up entire front section of the control area.

His brown hair barely touched the top of his long brown and cream sectioned robe. This man is Janus, a respected scientist of the Lantean high council. The vessel on which he stands is the Lantean scout vessel the 'Luminarium'. The Luminarium was one of a handful of ships that the Lanteans built upon their return to Terra (Earth) from Atlantis.

Even though the Luminarium was a deep space scout vessel, it served its purpose with the Lantean fleet by patrolling the Terra system. Janus had successfully managed to complete his time travel research by using a gate-ship (Puddle Jumper to the Atlantis Expedition) to travel and record future events. But because of the limited power generation of the gate-ships Naquadah energy cells, he could only go so far into the future.

Luckily Janus had a very old friend in a position to give Janus a helping hand by providing him with the Luminarium. His long time friend was a high-ranking general in the retiring Lantean Fleet Command.

Ever since they returned to the quiet galaxy, the use for the Lantean military had reduced significantly. Without the threat the Wraith posed, what remained of the shrunken Lantean council had decided that they no longer had a need for warships.

It had been decided by Moros that the Lanteans should focus on ascension instead of trying to rebuild. This had been embraced by many of the once great race, but there were pockets of resistance.

Janus had decided upon leaving the rest of his civilisation to slowly diminish, while he continued to explore parts not yet known.

The Luminarium continued to orbit over Terra for a few more seconds before vanishing in a slipstream of distorted space.

Roughly 10,000 years later.

The Luminarium appears in orbit of Terra once again. This time, hundreds of satellite defences and weapon platforms are protecting the planet from attack. As well as the overkill defence grid, close to thirty warships of different designs and origins patrol the space around Terra with Janus's sensors showing up to 1,000 ships defending the star system.

A console flashes and a reoccurring 'beep' indicates that a ship is approaching the Luminarium. Janus could see the vessel. A corvette sized vessel (smaller than the Luminarium) approaching his ship from dead ahead.

As the vessel got closer, Janus could see the weapons that the small vessel supported. A mixture of Lantean and Asgard were among the primitive projectile weapons attached to the hull of the corvette.

A console on the other end of the bridge 'beeps' to indicate an incoming transmission.

"Unknown vessel, you have entered Earth control space. Identify yourself immediately." A strong voice says through the speaker system on the Luminarium bridge.

Janus replies after a few seconds after his scans are unable to break through the ships defences even with the modified sensors Janus himself created. "I am High Councillor of science Janus Am. I am here on a mission of peaceful exploration. I mean you no harm." Is all Janus could come up with.

"Please transmit your personal security code to verify your authenticity." The male voice replies.

Janus presses several buttons on his chairs console and transmit's the message not seeing much

choice. "High Councillor Am, we've been expecting you." The now pleasant voice replies before the Corvette moves off and continues on its patrol.

A look of confusion springs up on Janus's face. 'How could they have been expecting me? I'm from 10,000 years ago.' Janus thinks to himself.

"It was because of me." A familiar voice says from the entrance to the bridge.

Janus swings his chair around to face the open door. Stood in the doorway is a tall brunette with a smile on her face. "Ganos?" Janus asks even more confused.

"Hello Janus." Ganos smiles happily.

"But how?" Janus asks with confusion still on his face.

"How? Well, to put it simply I ascended with the others and now I'm here to get your help." Ganos beams.

"My help? What do you need me for?" Janus asks more confused.

"The ships out there are not of the Lantean Empire. They are the Terrans ships. The other vessels in this system are from the Terrans allies. This fleet and this world are all that remains of the once powerful Gate Alliance. Under seven years ago, five years after the Terrans defeated the Ori, the Pravus returned to this galaxy. They slowly began to take the surrounding galaxies then came to this one. They managed to do in under a year what the Lanteans had tried to do in 100. They slaughtered the Wraith in one clean sweep using biological weapons. When they came for this galaxy, the Terrans and the Gate alliance didn't have much to defend with. Terra was uniting and only had a couple of ships to use, the only other race in the galaxy that had ships and were willing to use them was the crumbling Jaffa Nation. In the first engagement at the edge of the galaxy was disastrous. A fleet composed of seven Jaffa mother ships and three Terran ships fought a fleet of six light cruisers, three heavy cruisers and a battleship. The Jaffa ships only had primitive technology and not much in the way of powerful offensive weapons. They were little more than practise for the Pravus ships." Ganos begins.

"And the Terran ships faired better?" Janus asks.

"Yes, but not by much. The Terran ships did more than I thought was possible. Using weapons provided by the Asgard, the Terran ships held their own. The combined effort managed to destroyed two of the light cruisers and disable a heavy cruiser, but it wasn't enough. As their ships began to make head way, they were also beginning to feel the strain. The General in command was forced to retreat before their precious resources were destroyed. After the first engagement, other Pravus vessels arrives. In the past seven years, all of the worlds the Gate Alliance once controlled have fallen into the hands of the Pravus Empire. Terra is all that remains of the Alliance." Ganos finishes with a tear in her eye.

"Why Terra? And why didn't the Ascended intervene?" Janus asks a little angered.

"Because it is one of our highest laws not to interfere with the lower plains of existence. But when the Pravus attacked on the lower plain, their Ascended began to attack us. For the past seven years we ourselves have been enthralled in a war that could reshape the universe. Also before the war we ourselves faced a civil war that was sparked by the Ori. The two factions fought constantly. One side wanting the to continue the old ways while the other half wanting to use their knowledge to benefit the lower plains and help them defend themselves with the technology we could provide." Ganos says explaining the reasons of past events.

"And why didn't the Pravus attack Terra?" Janus asks understanding what Ganos was saying.

"Because Atlantis now sits on the planets surface on an artificially created lake. The city is protected by multiple layers of shielding. The entire planet has shielding powered by millions of sub-space capacitors. The shields can withstand years of bombardment and coupled with the anti-orbital weapons and the orbital defence satellites, this world is a true fortress world. This is one of several contingency plans encase the primary defence fails. They have poured every available resource to make sure this world survives." Ganos smiles at the expression of amazement and disbelief on Janus's face.

"Normally this entire system is locked out of phase so the Pravus can not attack this stronghold. But at the request from a friend, the Terrans deactivated the phase network. Normally only Alliance attack groups leave and return after making strategic assaults." Ganos continues to smile.

"So, what is it you want me to do?" Janus asks trying to get over his amazement.

"Even though this world is nothing short of an amazingly defended fortress world, the Pravus are beginning to set in motion a plan to destroy this world." Ganos says before weakness forces her to droop a little. Janus jumps out of his chair and catches Ganos. He stands and braces her. Ganos smiles weakly.

"The others have begun their attack on the Pravus ascended empire. I need to go and help them. The others want you to travel back eleven years ago which it a year after the defeat of the Ori. That will give you the most amount of time to begin strengthening the galaxy and help the Terrans in anyway you can. You need to prepare them for war and we need you to give them our technology. The Terrans will need your guidance. You will need to teach them as we hope they one day will do to others." Ganos says. She looks away quickly and her eyes dart back to Janus.

"You have to go. The Pravus ascended have informed their people that this system is vulnerable. The Terrans are reactivating the phase network. Good luck Janus." Ganos smiles before vanishing in a white light. Janus doesn't waste any time before returning to the control chair and pressing a button on the time drive controls.

Eleven years earlier

In orbit of Earth, 5 X-304 Deadulus class Deep Space Carriers are on patrol. In a stream of distorted space, the Luminarium appears in orbit. The Odyssey is rerouted from its patrol to intercept the obviously ancient ship. On the Odyssey's bridge, Colonel Cameron 'Shaft' Mitchell is sat in his command chair. He had recently been given the command after his exceptional command of the vessel during his mission to the Ori galaxy in search of the Ark. SG-1 now had broken up to pursue different assignments. Sam had taken command of the USAF George Hammond, Daniel was busy on Atlantis looking through the database day after day with Vala annoying him anyway she could and Teal'c had returned to try and reform the fractioned Jaffa nations. The Colonel looks at his watch. '01/01/11' was shown on a little digital section that showed the current date. "Sir, we're within communications range of the ancient ship." Major Kevin Marks the weapons officer of the Odyssey for this month.

"Alright." Cam nods. The Colonel presses a button on his command chair.

"This is Colonel Cam Mitchell commander of the Earth ship Odyssey to unknown vessel. Please identify yourself." Cam says still uncomfortable with his 'greetings' message. A hologram appears at the front of the bridge in front of the window.

"That will not be necessary Colonel. I am Janus Am of the Lantean High Council. I wish to speak to the leader of your world." Janus smiles.

"Umm, I'm sure that can be arranged Mr. Janus, but first we would like you to come over to this vessel, your ship can remain in orbit for the time being." Cam smiles trying to reassure the ancient inventor.

"That would be lovely. I'll be over in no time at all." Janus smiles before the hologram shuts down. Less than a minute later, a Jumper launches from the Luminarium and heads for the Odyssey's port hanger bay. Cam turns to Kevin.

"Have our guest escorted to the conference room, I'll meet him there. Also have Dr. Keller ready to take blood samples and compare them with the DNA samples in Atlantis' database." Cam says before getting up and leaving the bridge. Marks continues to press buttons on his workstation. Cam enters the elevator at the end of the corridor leading away from the bridge and exits the elevator when it reaches the level he wants. The Colonel walks down the corridor past several crew members working. He turns a corner and enters the conference room. Janus is stood looking out of the window at Earth or Terra as the Lanteans call it.

"Janus, I'm Colonel Mitchell." Cam says walking over to him and standing with him for a moment.

"Hello Colonel, I take it you know who I am." Janus smiles holding out a hand for Cam to shake. Mitchell takes the hand and shakes it briefly.

"Of course, but how do you know our greetings." Cam asks intrigued and surprised.

"It's a long story. But I have come to help you." Janus smiles.

"Help us how exactly?" The Colonel asks.

"Well, I understand that you have recently defeated the Ori." Janus continues to smile.

"Yeah, and it wasn't easy." Cam says remembering all the battles and the final mission against the Ori.

"Well, I come bearing bad news. In five years, an ancient enemy of my kind will return to enact revenge against us. I have come to help you to defeat them." Janus smiles.

"Wait, hold on a minute, what exactly did you do to piss these guys off?" Mitchell asks the ancient scientist.

"Well, I won't bore you with the details, but over a millennia ago before we left for what you call the Pegasus galaxy, we were involved in a war with a race known as the Pravus. Our technology was far superior to their own and we easily defeated their fleets and their ground forces. But the Pravus have a gift for advanced biological viruses. They used this to their advantage and killed millions that were considered impure and not worthy of living. It was in fact of that reason the war began. But after bombarding their industrial worlds and destroying their shipyards, the High Council believed that we should not commit genocide ever. So we left their home world fairly intact. It has taken them a million years to rebuild and close the technological gap between us. They have shields that match those on our strongest warships. I am here to help your race unite and defeat the Pravus with your allies. I will be making this same offer to your allies in this galaxy, and will introduce you to races in different galaxies that will help you in the War. The Pravus Empire encompasses several galaxies and they have dark allies and minions that will assist them. You will need all the help you can get for this war." Janus finishes before looking back at Earth.

"So you know about Earth and the many countries on the surface?" Mitchell asks.

"I know a bare minimum. Countries like America, Britain, Russia, China, France, Spain and Germany will be the leaders on this world and I'll need all of their cooperation to untie the planet under a single banner. I plan to involve all of them in your Stargate program before uniting the world. This process will take at least a year and then you will need to begin to working together and reassuring the public. If you agree, I would like to meet your allies right away." Janus smiles.

"Well, I can get the President of America, the representatives from Britain, France, China and Russia will take longer to get a hold of." Cam smiles.

"That is fine, but time is off the essence." Janus says nodding but still looking at the planet below. Mitchell walks over to a nearby intercom box and radios the bridge.

"Marks, inform the President that we need him up here straight away. Our guest wants to talk to him." Cam says into the intercom.

"Yes sir." Kevin replies over the radio. The Colonel nods to himself and walks back to Janus.

"He'll be up here as soon as he can." Mitchell says to the ancient.

"Good." Janus smiles to himself.

"So, what is it that your planning on giving us?" Mitchell asks curios.

"Everything. Including help with the Asgard technology you have in your position." Janus smiles knowing that the Colonel was shocked.

"Umm, Even ZPM's?" Cam asks.

"Yes, even Potentia. And the knowledge of how to construct any technology in a way your science can understand." Janus laughs at the expression of surprise and delight on the Colonels face.

"Sounds interesting." The voice of President Henry Hayes says. Janus and Cam turn on their heels to see the aging President standing in the door way with a briefcase in his hand.

"Mr President." Cam snaps into a salute.

"At ease Colonel." Henry smiles. The tinning haired man walks into the room and sets his briefcase on the long black table. Hayes pulls out a chair at the head of the table close to the door and sits in it putting his hands on the desk.

"Please take a seat." Henry gestures at the chairs at the opposite end of the table.

"Thank you." Janus smiles and sits down while Mitchell remains standing.

"You too Colonel." Henry smiles.

"Thank you sir." Cam nods and takes a seat.

"Now Mr Janus, what is it exactly you are offering us?" Henry asks the ancient scientist.

"Everything." Janus smiles.

"What exactly?" Hayes asks wanting a straight answer.

"Every piece of technology the Lanteans had. From weapons to shields, from ship construction technologies to energy sources. Everything." Janus smiles looking at the now shocked face of the president.

"Even ZPM's?" Henry asks. Janus smiles and nods.

"What about drones?" Henry asks.

"What are drones?" Janus asks confused.

"They're the primary weapons on Atlantis and the outpost in Antarctica." Cam quickly explains.

"Ah, yes even drones." Janus smiles.

"What about control chairs for the drones? We recently lost our control chair to a wraith attack." Henry admits.

"Yes, them too. I will teach you how to construct these technologies for yourself and how to use them properly." Janus nods while taking out a small pad.

"As I have told your Colonel here, I will help you unite your world under a single banner and help strengthen your allies. I wish to speak to any of your allies that wish to talk to me." Janus explains while putting the pad away.

"That will not be a problem. I will contact the Jaffa, the Hebridan and the Tok'ra. They are our only allies that have space faring ships. All of our other allies are human civilisations like the Kellownans of Langara." Henry smiles.

"That will do for now. I wish to see your best scientists and meet them on Atlantis." Janus smiles to the President.

"Of course. I'll have Colonel Carter meet you with Dr. McKay on Atlantis." Henry nods.

"Colonel, if you could have this gentlemen beamed down to the Atlantis gate room and inform Colonel Carter and Dr. McKay to meet him there." Hayes says to the still shocked Colonel.

"Yes sir." Mitchell nods before getting up and walking over to the intercom.

"Marks, have Colonel Carter and Dr. McKay meet Janus in the Atlantis control room and beam him to the gate room." Cam says into the box.

"Aye sir." Kevin replies. Suddenly in a flash of white light the ancient disappears from the room.

Janus appears in a flash of white light in the Atlantis gate room. Rodney practically sprints down the control room stairs to meet the ancient inventor. Sam is beamed in beside Janus. "Janus, I'm so glad to meet you, I'm Dr. Rodney McKay." Rodney says shaking Janus's hand very quickly.

"Nice to meet you Doctor." Janus smiles.

"I'm going to need my hand back." Janus smiles to the human scientist who was now just holding his hand.

"Ah, of course." Rodney says letting go of the mans hand. Sam holds out her hand to the Lantean.

"Hello, I am Colonel Samantha Carter." Sam smiles.

"Hello Colonel. I am Janus." The Lantean smiles.

"Yes I know." Sam says as the hand shake ends.

"Well, now if you'd like to follow me." Janus smiles leading the way out of the gate room. Rodney follows him without a second thought and Sam smiles. She follows on behind the pair. They enter a transporter and Janus presses a button on the touch screen. The doors close when all three are in the small room and disappear in a flash of white. When the doors open again they are standing at the end of a corridor that leads in two directions. Janus heads straight on towards a locked room.

"We've been down here before. There's nothing much down here apart from a locked room and a storage area. We tried to blast through the door, but it appears to have a shield that is powered by a separate power source." Rodney says looking up and down the corridor.

"Yes, I know." Janus smiles. The ancient heads for the door control panel and runs his hand over it. The blue shield fades and the door opens. Rodney and Sam stand in the door way shocked at the site of the room beyond. A large raised platform in the centre of the room with a large control console in front of it. The room is reminiscing of the hologram room except the platform is bigger and of a different design. Three ZPM's are in their slots along the wall behind the controls and are providing power to the room.

"What is this place? And how come we couldn't detect the ZPM's when we first arrived?" Rodney asks in astonishment.

"To answer your first question, this is a molecular synthesis machine or a universal constructor. As for your second, this room is heavily shielded. This place was built during the Wraith siege of Atlantis. With our off world infrastructure destroyed and our supplies beginning to diminish, we built this. It was capable of building anything we needed as long as there was power. It works in a similar way as a ZPM but it is powered by a sub-space capacitor that is constantly charging. This device can build anything we need." Janus smiles pointing at the control console.

"But why are the ZPM's here?" Sam asks before Rodney asked in a long winded question.

"They provide power to the rooms protective shield. This was one of our best technological achievements in many years, we wanted to protect it." Janus smiles.

"So we can take them to power our ships?" Sam asks the Ancient who has now moved over to the control workstation.

"No need, I am here to teach you how to use satellites to build new ones. We normally placed an orbital station around a sun to charge its capacitors and when the capacitors have enough charge, they create a ZPM and store it in the cargo bays." Janus says bringing up a holographic design for a station.

"Do you think there are any remaining in Pegasus?" Rodney asks.

"It is possible that one or two survived, but I have hidden back ups encase none survived. But for now, this constructor can build ZPM's no problem. It'll take most of the charge the synthesiser has, but it'll only take an hour to recharge. But first." Janus says bringing up the holographic design for a Control chair. The fully sized hologram lowers slightly and materialises on the platform.

"A control chair." Rodney smiles.

"Yes, they can be built complete or built in separate pieces and constructed else where." Janus smiles.

"This chair will take one of the ZPM's on the wall for power." Janus points at the three power modules in the wall alcove.

"That took 50% of the energy, it'll take half an hour in your time measurement to recharge." Janus smiles.

"I have now lowered the shielding around this room so your ship in orbit can move this chair where ever you want it. But I recommend housing it in a shielded and well protected facility." Janus smiles.

"Well, it could be set up in the new Area 51 base. With the destruction of the original, we decided to remodel and redesign the base. The new outpost has shields and weapons capable of defending it." Rodney smiles trying to impress the Ancient.

"Do you require a power generator for this base?" Janus asks the scientist.

"Oh, um, no. You see we have built the base with a Naquadah power plant so it'll have plenty of energy." Rodney says shaking his head.

"Why do you use Naquadah generators when you have Atlantis? Surly you've been able to find the schematics for our power generators." Janus says confused.

"Umm, no we haven't. For some reason most of the technological database is sealed shut with heavy encryptions." Rodney says still disappointed that he couldn't break through the Lantean protection.

"I see. Well, I will be able to unlock that information as soon as we get to the control room. I am surprised that the Asgard gave you their weapons technology but no better means of power generation." Janus smiles before noting the upset look that shoots across Colonel Carters face.

"What? What is it?" Janus asks in confusion.

"Well, you see, the Asgard committed mass suicide just over three years ago. We've since tried to use their Computer Core to the best of our ability, but it hasn't worked out. We have the schematics and the materials, but we can't reproduce a large amount of their technology. Only shields, some of the weapon systems, minor medical equipment and some basic power generators. It'll take us a few years to begin to understand a fraction of the knowledge." Sam admits more disappointed than Rodney.

"I see. Well, there is a way, but I must get permission from your government." Janus smiles with his fingers dancing over the controls of the console in front of him.

"Permission for what?" Rodney asks.

"To use nanites to help you learn." The Ancient smiles.

"Not such a good idea. We've faced nanites before and not really turned out so well." Sam says sceptically.

"You are referring to the Asurans." Janus says disappointed at such a monumental failure.

"Yes, and others." Rodney nods.

"Well, you mustn't fear. I will be programming them and you two may assist me. They will only be used to store and prove an understanding of information. Nothing more." The Lantean scientist smiles.

"Well, I guess I could get the President to listen to you at least." Sam smiles.

"Excellent. But right now, after this control chair has been moved to your base, I must see this Asgard computer core." Janus smiles.

"Okay." Rodney smiles thinking of all the possibilities that could present themselves.

"Alright." Sam smiles. She presses her ear piece.

"Deadulus, please beam this control chair out of Atlantis and to the new Area 51 site." Sam smiles. A seconds later the chair vanishes in a flash of white light and the three then leave the same way after Sam asks to be beamed into the Asgard computer core room onboard odyssey. Janus looks at the Neo-Norse design and smiles.

"Lets get to work then shall we?" Janus asks smiling at the two scientists.

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