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Plot: Ciel hits Sebastian for the tenth time, Sebastian soon finds out why, how will Sebastian punish Ciel? And will he use Ciel's feeling's to make master turn slave or will he declare his own?

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Master and Servant

'This is wrong!' The young master yelled as the back of his hand collided with his butler's face 'Do it again!' his voice softer, but anger clear. He sat in his chair as the butler kneeled and replied 'Yes, my Lord', the butler got up and left softly caressing his burning, red cheek.

This was the tenth time this week that the 'perfect butler' had been slapped by the young master and the tenth time he hadn't defended himself or questioned the young master. The other servants stared, open mouthed at the butler until he came to a stop in front of them looking quite confused as to why they were gawping at him, he was about to speak, when Finnie shouted 'Why don't you defend yourself?'

'Yeah Sebastian, at nineteen the young master should at least have a reason for hitting you, especially when there is nothing wrong with the food you made him' said Bard, Maylene just nodded along to what Bard said.

Sebastian replied ' It is not my place to question the young master, and he said the food was not to his liking, we are not to know whether it is true, only the young master does'.

He was about top head to the kitchen when the young master appeared behind him and asked ' Aren't you supposed to be redoing my afternoon tea?'

Sebastian sighed ' Please do not take offence to this young master, but you are not going to like anything I make, especially since this is the tenth time I have done something not to your liking'

'True since it's you who's making it I doubt you'll do anything nice, what an incompetent butler' the young master frowned and turned to Bard 'You can do it' he then left to return to his study.

'Erm, Mr. Sebastian what does the young master like?' Bard asked awkwardly.

'Hmm, how about I make it and then we'll find out whether it's me or the food he has taken a disliking to?' Sebastian answered softly. Bard nodded, glad he didn't have to make the young master anything, considering the mood he was in.

'This is good Bard, from today you will prepare all food' The young master said not looking up from his work.

Bard bowed and silently left to report back to Sebastian, when he reached the kitchen he recalled what the young master had said to him. Sebastian smirked when he heard and said 'So it's not the food, it's me? Interesting' he chuckled, a dark aura surrounding him.

Sebastian soon retired to his room after his nightly inspection of the estate. He lay silently in his bed with his eyes closed. His eyes shot open when he heard a faint call of his name, he immediately went to his young masters room, he was about to knock when he heard a moan emerge from behind the closed door, Sebastian frowned but kept listening.

'Ah,- oh Se-Sebastian' Sebastian smirked when he heard his name, amusement clear in his eyes, as he silently crept into the room, he chuckled when he saw the mess the young master had made, the young man jerked up when he heard the Sebastian, he turned his head slowly his eyes widened when he saw Sebastian 'S-se-Sebastian' he stuttered his face turning red 'h-how long -'

Sebastian ignored the attempted question and walked over to his master and said 'So this is why you slapped me, and threw the things I made back at me?' his crimson eyes lit up in anger 'How childish, you were more mature at thirteen Ciel' Ciel shuddered when Sebastian said his name 'I think I should teach you a lesson, yes, oh and young master if you do not want your humiliation to be witnessed by the others, then order them to the town house'

'Sebastian who do you thin-' he was cut off as Sebastian said 'I really don't care either way, in fact-'

'Fine!' Ciel shouted as Sebastian's eyes glowed darkly, 'tell them that first thing tomorrow that they are to go to the town house' Sebastian smirked 'submitting? You really would not believe you are nineteen' he mocked the young man underneath him who was shivering in frustration and embarrassment.

'Young master are you sure you want us to leave?' Bard asked softly.

'Yes I know I was acting childish, hitting Sebastian for no reason, I know you're only asking because you are concerned for him, don't be' Ciel smiled.

He sighed when they left and slowly approached his chambers, knowing Sebastian would take pleasure in making him squirm.

Sebastian smiled cruelly at Ciel as he entered his bed chamber, Ciel looked over at Sebastian who was sat on Ciel's bed.

'Strip' Sebastian said as he picked up a leather collar and leash, Ciel shivered as the collar fastened around his neck. Ciel then began to strip, once he was naked Sebastian attached the leash to the collar, he smirked when he saw tears in the young man's eyes. 'This is punishment for hitting me for no reason remember?' Sebastian asked cocking his head to the side, smirking at the obviously uncomfortable boy.

'I like you, that's why' he said silently pleading Sebastian to stop. Sebastian looked at the pitiful figure and said 'get on your knee's and beg me to forgive you' Sebastian knew the young master's pride would not let him beg. Ciel just glared at the butler. 'Now you sent them to the town house for the period of a week, so just to be safe you will satisfy my every desire for six days'

Ciel looked away 'I refuse' he was about to leave when Sebastian grabbed him. 'You already allowed me my wishes when you let me put the collar on you' he chuckled darkly 'I'll forgive you when you agree to the six days'

'will you never mention the six days ever again, and no marks on my body?'

'Of course. Now, on your knee's'.

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