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I climb out of the shower and look for the bag of clothes that Sarah left for me. Finally I find it on the counter and I quickly open it. Inside, there is a large amount of clothes, and to my dismay, all of them were brand new and still had their tags on. After putting on some underwear, I pick out a cute casual dress and then some black leggings to hide my three circular scars, and also some pumps. The clothes fit perfectly. I look into the mirror. I look better than I did yesterday. The circles under my gray eyes have almost completely disappeared, and my wet hair looked more alive and clean. I smile at my reflection, before picking up the bag, John's clothes that I wore, and walk out of the bathroom and into Henri's room. Henri is sitting on his bed and reading a book, and he looks up as I enter the room. I smile shyly at him and place the bag on one of the chairs in his room. Just as I am about to leave the room, his voice stops me. "Clara, you know you have to tell me what happened, right?"
I don't look at him as I say, "I know." Then I walk out of the room. I suddenly remember the Loralite gem that John wore, and I know that I can trust Henri, so I turn around and reenter his room. "Henri, can I ask you a weird question?"
He makes an 'mm' sound and once again looks at me. He takes a sip from his cup of coffee.
"Do you . . . do you know about the Mogadorians?" As soon as I ask this, Henri chokes and his coffee comes spraying out of his mouth. When his coughing fit has passed, he brilliantly asks, "What?"
I repeat what I said earlier. "What do you know about them, Clara?"
I glare at him for avoiding my question. "I know that they are a hostile alien race that came to Earth to take it over, and also to kill the remaining of the Loric race."
Henri looks at me suspiciously, probably wondering how I know this. Then realization dawns on his face and he asks, "What number are you?"
So he does know, and I feel hope bubble up inside of me. I finally found someone, and I'm not alone anymore! "Number Five." My voice sounds chocked.
Henri looks worried. "What happened to you and your Cêpan?"
I quietly say, "They killed Hilary and her husband."
Henri disbelievingly repeats, "Her husband?"
I nod. "Yeah. Leander, he was human. We met him two years ago when we were seeking sanctuary, and he gave it to us. Hilary fell in love with him; they had a small wedding with just his family. He knew the secret. He was with me when I got my scar from Three's death. I don't know how the Mogadorians found us in Athens, Ohio, but they did, yesterday morning. They threw Hilary out of our apartment, and she fell to her death. They stabbed her for good measure. Leander was murdered by them, also." I'm proud of myself for keeping my voice level, and for not crying. If Henri only knew the whole story… It looks like Henri is expecting me to say more about what happened to me in Athens, but I keep my mouth shut.
"Why did you come to Paradise, specifically?" Henri finally asks me.
I honestly don't know what to tell him, because I didn't know the answer, myself. It wasn't like I actually knew where I was running, what with it having been night and all, coupled with a storm. I mention this to Henri. He nodded in understanding. "I'll break the news to John later tonight, when it's just me and him, and then we'll be able to choose what's going to happen, now."
"Are you only telling him later because of Sarah being here?" I ask, curious.
Henri shakes his head no. "No, Sarah knows our secret."
"Then why don't you tell him now?"
"I thought you wanted to keep it private, Clara," Henri replies.
I shake my head and tell him that we can just as well tell them right now. Or not, I think as I glimpse Sarah and John heavily making out on the living room couch. I make a disgusted face at Henri, and we walk together to the kitchen. I take a seat at the table while Henri makes us both coffees. He hands me one mug and sits down opposite me. I take a cautious sip from the mug, and nearly moan at the great taste. "Oh my God, this is the best-tasting coffee I've had, like, ever!" I exclaim, and then take another sip of the liquid deliciousness.
Henri chuckles at me, saying, "It doesn't taste that good, Clara."
I give him a glare, only my gray eyes sticking out as I prepare to take another sip from the large black mug. "It. Is. The. Freaking. Best!"
"What is the freaking best, Clara?" John asks as he and Sarah enter the kitchen. Both he and Sarah takes a seat, Sarah next to me and John next to his Cêpan. Henri rolls his eyes, smiling, as he says, "Apparently, it's my coffee."
"You can make coffee?" asks John. "I didn't know that!"
Sarah lightly slaps his arm. "Of course Henri makes coffee," she tells her boyfriend. Then, turning to Henri, she says, "And it really does taste wonderful."
Henri thanks her, before turning serious. John and Sarah notices immediately. "What is it, Henri?" John looks really worried.
"I've found Five," Henri says.
John says 'Henri!' and then nods at me. I tell him to shut up and listen. He does.
"Where did you find Five, Henri?" Sarah asks, but by the look she's giving me, I'm pretty sure she's already figured it out.
"She's younger than we thought, and she's a lot closer."
I groan mentally; Henri is so doing this on purpose. "She is sitting right here," I say, annoyed about being talked about.
John doesn't get it and looks around the room. Seeing no one, he turns to look at me with confusion. I point my finger to my chest, and realization finally dawns on him. "You?" he asks me brilliantly.
I roll my eyes, replying, "Yes, me, Four."
"But," he says, "You're only twelve years old!"
"I'm thirteen," I say through clenched teeth.
"You're still tiny."
"Whatever," I say, scowling.
Before John can say anything, Henri loudly says, "I'd like you to attend Paradise High school. You can take a test and they can determine which grade you'll be in."
"What would her cover story be, Henri?" demands John.
"Easy," I say before Henri can reply to John. "I'm the child that Henri never knew of. Henri and my mother, Eloise, had spent a drunken night together, and bam, Eloise is pregnant. Henri didn't know that I existed until last week when he received a call from Mum's lawyer, telling him that he had a thirteen-year-old kid to look after, since my mother died from cancer, and I have no other relatives. I grew up in South Africa, but when Eloise found out that she had cancer, we moved to Athens, Ohio, two years ago. I was homeschooled my whole life. My name is Clara Smith since Henri received custody of me."
Sarah, Henri, and John all liked my story, and it was decided that it'd to. Henri left to make the appointment with the school, leaving me with John and Sarah after being introduced to her.
"How much people here know about you?" I ask John, taking a sip from my forgotten mug of coffee.
He scratches the back of his neck. "Just Sarah and Sam Goode."
Great, just great. "And why, if I may ask, does Sam know?" I ask, irritated. "I mean, I get why Sarah knows, what with her being your girlfriend and all, but Sam? Who the hell is he, anyway?"
"He's my friend, alright? And he figured it out by himself. If it weren't for him, Henri might've been dead."
Immediately I feel bad. "Sorry," I say.
John shrugs and pretends not to be bothered by it. He asks me, "What's your story?"
I suddenly don't feel so happy anymore. Why did he have to ask that? "
Didn't Henry tell you?"
"When was he supposed to tell me?"
"Well if you weren't so busy making out you'd know!" With that I storm out of the room. I know that I'm being childish, but I don't want to talk about it! Why can't John realize that?
I sigh and look around me. I'm standing outside and I'm looking at the greens around me. It's beautiful, but it would never compete to Cape Town… I shake my head angrily. Now is not the time to remember my old life! The door opens behind me and I turn. Sarah is making her way towards me. "He's only curious," she tells me.
"Yeah, well, I don't want to talk about it."
Sarah nods. "We're not forcing you. But remember, we're here and we want to look out for you."
"Thanks, hey," I say, and really mean it.