SD1: A awesome one shot. Don't judge me. I'm very mello first time in a year.

Naruto: stickdude1 doesn't own anything other than his creations. And so some of you know SD1 is a guy he has some frustration problems if he is a little immature the its only his frustrations and don't ask medical stuff.

SD1: bastard get back here (has gun) im gonna kill you.

Listen to ikimono gakari hotaru no hikari it's the theme song for naruto shippuden number 3. Also sasuke if female don't like it deal with it and sakura's a lesbian but I do like the narusaku paring its just she's a real bitch right now but I think she should see that he's doing his best to help her.

At home a crying sakura was in her bedroom wishing sasuke would come back to her. "sasuke wh..why did you leave I thought you loved me". She was saying over and over again.

The valley of the end (0_00(0_0)(0_0) Hehe

"Sasuke" "naurto" Both naruto and sasuke said as they Came at each other with a chidori and resengan. Naruto missed and hit her headband while sasuke hit naruto in the heart their was a hole their. They where both on the ground naruto .sasuke was crying mongekyo activated "why..why nauto why did you have to die I loved you why did I kill you"." Sasuke it wasn't your fault it was orochimaru's and … i… love you too". And at that he took his last breath.

At this moment kakashi came in to the clearing "I… I killed him". "lets just get him back to the village". Kakashi picked up naruto's body on the way to the leaf their was nothing important except greaving.

Unknown location (0_00(0_0)(0_0)

Naruto opened his eyes to see a great figure in front of him "well looks like we died fox are time is up the demon is gone". "wait little one" "who said that"." me little one up here I'm kami"." Omg omg OMG its really you well send me where ever you are going to send me". "im not im sending you back to earth as a second chance with a bonus". Narutos eyes almost bugged out." really will you and whats the gifts". Kami knocked him out.

Time skip 20 mins later(0_00(0_0)(0_0)

"OK naruto now im going to give you the sharingan except you get two bonuses you can give anyone you love the sharingan or upgrade it so they wont go blind second you will have the eternal mongekyo sharingan a 4 pointed star. You will also get the powers of the soul reaper you will have the powers of zangetsu he will only work well come into play when you need him ok". "ok".

Back with kakashi and sasuke

"sasuke" screamed sakura "Will you go out with me". With stars in her eyes"no you lesbian bitch""sasuke why are you so cold""my bestfriend was killed by me""good riddance that demon was….." she didn't get to finish as she was punched in the stomach."never speak of naruto like that".

Cliffhanger sorry all tune in tomorrow if im not busy with school.

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