Chapter 10: Truly finding ones feet is a challenge for all.

K Tau, Edge of Aschen Confederacy territory, Milky Way Galaxy

January 29th 2012

10:00 EST.

The Hebridan Battleship Eamon s Valour exits hyperspace in orbit over a planet on the boarder between the Galactic Alliance and the Aschen Confederacy. The planet had recently been absorbed by the Aschen into the Confederacy. The Hebridan Battleship had been rerouted to investigate the current conditions of the world now under Aschen control.

In orbit of the world, two large Aschen Destroyers and three frigates were protecting the newly gained world. Transports and Harvesters were heading to and from the Destroyers to fill their cargo holds full of resources that were needed to help rebuild the Aschen home world of Asch. The home world of the Aschen had received the SGC black list from Boron one of their administrators.

The first gate address had been a link to a black hole that slowly began to suck Asch through the stargate. After the gate was finally shut down by a large overloaded generator exploding into the event horizon, a total of 15% of Asch had been sent to the black hole via that stargate. The Aschen were using their advanced technologies and transplanted soil from confederacy worlds to restore Asch.

As the Hebridan ship approaches K Tau, the Aschen frigates move to intercept the Hebridan vessel. Instead of opening communications, the Aschen frigates open fire with they reverse engineered Gou ld staff cannons. The orange plasma slams into the silver shield of the Hebridan Battleship. Like all alliance ships except Tau ri vessels, the Eamon s Valour was protected by powerfully modified Lantean shields.

The Hebridan Battleship fires its Hebridan/Terran/Tollan Ion/Bolt rail guns at the Aschen ships. These new tri-rail guns were an amazing achievement. Three barrels made up the rail guns and had been created because of the cooperation between Hebridan, Tollan and Tau ri scientists on Olympus. The first barrel fires Terran style Naquadah rounds, the second fires Hebridan laser bolts and the third fired small Ion rounds. These small but strangely powerful weapons had a little bit of Lantean technology to increase the firing rate of the weapons and the cooling systems for the guns.

Within seconds all three frigates have been crippled and the triumphant ship begins to scan K Tau and take orbital images. After a complete rotation of the planet, the Lantean/Hebridan sensors detected that one of the Aschen Destroyers had left the other and was heading for the Eamon s Valour . having completed her mission the Hebridan ship enters hyperspace as a salvo of Orange plasma is launched her way.

Olympus, Great Alliance territory, Milky Way Galaxy

January 29th 2012

10:50 EST.

Narim is stood on a balcony overlooking a half completed ship. The vessel looks somewhat like a stretched Ion cannon with an elegant and majestic look to its lines. He is stood in front of one of the many Tollan warships under construction on Olympus.

War was not a new concept to the Tollan, but it had been frowned upon by many in the government. Even now members of the Curia were trying to stop the war preparations but had been outvoted by the remaining majority. The newly created War council had already begun forming crews for their space fleet.

At this moment, the Tollan fleet was comprised of two warships and five cruisers all of which were busy running drills over Tollan. Narim knew that even if Janus was wrong about the Pravus war, war would eventually return to the galaxy.

The Alliance was closely monitoring the shrinking Lucian Alliance and the slowly increasing threat of the Aschen Confederacy. Unfortunately for the Alliance, there would always be a black-market and underground/illegal activities, but they could prevent a large amount of activity by taking the planets from the Lucian Alliance and placing them under Earths protection.

Then there was the steadily increasing danger from the Aschen. They were masters of Bio-weapon technologies and made quick use to exploit their deadly viruses. Even though the Aschen had star ships, their military technology was far below even that of the Gou ld. But they made up for their technological disadvantage with numbers. The latest intelligence reports indicated that the Aschen had begun recruiting militias from their member worlds that had already begun construction of a space fleet.

This is what scared the Alliance council the most.

Orillia II, Outer edge of Pegasus Galaxy

January 29th 2012

11:30 EST.

Hel is stood in a main control centre for the Shipyard constructing his O Neill class Battleship. The Helheim II, was an O Neill class Battleship with several Lantean technologies aiding her destructive power. As well as all of the standard Asgard weapon system, large Drone bays had been incorporated into the design as they were the best weapon to fight the Wraith with. Her crew of Einherjar had already been grown and were continually training until the ship was complete.

Hel, The Helheim will be finished soon. Until then I suggest you focus your energy on boosting our resources and our army. Varian says approaching him from behind.

I will brother, but I wished to see what will soon be our Flagship against the Wraith menace. Hel explains looking at the silver hull of the Helheim shining in the light of the Dock.

I understand, but the Helheim will be the only one of her class unless we increase our supply collection network. Varian nods.

I understand. I will go and inform the High Council of our need to expand. Hel says bowing his head before disappearing in a flash of white light.

Tollana, Centre of the Tollan Nation, Great Alliance territory, Milky Way Galaxy

January 29th 2012

12:50 EST.

Narim is stood looking out over a large area of farm land. The farming Domes provided by Olympus were a great way to farm. All members of the Alliance had gained the faming domes. With a controlled environment and slight genetic improvements the crops were being harvested all year round.

This technique and the domes had been a welcome replacement for all alliance members. With artificial sun light, computer controlled element distribution, a controlled atmosphere, nutrient rich synthetic water and other key systems made the farming domes suitable to produce crops all year round. The domes were a completely sealed environment and visitors had to go through decontamination before entering them.

Narim stood in wonder as one out of the four fields were being harvested by agricultural droids and hover-harvesters. The droids and harvesters weren t needed in all of the alliance farm domes, in fact only the Tollan, Tok ra and Hebridan heavily relied on the robots.

The Tau ri Alliance and the Jaffa Federation had decided to use the robots to assist experienced farmers and this allowed the Alliance and the Federation to increase the number of domes in their position. The domes were capable of being placed on land or on water so to make total use of a planet. They were capable of being upgraded to be placed on uninhabitable worlds.

The Alliance of Terra had placed a total of three domes on a planet in their solar system called Mars. This was the makings of their industrial colony on the planet. The first Dome was a farming dome, the second was a industrial dome mainly having universal constructors, Drone factories, weapons plant and a couple of Neutrino Ion generators while the third was the main living area with flats, houses and office buildings as well as the colony s command centre. This option made it easy to inhabit planets with a toxic atmosphere while City/Ships would make a colony capital on habitable worlds.

Olympus, Great Alliance territory, Milky Way Galaxy

January 29th 2012

13:50 EST.

The Eamon s Valour is in orbit of Olympus. She had made it back to Olympus several hours ago and the council meeting had already taken place. Currently, Earth was the rightful owners of K Tau, but they only had a single ship to spare. The Hammond was the only vessel that was free to liberate K Tau. The Apollo, the Sun Tzu, the Chekov and the Britannia were defending Terra with the Odyssey assigned to protect Centauri III.

The Deadulus or Wraith Basher Task Force consisting of the L arme, the Necromancer, the Zhu Di, the Acheron and the Basilisk were still in Pegasus fighting a war with the Wraith while the Task Force Flag Ship Deadulus was on a top secret mission. Five more ships from the Centauri shipyards were going to be finished in a weeks time, but K Tau couldn t wait that long. The Vigilant, the Kersaint, the Kedrov, the Griffin and the Eclipse were all scheduled to be completed in a week with even more shipyard being completed and activated at the same time from the Mars Orbital Shipyard. Another five ships were scheduled to be completed in another two moths from the same yards.

The Lantean technology was truly astounding. But luckily for the Hammond, she wasn t going in alone. The Hebridan had kindly offered the use of the Eamon s Valour Battleship and the Jaffa were allowing the Wisdom of Teal c under Commander Bo rak to assist the Hammond. The three ships enter hyperspace en route to K Tau. After an hour in hyperspace the three Alliance ships exit hyperspace in direct orbit of K Tau.

The two Aschen Destroyers from the previous engagement were sat in orbit still receiving supplies from the surface only this time, two cruisers and six frigates were reinforcing the Destroyers. Sam presses the button to open a sub-space communications link.

This is Major Paul Malcolm acting commander of the Tau ri George Hammond. K Tau is under Tau ri jurisdiction. We were given the task by the Asgard to protect the worlds under their guidance. Leave now or be destroyed. Paul says to his ear piece.

This is Admiral Garn of the Aschen Confederacy. This world now belongs to the Confederacy. Do not make me destroy your pitiful ship Major. A hard voice replies.

This is a world that rightfully belongs to Earth and is under our protection. This is your final warning. Malcolm says nodding to the Weapons officer. Suddenly, orange plasma slams into the shields protecting the Hammond. The orange bolts are blocked by the silvery/blue shields from the Asgard.

Weapons fire at will! Evasive actions! Paul shouts. As the orders are heard they are carried out. The Hammond ducks below the stream of incoming fire and accelerates to her top speed. In seconds the Hammond has closed the distance between her and the small Aschen fleet.

Fire Asgard batteries. Malcolm nods to the weapons officer. The Hammond lets loose three beams of blue plasma. Each blue lance heads for a different ship. One lance slams into and through a cruiser as if the ships shields didn t exist.

The cruiser in question explodes as the beam weapon goes through her length and causes the reactors to breach and overload. The explosion from the cruiser sends debris and a small energy wave into her two sister cruisers weakening their defensive bubbles. Another beam carves its way through one of the Destroyers centre and secondary explosions cause the large vessel to break in half.

The two halves drift for a second before the rear half explodes and the energy wave begins to send the front portion into a decaying orbit. Flames begin to erupt across the front of what remained of the destroyer while armour plating and weapons are ripped off the hull opening more breaches.

The third lance shoots between the remaining Destroyer and the remaining cruiser causing both ships shield generators to overload and explode on the ships hulls. The Hebridan and Jaffa ships move into the fray. The Hammond fires another lance into the half of the Destroyer that is heading for surface of K Tau.

Debris from the explosions that consumed what was left of the Destroyer begin to burn up in the atmosphere and now poses no threat the people of K Tau. The Hebridan Battleship fires her tri-rail guns into the frigates and cruiser while the Jaffa ship goes toe-to-toe with the Aschen Destroyer.

In seconds two more frigates and the remaining cruiser where nothing but debris and the Aschen Destroyer had lost shields and had multiple fires raging across her hull. The surviving four frigates enter hyperspace and leave the Destroyer to her fate.

Admiral Garn had managed to transport over to one of the leaving frigates in time. The Jaffa Gerrik class fires one of its Lantean Proton Beam cannons at the Aschen ship and it explodes sending debris into the silver glowing shields of the Jaffa mother ship. The Hammond and the two other ships remain in orbit of K Tau.

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