Chapter 5

Ok so I know that it had been like over a month since I have updated my story and your right, but I had a good excuse cuz I moved in the middle of the winter and I know it sounds stupid but for some reason we did. Who knows. Anyway I couldn't get this story out of my mind and kept thinking of how to keep it going so this is what I came up with. Hope you all like it

The sound of ocean waves crashing down on water echoes in the distance accompanied by seagulls making their calls. The feeling of uneven sand beneath a thin towel as she relaxes her body to take its shape. A light breeze blows the tiniest bit of sand through the air as she feels it land on her back. The thought of wearing just enough clothing to cover her womanhood and nothing else subsides in the back of mind. The most important part to take note of is the warmth emanated from the sun high in the sky and the sand that she is burying her toes into. She opens one eye slightly to glance at the figure snoozing on the other end of the towel only centimeters away. Taking in the feeling of warmth and relaxation, she signs deeper into towel. Perfect tranquility.

She tenses as the towel is wrestled with and a shadow is drawn over her face. Opening both eyes, the figure lying next to her is now gone. Propping herself onto her elbow she looks up to see who is blocking the sunlight but is more concerted as to what 'he' is doing just standing there. "Wally?" She asks staring at his face that has no expression on it at all. Even his eyes seem uninvitingly dark and cold, not wanting to let anyone in. "What's wrong?" She continues now generally worried.

His figure turns and begins to retreat across the beach, away from her. Not quickly like he prefers, rather slowly as though she would easily be able catch up to him and stop him. She finds that she cant get up, she cant even move or turn herself off her tummy. She is frozen there only able to watch as his outline begins to disappear in the distance. His body becoming wavy and blurry from the heat that is being given off of the sand, the distance between them growing. "Wally wait!" She screams at him, telling her body to move, get up, do anything to stop him. He doesn't stop, only continues his trek across the hot sand. "Don't go." she says quieter to herself wishing with every fiber that he would turn around and come running back to her. She would probably never let go of him again after that. Keeping him in pounding distance just incase she had to break one of his legs so he wouldn't be able to run away. And then, just like that, his body fanishes. Gone from existents.

Tears begin to form on the farthest corners of her eyes only to be blown back by a gust of wind. A very cold gust of wind that seems strangely out of its element. Hoping that she knows the source of it she looks up scanning the beach in front her, not finding what she wanted. Instead of finding 'him', she is horrified and scared by the sight before her. The roaring sound of crashing waves can no longer be heard as the once swirling ocean has been replaced by a thick sheet of solid ice. The toasty sand she was cuddling was now covered in blanket of snow that was cold to the touch. Her gaze drew upward to the suns previous position which is now the cool light of a full moon. She shivers at the cold and returns her eyes to the direction as to which he left. Her eyes widened as what could only be described as a an avalanche of ice and snow speeding towards her. Her thoughts were scattered about her family and the team but they finally rested on Wally. If she was going to die here, that's who she wants to remember the most, hoping that by some chance she would be able to retain her thoughts in some kind of after life. Just before the avalanche reached her she closed her eyes one last time and screamed out his name.

"Wally!" Artemis half shouted as she almost fell off the bed. Breathing heavily she drew her legs close to her. 'Just a dream.' She thought shivering at the thought of it and the coldness of the room. 'Holy crap its freezing.' She thought feeling the cold air hit her exposed back that the blankets weren't covering. She remained laying on her side facing the edge running through the events of the dream. Suddenly the other recent events of that night flashed through her mind as she realized she wasn't in her own bed. The sheets felt different than hers and a familiar scent was buried into the bed spread. A smirk crossed her lips when she realized she was freezing for no reason when she had her own personal heater laying next to her. Without turning over she slid her hand behind her back and along the sheets to find her 'heater.' A feeling of concern hit when she reached the other end of the mattress, an area of heat barely noticeable where he was snoozing. Just as she was rolling over to look at the empty bed, not that it mattered with out any light, something caught her eye on the ceiling. It was a fine line of light that stretched out of her line of sight. She moved her gaze, following the line until it reached the far wall. The door to the hall cracked open which poured just enough light in for her to determine Wally wasn't there. She sat up, the blankets falling to her waist and the brisk air slapping her bare chest. "Ahh." She whispered loudly pulling a blanket back up to her shoulders. Glancing at the clock it read 2:47. She scanned the floor and found the outline of her pjs and a shirt. Artemis slid out of bed, freezing, threw the clothes on and headed for the lit door. "Wally?" She said poking her head out only to be met with the dead silence of an almost powerless cave. Normally there was at least some kind of low pitch humming of something beeping, but this silence was just plain creepy. She headed for the one place she might find him this late. The kitchen.

Walking down the hallway that lead to the kitchen, she couldn't shake the feeling of her dream. Its like it was matching up with what was happening in real life. She was sleeping happily and warm. But then at some point Wally got out of bed and all that turned into a nightmare. 'He couldn't have gotten far.' She thought reaching the entrance to the kitchen. A smile spread across her face at the sight before her. Fiery red hair that was pointing out at every direction and his long toned freckled back that went down to his pj's. 'If only we kept the lights on, I would know just how far those freckles go.' She relished in the fact that he didn't know she was there and that she had the element of surprise to do just about anything. The first thought was to sneak up behind, tie up his wrists and legs and carry him back to bed to 'have her way with him.' But she would just have to settle with sneaking up on him since he would prolly just run away or end up tying her up instead. Artemis closed in on him noticing the smell of food in the air. 'Of course.' She thought.

"Couldn't sleep, beautiful?" Wally asked still facing away from her. She froze in her spot with her jaw dropped.

"How'd you know I was here?" Her ninja skills were pretty good and she had no doubt she could sneak up on Robin on one of her good days. Wally turned and smiled when he looked her up and down. "What?" She asked placing her hand on her hip.

"Nice shirt." He responded turning back around on his stool. Artemis looked down at her orange baggy shirt. 'Orange?' She thought as her face reddened and she looked back up to Wally. She walked up next to him seeing the half eaten sandwich with god only knows what was in it.

"What can I say, I look good in just about anything. Even your ridiculous shirt." She smirked as Wally choked on his food. "Ill take that as a compliment." Once Wally was able to regain his composure he scarfed down the rest of his sandwich and pulled Artemis onto his lap.

"To tell you the truth, you really do look good in my clothes." A slight blush crossing his cheeks as he said it. She tangled her fingers in his hair, pulled his head back quite forcefully and claimed his lips as her own property.

"And don't you forget it Baywatch." She whispered as she snuggled into him for warmth. That's when it dawned on her. "Hey aren't you cold without a shirt on?"

Wally couldn't help but smile. "Are you worried about me agai- Oww what was that for." He said rubbing his shoulder.

"But seriously I'm freezing, its like 20 degrees in here." She said closing the gap between their bodies once again. She was practically shaking from the cold now.

"Another one of the perks of being a speedster, we give off a lot of heat so it takes a lot to make us cold." He stated.

"Well that's not fair, I want to be warm tooooo." Artemis said with a playful voice.

"Well, I can make you warm but only if you give me a hand with these." Wally said raising his bandaged hands. This reminded Artemis of the previous events that happened to Wally making a frown appear on her face. "Hey what's wrong?"

Artemis snapped up. "Oh nothing, do you want me to rebandage them?" She asked taking his hands gently into hers.

Wally grinned. "No, actually I want to take them off... they really.. get in the way." Wally said the last part softly causing Artemis to blush and dip her head back down to stare at his hands.

"Are you sure your hands have healed already, its only been a few hours."

"Why don't we find out." He still said softly. Artemis' face was burning up refusing to look up at him. He was giving off so much heat it was feeling as though his body was burning her.

"O-ok" She said slowly beginning to unwrap one of his hands. Wally jerked his hand back. "I'm so sorry, did that hurt?" Artemis asked worried.

"No.. just tickles a little is all." Their eyes were locked together in what seemed like forever.

"Goof." Artemis said taking his hand back and continuing to unwrapping it. Before she finished unwrapping his hand, she hears him clear his throat. "Now what?". She looks up again to see him staring at her neck.

"There's something on your neck."

"What is it?" She asks whipping her hand on her neck to try and get whatever if was off her.

"Its something that isn't going to come off." He said, cheeks now a slight pink. That's when she noticed he had something on his neck too. She had forgotten all about those.

"Oh my god Wally, you can still see the bite marks I left on you!" She brings both her hands up to his neck forgetting all about his bandages. 'Jesus I didn't know I bit him that hard.' Seeing the hick on his neck made her somewhat horny. She leaned into him, pinning him between her and the cool metal of the fridge.

"Wow that's col-" But before he could finish Artemis' lips were on his and her body pushed up against his. Both her hands were tangled in his hair and she could feel his hands around her back and the side of her cheek. Something felt different. She pulled away and looked at his hands. They were no longer covered in bandages and she knew she didn't finish taking them off.

"When did you...?"

"Super speed." Wally said quickly. She took his hands in hers and examined them closely. Turning them this way and that. "So how do they look."

"Their completely healed, its.. its amazing how you do that." She said dumb struck at how just a few hours ago they looked like any normal person would be shouting in pain.

"Well its not just me you know." She looked up at him. "I have a pretty talented nurse." Now Artemis was blushing.

"I'm just full of surprises aren't I?"

"Haha ill say." He said reminiscing in tonight's events. "So, should we head back to bed then?" He yawned making her yawn.

"Depends, are you gunna get up again in the middle of the night and leave me freezing alone in bed?" She countered his question now walking back towards his room.

"What? I was gone for like 4 minutes. Did you really miss me that much?" Wally smirked awarding him a death glare from Artemis.

"Actually as soon as you left I had a nightmare and I didn't like it one bit. So if you plan on getting up again for another midnight snack then your taking me with you."

"Wait, hold up." He said just before they entered his room. "You mean to tell me that if I get up again then I have to carry you all over the cave? What if I have to take a leak? And how exactly am I suppose to make a snack if I'm carrying you." He pokes the center of her chest.

She swipes his hand away and begins poking him in the chest a lot harder. "Well for starters You better hope you have good aim with that thing, and second.. I'm sure you'll think of something." She said smirking as she walked away into the darkness of his room leaving Wally standing there with his mouth open. She climbed back into his bed and scooted over to her side that was no longer warm but instead as cold as ice. She saw him closing the door but left it open just a crack to allow the thin line of light into the room. "So are you going to keep your promise and make me warm because this bed is an icicle." she could clearly see Wally's outline walking toward the bed thanks to the little bit of light from the hall.

"Hmmm I suppose I will but not until you change the rules of me carrying you around." He said with a large grin on his face that she could barely make out.

"Oh really and what would that be?" Her teeth now chattering. Wally sat on the edge of the bed but didn't slide under the covers to prevent her from getting his heat that she desperately wanted.

"If I get up again, and I prolly will, Ill carry but... you have to make my snack.

"But ill be sleeping!" She yelped and didn't really want to sound so shocked at his response.

"Don't worry sleeping beauty, Ill wake you up." She was about to open her mouth to retaliate but closed it just as quickly.

'Dammit, I wanted to be able to sleep all night and who knows what kind pf snacks he will want me to make. Then again I wouldn't mind having him carry me close to him the whole time either. And I really want that heat again.' Artemis could feel her tummy doing a flip as her tits became hard. Whether it was from the cold or because she was thinking about Wally, she couldn't tell. "Ok Baywatch fine. Its a deal. Now will you please come here, I cant stop shaking." And within less than a second he was under the covers and had her pinned between the wall next to his bed and his shirtless body. His lips met hers in a gentle kiss but she quickly turned it into a heated one before he knew it. 'Oh my god, he's so warm.' She thought pushing into him and then rolling on top of him. Just as he started to run his now unbandaged hands under her, actually his, shirt and up her back she pulled away from the kiss. "Maybe Ill let you have round two in the morning Wallman, maybe." She said laying her head down on his shoulder. "If your lucky."

Wally couldn't believe that she was leading him on throughout that whole kiss. 'Figures.' He thought with a smirk on his face. "Well my luck streak has been pretty good this Christmas so we'll see."

Artemis snuggled deep into him absorbing all his heat. She let out a big sigh of exhaustion before the darkness overtook her again, but this time she knew it was going to be happy dreams all night.

Wally just laid on his back and let her fall asleep on top of him, playing with her hair. 'Well now im definitely going to have to take her with me when she has her legs wrapped around mine like this.' Wally lets out a deep breath causing his chest to fall suddenly. Artemis' head falls and she wakes up out of her light sleep that she was in. "Is it time for a snack?" She asks.

"Chhh, no you've only been asleep for a few minutes." He answered. Artemis plopped her head back onto his chest with a thud and was asleep in seconds. Wally smiled to himself, kissed her forehead and drifted off to sleep.

Wally's eyes slowly fluttered opened and turned to check his clock. '4:32, hmm. If I wait any longer my stomach is going to start growling.' He went to move his legs to find that Artemis' legs were still entwined with his. 'Ohh yaa.' He thought realizing they hadn't moved an inch since the fell asleep. 'Well here goes.' Wally lifted himself up with Artemis' arms around his, her chest pressed against his, her legs wrapped loosely around his waist and her head buried in his neck. 'I cant believe she's able to sleep like this.' He thought while walking to the door of his bedroom, both his hands holding her by her butt. He made to the hallway and continued towards the kitchen. As soon as he arrived he was deviously thinking of ways to wake her up. 'Flop her down onto the couch. No. Clash some pots and pans together. No. Ice down the back of her shirt. Yes yes YES.' He made his way to the freezer opened it with one hand and grabbed two ice cubes from the ice bin. He slowly sat her down onto the counter but didn't move away at the risk of her waking up. He pulled back the collar of his shirt that she was wearing. She stirred where she was on the counter and buried her face deeper into Wally's neck. Wally froze in place. 'Ok, it doesn't seem like she woke up. Damn this is like trying to defuse a bomb... that knows martial arts.' He held the collar with one hand and dropped the ice down her back with the other. Wally couldn't wait for the awesome snack she was going to make him.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Artemis screamed. Her body flew forward causing Wally to fall backwards and her land on top of him. "What the hell?" She looked at Wally with death in her eyes but was greeted with closed eye lids. All she recalled was the feeling of ice falling out the bottom of her shirt and the sound of Wally's head hitting the floor. Hard. "Wake up Wally, I know your faking." She hissed. Wally didn't say of do anything. He just remained motionless besides his chest slowly raising and falling. She brought her face closer to his and brushed her lips against his, at that second she felt his hands snake up the back of her shirt. 'I knew it.' She thought victoriously. What she didn't know was that Wally had the icicles in each hand but Artemis found that out as soon as he opened his pas and pressed the ice against her back. "Ahhhh ok ok I give!" She jumped off of him and stood. He followed suit with a large grin on his face. "So I take it its snack time?" She asked already knowing the answer.

"How'd you know?" He said playfully. "So what's on the menu?"

"Oh I get to pick what to make?"

"Yup your the chef tonight hot stuff." He leaned down and gave her a quick peck on the lips. "You can make whatev- Wait hold that thought. You cant poison me or anything like that just so you know. Ill make you test it first if it looks funny."

She rolled her eyes. "I wouldn't dream of it. Now go wait in the living room its going to be a surprise." She said shoeing him with her hands out of the kitchen.

"I don't know whether to be excited or scared." He laughed as he plopped on the sofa. He laid down so she couldn't see him over the back of the couch.

'Now if I only knew what to make.' She began looking through the cabinets. She felt a chill as she opened the fridge and wrapped her arms around herself. She glanced behind her towards the couch practically seeing the heat emanating from it. 'Ok ill make him a snack and then wrap myself back around him while he's eating.' She nodded to herself. She quickly grabbed the jar she was looking for along with the rest of her ingredients and went over to the counter. A few moments later after she had put the ingredients back, she picked up the plate of food that she was very proud of and made her way to the couch. She was greeted by a sleeping Wally laying on his back and his body splayed across the cushions. She smirked, walked back to the kitchen, grabbed an ice cube from the freezer, went back to the couch and rubbed the ice all over his chest.

"Holy shit!" Wally jumped up and fell to the floor at her feet. "What the hell was-" He was cut as he looked at what was sitting on the plate she had in her hand. On the plate was a triple decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich stuffed with oreos, doredoes, marshmallows, gummy worms, whipped cream and several cherries layering the top piece of bread. "I love you." He said almost inaudible.

"What was that?" She asked quickly.

"Umm I mean, is that for me?" He asked blushing as he brought himself back onto one of the cushions. She starred at him for a few seconds before answering.

"No, I just suddenly had a craving for all this. Of course its for you." She set the plate down on the cushion next to him and hopped on top of him with her legs around his waist but not around his back and head back in its position against his neck. "Now lets see if your talented enough to eat that without getting any of it on me, hmmm." She stated closing her eyes. Wally brought her close to him so she could get comfy while he devoured his meal.

'I cant believe she went to all this just for me. I figured something more like a frozen dinner she would just throw in the microwave but this is amazing. She can be pretty creative when she wants to be.' Wally smiled to himself as he began eating the sandwich. He finished a few minutes later without even a crumb left on the plate. He brought his hands to Artemis' waste. 'Figures she's asleep.' He lifted both of them up just like before and dropped the plate of in the sink before heading towards his room.

"Did you like it?" She asked when they were halfway down the hall.

"Ya it was delicious, I seem to be learning a lot about your talents tonight."

"Hmm thank you." They reached his bed and he lifted the covers and gently put her down onto the bed. He slid in next to her and she immediately entwined her legs into his and pressed her body against his. Now that he had a full stomach he should be able to sleep for the rest of the night without having to get up again until morning.

"Goodnight Artemis, sweet dreams."

"Goodnight Wally... Oh and I love you too." She whispered. Wally froze until she raised herself up and kissed his lips as passionately as she could, she even bit his bottom lip to get access to mouth. Her tongue wrestled with his until they settled on a tie for dominance. He tasted yummy. She pulled away and rested her head back on his chest. Both of them were asleep in seconds.

So there is chapter 5 and believe it or not Ive already started writing chapter 6 and that will do it for this story. I just hope it wont take me a whole nother month to write it... who are we kidding of course it will. Till next time all