Chapter 1

This is my first fanfic ever and I thought hey, why dont I take a whack at it.

I dont own anything... except for the iphone I wrote this on.

"Ive almost got it."

"Could you hurry up already. I think your breaking my back."

"Are you trying to say something, Wally." Artemis said with a stare that would make even Batman want to go crying to Alfred.

"No no, it just seems like you might be enjoying this a little to much, thats all."

"Well if you would hold still and stop figitting i could get this stupid thing on."

"Oh, urhh well then, arhh by all means take your-."

"Got it!" Artemis said jumping down from Wallys shoulders landing behind him with ease. Wally was finally able to stand up straight as he looked up.

"It looks a little crooked maybe you shou-." And that earned him a slap to the back of the head. "Nevermind it looks fine." Wally said rubbing the back of his head.

"I think it looks perfect to tell you the truth." Artemis said.

'Ill never understand her definition of perfect.' Wally thought to himself, looking at Artemis. She glared at him again as though she knew exactly what he thinking.

In front of them stood a large christmas tree complete with decorations and a somewhat crooked star on the very top. It seemed somewhat out of place being in the living room of a dark dreery cave, but it did brighten the mood a little bit.

"What do ya say we plug it in."

Flash back

"Recognize. Kid Flash B03." The computers voiced echoed through the cave. Wally began walking past the sparing ring towards the living room with his duffle bag in hand. Almost immediately he noticed the large tree standing in the corner next to the tv. Wally began sniffing in the air. "Cookies!" His eyes darted to the kitchen to be greeted with an entire tray of sugar cookies with hershey kisses on top of them. He looked around not seeing anyone. Dropping his bag on the couch he speeded into the kitchen and reached for one of the delicious looking cookies.

"Dont even think about it Wally!"

Wally jumped and could swear that he made a yelping noise hoping no one else heard it. His eyes met the eyes of the green martians. "Those cookies are for both of you." She said with what looked like a devilish grin on her face.

"Oh hey Megan, i wasn't going to eat any I swear uh haa." He said with both his hands behind his back. His eyes slowly scanned downward and locked onto the backpack she had by her feet.

"All set to go to visit your uncle i see." He said with a wide grin. He knew full well she was now dating Connor and respected her wishes. "Ya Im going to be leaving sooner than i thought, a big snow storm is on its way and i plan on being there before it hits. Im also going to be dropping Connor off at Supermans parents for him to 'get to know the family'."

"Well its about time that he got to meet them. I know how long it tool Superman to tell his parents that he technically had a son so Im actually surprised that it tool this long." Wally said.

"Ya I know, Connor said that Superman told him that it was a special christmas present just for him. You should have seen Connors eyes when he found out, he was so excited."

"Ill bet."

Both their eyes turned to the super boy walking down the hall into the living room. "Megan do i really have to wear this sweater you made, it seems kinda lame." He was wearing a knitted sweater that had green and red stripes and a large blue S on the chest.

"Oh come on Supey, I think its very becoming of you." Wally said with a large smirk. All he received was a death glare from Connor that eventually faded into a small smile and finally turned into a small laugh. By then all three of them were laughing.

Wally was the first to stop since he had something lingering on his mind. "Megan, you said the cookies were for both of us, but you two are going to be leaving so who else is there."

"You'll have to share the cookies with me, Baywatch." The blonde girl said walking into the kitchen. "Unless you already scarfed them all down."

"The thought had crossed my mind." Wally said with a small smile almost as if he was being a little shy.

"Megan, do you know where Robin and Kaldur are, I haven't seen them all day." Connor asked.

"Hello Megan, that's right, Robin is spending the holidays in Gotham and Kaldur returned to Atlantis yesterday. Thanks for reminding me. Well I guess its about time for us to be heading out if we want to beat that storm... I trust you two wont destroy the place while we're gone?"

"Dont worry, im sure we can handle this old place and keep it from falling to pieces." Wally said with a big grin.

"Good to hear." Megan reached for her bag but noticed it wasn't next to her feet where she left it. She turned to see Connor already having it on his back.

"Are you ready to depart my lady?" Connor asked with a loving expression.

"Why yes I believe I am." She said in return, her cheeks now a slight red. They started off leaving the room for the hanger. "Oh, before I forget, I left the decoration for the tree in the gym if you two get bored. Cya."

"Bye." They both said in unison as the two aliens left the room.

"Well i guess Ill go look for those decorations." Artemis said

"And Ill test the cookies, you know, to make sure their safe." But before he could get anywhere near them he was being pulled away by his ear to the gym. "Ow ow ow."

"C'mon Baywatch."

A little short but it is only the beginning. Let me know what you think.